TURKEY: Islamist PM Erdogan accuses Nicolas Sarkozy of inciting Islamophobia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is inciting racism and Islamophobia in France in order to get re-elected in the upcoming elections. Erdoğan said resorting to xenophobia, particularly Islamophobia, to win elections is very irresponsible.

TodaysZaman  Depicting a recent bill Sarkozy’s center-right UMP initiated seeking to penalize the denial of Armenian claims of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as an act inciting the French to xenophobia,


Erdoğan said the current president adopted a more aggressive stance after the bill was passed into law but then overruled by the French Constitutional Council, which deemed it unconstitutional. Erdoğan said the council had corrected a historic mistake by cancelling the law.

Valerie Boyer, a deputy from the UMP, initiated the genocide bill criminalizing the denial of the so-called Armenian genocide in December 2011. The bill was approved in the lower house of the French Parliament and in the French Senate in January.  Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, says a the controversial genocide bill passed by the French parliament is “racist”.

The proposed law makes it illegal to deny that the mass killings of Armenians in 1915 constituted genocide.However, the constitutional council deemed it unconstitutional, stating that it violated the freedom of expression. Armenia, backed by many historians and parliaments, says some 1.5 million Christian Armenians were killed in what is now eastern Turkey during World War I in a deliberate policy of genocide by the Ottoman Empire.

“Sarkozy is making xenophobia a matter of domestic politics, and issuing threatening remarks against foreigners in his country. This is in violation of the EU’s universal values and fundamental principles,” Erdoğan said. The French presidential elections will take place between April and May.


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  1. So calles Turkey, it is “Turkey” shouldn’t exist any longer!We need Eastern Greek, Little Asia,bigger Armenia again!

    We need a new Hellenism! Mohammedanism is useless blind alley and crap!Perhaps AMERICANISM will become the new Hellenism!!!

  2. Hey Erdogan, I’ve got news for you: Sarkozy isn’t needed to ‘incite Islamophobia’ as you say. Lend an ear and you’ll be no doubt shocked how many of us have had it with your cult, and you’ll be equally shocked by the ‘closet Homophobes’ who haven’t got the guts to voice out-loud what they are thinking.

    You want it in plain English you can in no uncertain terms understand? France is a République, strictly separated from religion -and cults such as yours. Your kind want to live in MY country? You either integrate and keep your cultist demands where the sun don’t shine or get/stay the fuck out!

    That’s clear enough for you?

  3. Little side note. The Turks are desendents of Esau, the brother of Jacob.
    Esau will brake the bonds of his brother (Jacob). However the main blessings went to Jacob and still residents their.
    Esau was given his mountain.
    And the Sword shall not leave his hand.

  4. Telling about genocide is ‘racism’?

    The affrontery of it! The sheer boldness of not admitting the established FACTUALITY of it!

  5. DON’T FORGET the 750,000 Assyrian Christians and the 300,000 Anatolian Greeks who were slaughtered under the Jihad of 1915-1922!

    Turkey’s jihad-genocide totalled THREE MILLION Christian subjects in seven years!

    They were shot, burnt to death in houses set on fire, sunk in boats in rivers, marched into the desert without food and water, beaten to death with rifle butts or sticks and abused in every horrible manner possible. Ordinary Turkish Moslems did it, rather than specially trained goons. It was done in the name of JIHAD and in the name of the CALIPH of THE WHOLE MOSLEM WORLD.

  6. Like I always say, “When I can go into the Christian Cathedral of Santa Sophia in Istanbul and worship in my own way, and to wear what clothing I want, when I want in Turkey, then and only then can Erdogan speak his lies”. His people are not free and he is a liar and while he is in power the Turks will slip further and further back into the past before they were a republic.

    I call on the women of Turkey to stand up again for your rights – to throw away the veil if this is what you want and to speak freely once again. While you have been sleeping girls, the monster Erdogan has been taking away your hard won rights. Put him back down where he belongs and while you still have the right to vote.

    Turkey has allowed so many militant Muslims into their Eastern provinces who are driving the return to fundamentalism which will not include women. Mosques are being built at an alarming rate and it is causing great discontent and concern to republican Turks. These are the people of Turkey who now have no voice but thankfully are still there.

    When I was in an Ankaran nightclub to watch the traditional Turkish dancing which is so robust and happy and a sight to behold, and the musicians playing traditional instruments with so much soul and excitement. Some of the dancers were approached by big fat Turkish Bouncers, telling some of the male dancers not to make certain gestures during the dance. The gestures were not rude or provocative but from areas of Turkey where Ataturk had strong followings. Why? What were they afraid of? They were a young dancing troop from one of the dancing schools and caused no harm or offence. Just more tightening of the right of people to enjoy their Traditional dancing, which was danced in villages, prior to Islam and probably prior to Christianity too. These dances are very ancient and usually mimic the steps of the birds or other animals and are part of Turkish culture, which is not Islamic culture. Islam has no culture. No men and women dancing together in fun in the ways of the forefathers. Not since Mr. Erdogan came to town with his henchmen.

  7. Would the Turks ever allow mass immigration of Christians into their country? I highly doubt it! I spent time in Turkiye teaching and they are much better at forcing Christians out of their nation. In 1955 Istanbul had about 300,000 Christians Greeks, but now there is less than 2,000. Erdogan is one big hypocrite!

  8. What ASSLIFTER ERDOGAN calls “irresponsible”, any rational self respecting human being with enough sense to find his ass with both hands and a flashlight, would call just plain good sense; YOU JUST DON’T invite a bunch of belligerent lying asslifters to live amongst you when you KNOW they will ultimately try to kill you if you refuse to bow down and kiss their asses!…And even kissing their asses might NOT spare you being killed!!…And Sarkozy, stick to your guns on this, and NEVER EVER give in to these asslifting bastards!!….You got this right Sarkozy, whether your “motives” are pure or not!! Who really gives a shit?! Just keep the asslifters out!!

  9. If only we could find a President with Sarkozy’s spunk.

    Muslims poison and stone dogs, Indonesians living in Los Angeles hang skinned cats out to dry in their backyards, Somalis kill live chickens by twisting their heads off, cows are left to die slowly using the halal method.

    These people are barbaric.

    Hound our Representatives and Senators. No more Muslims allowed in this country.

  10. Muslims themselves incite “islamophobia.” by their own hateful actions.

    I just read that story about dog poisoning in Great Britain. That story really made me angry. It is just another example of the mean, hateful, and cruel things they do in the name of their god and religion. How can they cry “islamophobia” when they do things to make people hate and fear them. Who wouldn’t be islamophobic?

    What I wonder is why there are not many more people who are islamophobic. How come more people don’t kick these bullies’ asses?

    • Around June 1sst, 2011 the world got to hear about the latest victim of mohammed: Hamza el-Khatib, aged THIRTEEN! He died after his torturers shot him through both arms, cut off his penis and finally killed him with a bullet to his head.

      And an update:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0T6MRz_JZU

      This video clip is of a child killed by the Dictator Assad on March 11, 2012.
      This boys name is Mohammed Hussein Darwish and he is 12 years old and he has been beaten with blunt force objects that broke his nose, they slashed open his arms and the man says some body parts have actually been cut off – they broke his mouth and broke his leg, amongst other injuries.

      Does a day pass without the mad followers of a mad man killing or maiming someone, in the name of their chosen god?

  11. When it comes to islam they will do anything to hide the truth through propaganda, brainwash and lies. The muslims have had 1400 years of this repetitive nonsense drilled into their brain for centuries, decades and day after day. I’m sick of this garish, manipulating political ideology that infests western society like a bad disease.

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