FRANCE: President Sarkozy’s ‘Halal Bus’ proves his sudden Islamophobia is fake

Nicolas Sarkozy isn’t shifting to the right despite his bans on burqas and Muslim street prayer. While pandering to the right and the growing anti-Muslim sentiment, he is pandering to Muslims at the same time. Sarkozy’s a liar. Elect Marine Le Pen for real anti-Muslim immigration policies.

Islam in Europe  The UMP, the party led by Nicolas Sarkozy (running for a second term in the French presidential elections in April and May), is courting Muslims, and reportedly made long-distance buses available to them with separate sections for women and men. The buses were used to bring them to the large elections rally the presidential candidate held on Sunday in Villepinte.

In addition to Sarkozy’s visit yesterday to Paris’s Grand Mosque (where the outgoing president reached out to Muslims in France, trying to soothe the polemics on halal meat), the French press said today that the UMP had made a free shuttle service available to bring members of a number of Muslim associations to Villepinte. 

Contacted by Le, the head of the ”Diversities” section of Sarkozy’s election campaign Patrick Karam, brusquely denied the news. ”We have never engaged in this type of separation. We simply made specific buses available to some Muslim associations.” 

The two men did however confirm the existence of a specific campaign by the UMP directed at Muslims, in the attempt to win over mosques and those directing them less than 40 days before the presidential elections.