MALAYSIA: Hillary Clinton’s idea of a ‘moderate’ Muslim country calls for sharia punishment against converts to Christianity

Muslim leaders in Malaysia are lobbying for an apostasy law following allegations of conversion of Muslims to Christianity.

They say that some churches have embarked on a concerted effort to proselytize Muslims who are poor through Christian charity organizations. Islamic leaders say that criminalizing proselytization would therefore frighten non-Muslims and also caution Muslims from trying to convert out of Islam. 

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia and converting Muslims is illegal according to the Federal Constitution, which clearly prohibits non-Muslims from preaching to the Muslims. 

The issue came to light late last year when Islamic authorities stormed into a church following a tip-off that it was subtly converting poverty-stricken Muslims. 

Prime minister Najib Tun Razak has not however gone on an offensive against churches and instead appealed to Muslims and Christians to remain calm. Najib established diplomatic ties with the Vatican last year to improve his standing in the Christian world. 

Opposition politicians, meanwhile, say that apostasy laws would strip off religious freedom in this multi-religious nation. But there has been rising tension between the Muslims and Christians. 

The churches are denying they are attempting to converting Muslims while Muslim groups say they have evidence of conversions taking place. 


29 comments on “MALAYSIA: Hillary Clinton’s idea of a ‘moderate’ Muslim country calls for sharia punishment against converts to Christianity

  1. There is NO SUCH THING as a moderate Muslim country, only degrees of reactionary medieval ignorance and intolerance, though some are certainly worse than others.

    Hillary Clinton has always been a hypocrite and lair, only out for herself and one of many blights on the American political scene in the past two decades.

  2. Stupid whore. Her n all like her will b burning in a lake of fire for eternity. Stupid skank only has a certain amount of time here on the planet. You’d think she’d want to prepare a bit for judgment day, but I guess when your that innately evil, greedy and selfish you don’t think about things like eternal life. May she rot in hell with her Islamic friends

  3. If they condem Christians for helping them,why don’t they help their own?? rather than peeling-off anybody who does help,what they are doing is,exposing once again the REAL side of islam!!

  4. I am a Canadian, and I always thought Hillary Clinton was a moron but this takes the cake.
    Hillary…….stuff it, I mean shove it, you are a traitor to any good American and always were. You’re a f***ing idiot of the worst kind. Shove your ideas up your fat ass.

  5. Regardless of what the Clintons say, Malaysia keeps some semblance of stability only because of the enterprising Chinese and Indians. As far as I know, they are about 40% of the population, but they control most of the businesses. So far, the ragheads have been smart enough only to tax them (the non-Muslims also pay higher prices when buying real estate).

    However, with a Muslim majority, they are always tempted to take over everything, as this article shows.

    By the way, Singapore until 1965 was a part of Malaysia. The muzzies expelled them for allegedly threatening islam. Now you can see the difference the Singapore independence brought.

    All Muslim countries are failures or failures in the making.

  6. Stop supporting Malaysia’s tourism industry. BOYCOTT IT. It is a multi-billion dollar earner for the nation. Malaysia is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. With militant Islam on the rise, no one can assure safety for Western visitors when you have maniacs like these calling for the death penalty against converts (Shariah demands the death penalty for apostates, no ifs and buts).

  7. Screw the Christians, it’s what those barbarous Muslims are doing to the Tapirs and Orangutans that is most distressing. Muslims have no respect for animal rights you know.

    • Yes, I know, I have seen what they do to poor animals, called halal. Tortured to death. I thought that had gone out with the medieval period. Seems not.

  8. What does it take to make these liberal understand the Islam is a religion of hate. Will it take more then the world trade center to convince the, maybe a Nuke to Washington,D.C. from Iran.

  9. muslims want you under the slavery yoke of the pervert mohammud. As a Christian your always free to leave and deny your faith in Christ as He will also deny you and you WILL burn. islam is likened to the song “Hotel California”.

  10. Always keep the followers of mohommedism afraid to keep them.
    After all this is the religion of peace.
    Ask HAJI HILLARY if this will happen to her or her clone Chelsey.

  11. Hmmm, the old bastard in the above video, being a Chinese Asslifter, looks a lot like one I saw outside a local mosque a few years ago, and I thought “What the …., a Chinese asslifter?!…In a couple months my wife who is Chinese and grew up in a country that is predominately Buddhist will be going to that country and China…our fourth trip to ——since June ’97, first time to Mainland China. We have Christian friends who came from Malaysia in the Early Seventies; can’t help wondering if they made an exit and immigrated here to the US because they could foresee the coming takeover by Asslifters!! Moderate my ass!! An asslifter is an aslifter is an asslifter!!…BTW, my wife asked a couple days ago what I liked best about her country of origin, besides the food, the beaches and the mountains, I think I’d have to say “NO ASSLIFTERS!!”

    • humming, China has a big problem from its Muslim (Uighur) population but are much better at dealing with it than
      most other countries.

    • Humming harpman, What are youtalking about?? it does not make sense. What are you angry at? Why so rude and vulgar. Are you a Christian or Muslim. What can you do about it??

  12. This is part of a global war on Christianity. Obama and Islam: the Beast and the Anti-Christ; decide for yourselves which is which.

    Fellow infidels,

    In this installment, Fishin’ Guy brings attention to a very scary United Nations Resolution, Resolution 16/18 that essentially opens the door to implementation of Sharia in the United States. But you can do something about this. ACT! for America is gauging how much support there is in each state for American Laws for American Courts legislation. Please go to the ACT! for America website and sign the petition here. You will need to scroll down a bit to the form. AND you can call your senator or representative…the phone number to the Capitol switchboard is at the end of this article. Please call your representatives!!!! – Burkasrugly

    Last month, a meeting was quietly conducted in Washington, D.C. that may signal the beginning of a slow dismantling of the First Amendment. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted the meeting for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The purpose of this gathering was basically to discuss how the United States can implement the OIC agenda to criminalize criticism of Islam.

  14. The only way to know that a mozlem is telling the truth is if his or her mouth is taped shut.
    The diplomatic ties with the Vatican is a smoke-screen, accompanied by flaring lights and shrieking whistles~!

  15. She (Hillary) trounced Obama by 17 points — but in an outlaw primary whose delegates won’t count. Or will they? It all depends on Feb. 5 — and Democratic Party rules.
    Walter Shapiro is Salon’s Washington bureau chief. A complete listing of his articles is here. More Walter Shapiro

  16. It’s a small world after all. When does the BS stop? Wonder how long Hilary or Chelsea would last if they went without security?

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