AUSTRALIA’s live animal exports are STILL being Halal-tortured by Muslims

Last year, Animal’s Australia exposed the horrific cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle in Indonesia causing a tidal wave of outrage and distress throughout the Australian community.

The horrendous practices documented inside Indonesian slaughterhouses by Animals Australia earlier this year sparked an enormous public outcry calling for an end to the live export trade. For the first time, the Australian public saw a glimpse of hidden practices that were known to the live export industry for more than a decade.

This photo is the outcome of a street slaughter, popular during Eid Al Adha, and the appalling final minutes of this terrified young bull were documented. The treatment this animal received was one of the worst abuses of an animal investigators had documented. The bull was transported on a ute with its front legs tied together with rope. With no unloading ramp the bull was forced backwards from the ute falling on its side on the road. The terrorized animal then struggled against the slaughtermen trying to pull it to the slaughter area (outside the shopping centre). When the animal wouldn’t comply, one slaughterman slashed the rear left leg tendon of the bull. Slaughtermen then dragged the crippled bull with front legs tied and rear leg tendon slashed to a footpath continually twisting and bending its tail using the pain as leverage to get the animal to move. In front of a crowd of onlookers this poor animal which by this time had collapsed on the ground, was held down by four men whilst its head was twisted for the throat cut.

Faced with a public demanding that live export be banned, the Gillard government suspended the trade the Indonesia and there was a collective sigh of relief in the Australian community. The decision to reopen the trade to Indonesia in July 2011, was greeted with anger and disbelief. The Gillard government responded by promising Australians that a new regulatory system would protect animals from cruelty despite the flaws in this new system being obvious.

Despite government assurances that never again would the live trade ‘self regulate’ it has been Animals Australia that has again provided evidence that horrendous cruelty to cattle continues in Indonesia. What our Indonesian based investigator documented at three abattoirs in Jakarta in late January has again shocked Australians.

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48 comments on “AUSTRALIA’s live animal exports are STILL being Halal-tortured by Muslims

  1. halal what a load of shit hope they all get cancer of the arse from eating too much meat, , oh and to HC talliqa whatever, the reason “silly animal activist” speak out is becaus animals can’t and people are idiots, like yaself !!!!! think about it stupid

    • Thank you for your timely input Daniel. You are correct, many people are incredibly stupid. Some of those people even pretend to speak for animals. I know they are frauds because nobody can truly speak for animals unless I translate from animal-speak first. For example, I have been retained by a large group of dairy cows to file suit against the discriminatory practice of cow-tipping in Wisconsin. I could not do that unless I understood their language. We hope to restore the cow’s right to be free from tipping in all fifty states. If you know any oppressed animals, please give them my card. I am available to translate and litigate for all four legged animals and I offer group rates. I’m not certain, but I think Greenpeace translates for the ocean mammals while PETA translates for the birds and reptiles. This may help explain why PETA takes no position on Halal torture. In case you wondered why that flagship “animal rights” organization has so much to say about chicken but is silent about Halal slaughter. Remember dear, speaking out for animal rights is a sacred gift and a rigorous profession. It is not a task for amateurs and frauds. Thank you for your interest D.K. and keep those happy thoughts coming.

  2. Im reference to the street slaughter of that poor terrified bull,what a horrendous death ,children witness them being butchered grow up with the same cruelty ingrained in them as their parents,why are we having the customs of this ideology -forced on us? firms who pay to have this creditation such as Coles Woolworths,Cadburys,Nimbin and Bega cheese etc.all paying to have this stamp of the devil on their products?Nimbin cheese promotes itself as cheese for vegetarians,I was horrified to find they are now halal certified ,you can’t serve two masters,vegetarians do not associate with animal cruelty ,this evil stamp conjures up for me ,an animal,it’s throat cut,slowly dying in agony,-in it’s own blood,those who ingraite themselves with this religious cruelty -what have you become?condoning this barbarism ,you have no- morals or -principles -shame on all of you,money must be your only goal as there is no other advantage in making a pack with the devil.

  3. I had no idea that halal slaughter purposely incorporated this much torture. I usually mock the hyper-sensitivity of animal ‘rights’ groups. But, even though animals can’t really have rights, we humans do have an obligation to minimize the needless suffering of animals. OK, this halal thing IS a good issue. Thanks for opening my eyes, Bare Naked. I knew PETA hypocritically holds no position on abortion. They apparently hold no position on Halal either. Silly animal rights pukes.

    • WC, did you know that PETA kills tens of thousands of animals every year? And no, they have no interest in Halal and have said as much. Glad you were open minded enough to change your mind on this issue. Not many people would have the guts to admit it.

  4. yet muslim communities riot and protest over a cartoon drawing of mohammed. their priorities are perverse and sadistic.

  5. Is it any wonder Muslim children grow up with a lack of pity for anything or anyone.
    Growing up with contempt,anger,and a mindset totally alien to a civilised people.
    This plague of bacteria will not stop until we
    educate others of the danger within.

