ANGRY TURK threatens Europe: “We (Muslims) are coming and there’s nothing you can do about it”

A second-generation Muslim immigrant in Austria has authored a provocative new book in which he argues that Europe’s future is Turkish, whether Europeans like it or not. “Whether or not you want us in the European Union, our influence in Europe is growing. We are more numerous. We are younger. We are stronger.”

Stonegate Institute (H/T Fred F)  The book’s short, sharp and confrontational title says it all: “We are Coming.” The thesis is: “Regardless of whether or not you [Europeans] like us [Turks], whether or not you integrate us, whether or not you want us in the European Union, our influence in Europe is growing. We are more numerous. We are younger. We are more ambitious. Our economy is growing faster. We are stronger.”

The author, a 25-year-old Austrian-Turk named Inan Türkmen, says his objective in writing the book is to change the terms of the debate about Muslim immigration in Europe.

Türkmen — who was born in Austria to Kurdish migrants and speaks fluent German — says he is sick and tired of the way Turkish immigrants are being portrayed in the European media. He believes the time has come for Turks to fight back.

Taking a page from the playbook of the American Tea Party movement, Türkmen says he wants to establish an “angry citizen movement” (Wutbürgerbewegung) in Europe. His Turkish Tea Party would unite Turkish immigrants in Austria, Germany and other European countries to protest against European “arrogance.

In an interview with the Vienna-based newspaper Die Presse, Türkmen says he decided to write “We are Coming” after getting “hot under the collar” over a recent book about Muslim immigration by the renowned German economist Thilo Sarrazin.

Sarrazin’s best-selling book, “Germany Does Away With Itself,” broke Germany’s long-standing taboo on discussing the impact of Muslim immigration. The book, which was first published in August 2010, is now on its 22nd edition. At last count, more than two million copies have been sold, making it one of the most widely read titles in Germany since the Second World War.

Sarrazin’s book has resonated with vast numbers of ordinary Germans who are becoming increasingly uneasy about the social changes that are transforming Germany, largely due to the presence of millions of non-integrated Muslims in the country. The following are some excerpts from Sarrazin’s book:

“In every European country, due to their low participation in the labor market and high claim on state welfare benefits, Muslim migrants cost the state more than they generate in added economic value. In terms of culture and civilization, their notions of society and values are a step backwards.”

No other religion in Europe is so demanding and no other migration group depends so much on the social welfare state and is so much connected to criminality.”

“Most of the cultural and economic problems [in Germany] are concentrated in a group of the five to six million immigrants from Muslim countries.”

“I do not want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in a mostly Muslim country where Turkish and Arabic are widely spoken, women wear headscarves and the day’s rhythm is determined by the call of the muezzin.”

“If the birthrate of migrants remains higher than that of the indigenous population, within a few generations, the migrants will take over the state and society.”

“I do not want us to end up as strangers in our own land, not even on a regional basis.”

“From today’s perspective, the immigration of guest workers in the 1960s and 1970s was a gigantic mistake.”

The roots of Germany’s current problems with Muslim immigration can be traced back to October 30, 1961, with the signing of a labor recruitment agreement between West Germany and Turkey. At the time, West Germany’s post-World War II economy was booming and similar treaties with Greece, Italy and Spain were insufficient to supply Germany’s seemingly endless demand for labor. By the end of 1969, more than one million Turkish “guest workers” had arrived in Germany to work in the “host country’s” industrial zones.

The initial idea was that the Turkish laborers would return home after a period of two years, but the so-called “rotation clause” was removed from the German-Turkish treaty in 1964. The predictable result was that many Turks never returned home.

Today, the Turkish population in Germany has mushroomed to an estimated 3.5 million, and Turks now constitute the largest ethnic minority group in the country. Demographers expect that the Turkish population in Germany will increase exponentially in coming decades, largely due to a high birth rate and Germany’s continuing high demand for foreign workers.

Germany’s demand for foreign labor is being fuelled by a demographic crisis in which the German population is not only ageing, but also shrinking, at a rapid pace. According to projections by the German Federal Statistics Office, Germany’s current population of 82 million, the largest in the European Union, is set to decline by as much as 20%, to 65 million, over the next five decades. At the same time, 34% of the population will be older than 65 and 14% will be 80 or more by 2060, up from 20% and 5% respectively in 2009.

The twin challenges of depopulation and aging will have major consequences for the financial sustainability of Germany’s cradle-to-grave social security system. For example, the number of pensioners that will have to be supported by working-age people could almost double by 2060, according to the Federal Statistics Office. While 100 people of working age between 20 and 65 had to provide the pensions for 34 retired people in 2009, they will have to generate income for between 63 and 67 pensioners in 2060.

This implies that in the future, Germany will become more, not less, dependent on immigrants. And Turks will continue to be a major source of labor, considering that the birth rate among Turkish immigrants in Germany is 2.4, nearly double that of the native German population (which at 1.38 is far below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per couple).

Time is on the side of the Turks and Inan Türkmen knows it. In a highly confrontational essay titled “You Germans Need the Turks more than the Turks Need You” which was published by the Financial Times Deutschland, Türkmen writes: “Our consolation is that Turkish influence in Europe is growing and there is nothing you Europeans can do to stop it.

Of course, Turkey has always exerted influence on Europe. Mozart, Hayden and Beethoven were all inspired by Turkish music. (Oh, please!) Soon you will not even realize it because you will all be a little Turkish. People mix into cultures and I am planning to contribute something to make this happen. Up until now, all of my girlfriends have been European, not Turkish. In the future, freckles will become increasingly rare sight in Europe. The point is: The future belongs to Turkey.”


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  1. “Türkmen — who was born in Austria to Kurdish migrants”

    What a clown, not even Turks will take him seriously now.

  2. The problem is that stupid traitors like the Jewish ADL of FL exist in western countries like Germany and restrict the local population from being able to defend themselves! The goal of the Islamics is to get all the countries of the world to come under international courts and commissions that they can influence until their Caliphate decides they don’t need them any more! Robert Spencer of clearly shows the Islamics believe in lying until they get their goal!
    We Americans were stupid in Bosnia. The Serbs and Russians have been the only European countries in modern times to try to put the Muslims in their place! What happened when they did? Our US government came down on them!
    We Americans are paying today for the sins of yesterday going back to after WWII! Then our idiot Sec of State John Foster Dulles, on behalf of our corrupt oil companies started screwing our old, European allies like France and The Netherlands out of their colonies even though their Muslim leaders had supported the Nazis in WWII! The loss of Algeria started Nasser on the road to thinking that Muslims could challenge western countries and the Islamics are spin-offs of that! The Dutch were forced out of Indonesia due to an arms blockade installed by the USA and then the Muslims invaded New Guinea wiping out Dutch assimilated native Christians! This country won’t support real EUROPEAN political leaders like Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders who are trying to sound the alarm before their cultures are extinguished!
    Of course the Germans slept with the Turkish dogs for years and now they are having to deal with their fleas! The Germans helped get Turkey started at the turn of the 20th century and trained their first generation of nasties in WWI! They supported the Turks in their genocide of the Armenians in 1915! They supported the Islamic movement in WWII! Before we cry too much for them, we need to have some perspective!

  3. Angry citizen movement??? Get real, this cult is always angry. They were born angry, there is no happiness in their lives and they wonder why we don’t want to embrace their lunatic cult? Who in their right mind would want to go back to the barbaric 6th century? Oh yeah, mohommedists, the dim-witted, numb-nuts that they are.

  4. They can come and we will show then they will wish that allah never drug their inbreeding ape ass across the pond to our land. There is nothing we can do about it…they need to see what happend in Russia to dunecoons talking like that.

  5. Soooo, the Turkish Asslifter in Austria says to Europe “We are coming and there is nothing you can do about it…..we are younger and we are stronger…” Well, helloooo Asslifter; prepare to have your stupid ass blown off Planet Earth; a fact you seem to overlook is that most of those “older infidels” can be and more-often-than-not ARE meaner, more well seasoned asswhoopers than you cowardly asslifters who ALWAYS travel in packs like a bunch of f—ing wild dogs!!

  6. You are becoming quite the radio personality. You are sounding much more secure in your roll as leader.
    Congratulations on another successful venture into the public speaking agenda.
    You did very well.

    • Thanks, Ice. I write a lot of notes about things to talk about but never use them. Vito asks good questions.

  7. So basically he is saying they are like the cockroach. wherever there are scraps of food they will come. To push their way in and leach off the host who view them as just an inconvenient pest. But until it becomes personal, like having one run across your face while sleeping peacefully in your bed, then it’s time to clean house. For that we have special people called exterminators.

  8. Muslims might find that some people armed with some .357s, 44s, S & W 38s, & some good Belgian-made Browning shotguns could stop a lot of them.