  6. Australians need to walk arm in arm to stop their government. Eliminate the idiots that allow this crap. This goes for all the countries envolved.

  7. As you may have heard, the Dick Smith brand of dinky-di
    Australian-made food products is expanding.

    On the website of the new DS online store
    we read the following:

    “We have received a number of letters from people asking if we will be putting the Muslim Halal logo on our food.

    To acquire Halal certification, payment is required to the endorsing body and involves a number of site inspections of both our growers and processors in order to ensure that our practices comply with the conditions of Halal certification.

    It is important to note that this does not reflect the quality of the food being processed or sold – it only means that the products are approved as being prepared in accordance with the traditions of the
    Muslim faith. We are aware of an increasing number of large companies
    both in Australia and overseas, such as Kraft and Cadbury, who have obtained accreditation to use the Halal logo.
    We don’t believe they have done this because of any religious commitment but rather for purely commercial reasons. Perhaps these large organisations can
    afford to do this.

    While we have a choice however, we would prefer to avoid
    unnecessarily increasing the cost of our products in order to pay for Halal accreditation when this money would be better spent continuing to support important charitable causes where assistance is greatly needed.

    We point out that we have never been asked to put a Christian symbol(or any other religious symbol) on our food requiring that we send money to a Christian organisation for the right to do so.”

    This was sent out by the Q Society

    • Shirl, so they are saying they sell halal food but don’t label it because of the cost? That’s even worse.

        • Shirl, but it CAN be halal and they don’t have to say it is. That’s what Butterball Turkey did here.

        • Unless the turkey was slaughtered by an accredited, what you call the guy, and the tax whatever is paid, it is not halal. Any self respecting practicing Muslim would eat it.

        • Shirl, but Butterball turkeys aren’t big with muslims. Nevertheless, their website stated that all their turkeys were halal certified, but not the turkey packaging. When bloggers exposed them, they quickly scrubbed the halal certification from their website and are still secretly selling halal birds to unsuspecting Americans. I imagine they add the halal stamp for birds that are exported to muslim countries.

  8. Yes, we Westerners care so much about what happens to an animal. Shame we don’t care this much about what the Muslims do to us.

    • Get with the program kid. Most animal rights morons really don’t care what happens to people. But hey, at least they condemn Muslim animal atrocities. I don’t know whether to be sad or glad. I’m a little bit happy. No, not really.

  9. Watch “earthlings” on youtube. Im not standing up for the muslims and I hate to say it but western society is not that much better. I went vegitarian after I saw earthlings. like they say the truth will set you free! And dont forget most of our meat is killed halal anyway because its too expensive to have 2 methods in one slaughterhouse

  10. Really goes to show how sickeningly inhumane these people are, for those still doubting it that is!

    Rarely talked about and often overlooked are health hazards posed by the consumption of meat issued from that kind of slaughter, as outlined by a specialist in meat hygiene:

    ritual slaughter can increase the possibility of contamination in meat, particularly in mince. Mince is made from meat cuts near the throat, and in a significant number of ritual killings the animal vomits up its stomach contents which in turn can lead to contamination of the meat used from the area around the throat.

  11. There is also this story of the “live export” of millions of animals to Saudi Arabia to be “halal” “sacrified” during the pilgrimage :

        • Thanks… I will check … but I cannot watch more than one or two of those videos a day without getting sick … :(

          But there is more to the halal – in Australia for example, there is a Halal certification stamp on a vast range of products and it means that many consumers are paying a jizyah, a “Muslim tax”, without knowing it and moreover nobody knows exactly where the money colected goes :

          Watch this :

  12. Its as if every cruel unimaginable horror that no human could possibly conjure up to do upon another creature these vile, filthy demons relish in. I can’t imagine the hell they will ALL be going to when they die. I’d like to send every last one of them there myself

  13. Islamic slaughter teaches Moslems to cut the throat of kafirs and behead them ‘for the sake of Allah’.

    Allah hates kafirs and so should Moslems. Moslems are not permitted to think of kafirs as equals, but rather as inferiors and subhuman.

    It begins with animal sacrifice and goes to human sacrifice because kafirs don’t deserve to live.

  14. No matter how many times we say “we should do this to them” it will never happen. As I see it, the only way to make a change is via our WALLETS! Do not buy any product that sayS “HALEL”. LET YOUR CONSCIENCE DRIVE YOU TO PRODUCTS THAT WILL NOT WAKE YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!

  15. this is what should happen to the “scum” who do these things !!! , slow , “very painful , agonizing death , what “EVIL” permiates this planet !!!

  16. I enjoy ny steaks, ribs, burgers, chops, hams, et al. But I will buy NOTHING AT ALL from any store or market where I find a halal certification on anything.
    I have left full carts or buggys sitting and gone somewhere else. Next time I find halal products, I intend to add a bunch of Ice Cream to the pile before I leave it.