    By the way, I got an email to the effect that 25, count ’em, 25 S.S. men went to Mexico to protect Malia on her class Spring Break. The person who sent it is pretty reliable when it comes to info. Why the Hell are schools even allowed to send a class there at all. Florida, Mississippi, or Louisiana would love the business. All 3 have sun, sand, & surf. And no Aztec 2-step.

  9. This is a declaration of war. Surely Westerners know it will come to bloodshed. When will our rulers wake up? That’s the question.

    Boycott Muslims and people who do business with Muslims. Work to put an end to immigration and welfare.

    Get off your duff!

  10. “WHEN” europe finally has had enough of this filthy plague ( it is closer than you think !!! )the “final crusade” will commence

  11. That comment about the passing, faddish fascination about the Turks and the so-called “exotic” East, which supposedly “influenced” Mozart, e.g., was nothing more than a passing curiosity whose narrative themes were used in his/their decidely Western music, and very little actual musical themes were espoused. In fact, if one didn’t know what was being conveyed by an 18th century European classical music composer, one would have been hard-pressed to detect much “orientalia” in that music!

  12. The liberals translate this into, “We are coming to integrate into Europe to become proud Europeans,” while they keep allowing more and more of the scum in. Treason on a grand scale. They need to be held accountable and I hope I live to see the day when they are.

  13. Just want to make a side comment on a picture in this blog post. The famous Taj Mahal is usually associated with Islam because it is thought to have been constructed by an Islamic emperor in India. However, the history of Taj Mahal is similar to that of Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, a pre-existing temple of India converted into a mosque. The high percentage of Muslims in India makes it impossible to discuss/debate/research this topic and the true origins of other monuments in India, which are most likely converted buddhist temples into mosques/tombs during Islamic invasions.

  14. Turks, Arabs et al are a demographic and economic anchor/dead weight that will drag Europe down to a new drak age if not checked.

  15. Perhaps they should consider inviting Chinese, Vietnamese and non muslim Filipino/as. Smarter, not lazy and they don’t try to remake their new homelands.

  16. the foreign born occupier in the white house(when he’s not on vacation)will no doubt be bringing millions, if not tens of millions, of muslims into america. maybe he has a two-fold plan with the “arab spring” situations.

    first, you get rid of violent secular dictators, who all hate jews, but fear mutually assured destruction(MAD). they are replaced with violent jew-hating religious dictators who have no fear of MAD, and will do anything to wipe out israel(and eventually all jews).

    then, all the chaos that results with the islamic takeovers causes frightened/opportunistic muslims to flee their lands. so america(and europe) can then open wide for all these refugees that need our humanitarian help. after all. we would be racist, islamophobic, bigoted, and ignorant meanies if we complain about receiving and supporting them.

    here’s a pam geller video from 4 years ago in which she discusses obama’s foreign status ignored by our msm.

  17. Many Turks are still obsessed by the glory days (so they think) of the Ottoman Empire. They are normally coming from the fundamentalist side of Turkey. Level minded Turks always laugh at those who say these things as “Those days are in the past”. Well they were until the entrance of Recep Erdogan. He is leading his country into those bad old days at the twilight of the Ottoman days. He gets in the ears of the indoctrinated muslims and they are driving Turkey away from being a republic. They will live to regret it.

    Does anyone know if it was a Turkish Group who killed the French children and the adult? Or the soldiers. This last group was Jewish and it looks like the work of those who hate the Jews the most and that would be a Turkish Muslim. They do not hide their feelings toward this group in particular.

      • As of yesterday evening, police are favoring an islamist connection, while still not ruling out an ultra-right one.

        Forensics have established the possibility of a strong link with the killing of the 3 military personnel killed on the 11th & 15th (Toulouse and Montauban). Killer(s)escaped on scooter in those 3 instances, the exact same type as one stolen a week prior in Toulouse, hence the indication the same person/group could well be behind what happened at the school; 1 adult and 3 children were killed in the attack.

        Police are also investigating on 2 Parisian synagogues having received identical threatening letters.

  18. Hope the Germans grow a pair and put their foot down on the Muzzos… time to start getting tough and cut back on letting Muzzos into Germany and any Muzzo sprouting shit like this publicly – deported .. who cares if any of the Muzzo shit in a national of that country – OUT!!!!!!

    • Helen: Just a little off subject, but I can’t help commenting on the picture of the mass of muslims praying.
      (read, demonstrating)
      The guy in the front row has a hole in the heel of his right sock. and there should be a guy with a bull horn shouting; “GENTLEMEN, START YOUR SEMIS”!

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