    If these oh so political correct, dollar chasing outfits want the muslim business, let them do business with nothing but muslims, hire nothing but muslims, and sell nothing but their tortured to death products.

    It’s got to done by the consumer. I see no way with out current muslim ass kissing regime in washington to have the USDA make labeling halal products manditory. I reccommend that you do it. Afterward, a note to the managee may do some good. After they have lost some products and restocked goods, and cleaned up some messes they may see that the halal stuff actually costs them money to sell.

    • Bob, problem is, a lot of halal products are not marked as such. Definitely avoid buying Australian or New Zealand lamb which is most always halal whether it says so or not.Also avoid eating at Outback and Subway, both of whom use halal products. In the UK, halal is found at many McDonalds and Pizza Huts.

      • Never did like Outback or Subway. Let the muzzies open their own resturants and fast food places. I guess these coporations only see dollar signs.

        • Muse, what happens is when non-muslims find out they are serving halal, they stop going, so the store loses more business than it gains from muslims. It has happened in a few places in the UK. That’s why I try to post as many of these stories as possible.

        • My local branches of McD’s, Subway, KFC, and Subway are all halal. Not surprisingly, they’re stacked full of bearded rag-heads, and 7ft tall al Shabaab-a-likes from Somalia, but especially the chubby, ugly convert women…

        • John, and they became halal without saying much about it, which is why we in the US and other Western countries need to make sure where we eat out hasn’t turned Islamic.

      • Not to mention most if not all UK supermarkets (Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Somerfield, sell -of course unlabeled as such- halal meat:

        Difficult to know who’s selling what, as they are not forthcoming with details.

        Except supposedly for their British organic range, all lamb and chicken in Tesco is halal.

        Much of Sainsbury’s is reported to be unlabeled halal

        Also add to aforementioned fast food outlets also happily selling the stuff without informing customers: Domino’s Pizza, KFC, ­Nando’s and Subway.

        And the list goes on, pretty much the same in the West now!

        • That I do Bonni!!! I so loved my steak and lamb, but now, no way I’m taking the chance buying their sick stuff!! Am sticking to fish and….. PORK!!! :-)

        • Yes, but if people want to eat meat then why should they be forced to eat meat that is tainted this way?

          Time for the “good” producers of cattle, our traditional farmers to present their case to the public and tell us exactly where their meat is coming from and how it is slaughtered.

          This group is remaining silent about this very big problem. Otherwise, in the end people will stop eating meat altogether and that will be the end of another industry. Loss of jobs, etc and more inroads into our society by the Muslim invaders. Vote with your feet and just walk away and then the governments and farmers will get the message.

          Time to fight back Mr. Farmer. Silence is not the answer.

        • Therese, one would think a smart businessperson would realize that more people want non-halal than halal. I would promote and advertise the hell out of the fact that my meats are not slaughtered halal. And I would do a very
          graphic print and TV campaign that exposes the worst of halal, and the companies that are using it.

        • I don’t know how it works where you’re at, but here for instance we’re in a hell of a pickle! After the stink -at first dismissed as BS exageration before proved otherwise- Marine put out about our slaughterhouses ‘problems’, I saw an investigative program where farmers told they where broken-harted to not have a choice but see their stock go to their local ‘barbaric slaughterhouse’. Others where so far away it they couldn’t afford to get them to a place of ‘decent sendoff’.

          Where we are beyond mad and pissed off, is that we HAVE A LAW that says stock MUST BE stunned prior to killing in order to not inflict undue suffering to the animals, and that law is blatantly broken.

          Now because many bastards have decided to made an ‘economic decision’, as it is cheaper to barbarically kill them all, as opposed to have strictly separated and of course hygienically sound facilities, for traditional and ritual slaughter, the latter is supposed to be kept to a strict minimum and under special license, they are pissing all over us consumers, and local butchers, by their own admissions, are too afraid to tell customers because they know full well that we’d refuse to buy the stuff!

          This had better change, and FAST!

  17. While Hallah slaughter is abusive, it is equally important to protectbthe animals, particularly sheep and goats, from Muslims who would abuse them sexually.

  18. Sickening. I shared an earlier story of halal on my facebook to make others wary of this disgusting treatment. I also insist when my wife shops for meat, to ensure it’s not halal. Because it seems it is rampant here in Australia, I only eat pork or fish when I eat out. A person should not have to resort to these measures. Anything muslim abhors me.

  19. This is an absolute disgrace. I am far from being a vegetarian, but I do believe that we owe it to the animals that we are about to eat to at least treat them humanely.

    • What is your version of “humane” slaughter….it doesn’t exist…’s an oxymoron. We don’t need to eat them, it’s just a tradition that we’ve always done, right or wrong and this is SO wrong! I am vegan and proud to be able to do my little bit to end the suffering. Emotionally and physically this feels good, better than I’ve ever felt.

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