TWO-THIRDS of British Muslims believe ‘honour’ violence is acceptable

A large number of young British Muslims support violence against women who ‘dishonour’ their families, a Panorama investigation will claim today. The hard-hitting BBC documentary reveals more than two thirds of Muslims between the ages of 16 and 34 say communities should live according to ‘honour.’ 

UK DAILY MAIL  Research carried out for the show found nearly one in five – 18 per cent – said certain acts thought to shame families were justification for violence.The possible reasons included disobeying a father, marrying someone unacceptable or wanting to end a marriage.

Honour-related violence can include acid attacks, abduction, mutilations, beatings, and death. But 94 per cent of those questioned said there was ‘never a justification’ for murder. BBC1’s Panorama programme on honour killings will be screened tonight at 8.30pm.

A study of police data by the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation recorded over 2,800 honour crimes a year.

Nazir Afzal, lead prosecutor on the crimes for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: ‘We don’t know the true figure of honour killings. It’s anything between 10 and 12 a year in this country.’

Jasvinder Sanghera, of the charity Karma Nirvana, set up a helpline for women at risk. It receives around 500 calls a month but she says this is the tip of the iceberg. Of 500 Muslims interviewed for the Panorama poll, 75 per cent of young men and 63 per cent of young women said families should live according to ‘honour’.

In 2006, Banaz Mahmod, from Mitcham, south London, was strangled on the orders of her father and uncle because they thought her boyfriend was unsuitable. Cousins Mohammed Saleh Ali and Omar hussain, both 28, were jailed for a minimum of 22 and 21 years respectively for the honour killing of the 20-year-old Iraqi Kurd.  The victim’s father Mahmod Mahmod and uncle Ari Mahmod were jailed for life at the Old Bailey in 2007.



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  1. I do not believe that God gives us the right to kill anyone. I do not believe Islam is a religion of peace. It seem like Mohammad was all about killings, wars, and acts of violence. I pray that Muslims will know the love and kindness of God and turn their heart to him. I believe the Mohammad was a false prophet

  2. First describe what their honor really is. As far as I have seen real honor is non-existent in the land of La La.
    Is it the way on looks? what is it?

  3. I have to say that the “father, mother AND sister” in AZ., pictured in their mugshots above, REALLY look like some BADASS ASSLIFTERS…very much akin to white trash meth heads….Honour?!…HORSESHIT!! Lowlife scum like this DOES NOT begin to recognize TRUE honour!!..And, I would trust the meth heads farther than I would the asslifters!!

  4. Muslims are against murder, but are for honor killings; that’s because the men do not believe it is right for them to be murdered, but have no problem killing women. Islam is a muslim man’s world. I want them all banished from our countries.

  5. England like us has second generation of the madd cult one with bulit in knowledge of hate ! how and where to use it twice as deadly as the original strain , only radical surgery will cure this ! we owe it to the little ones who are waitin to take the reins of this fast pony called life.

  6. The men? of islam are -gutless cowards ,they have no -honour,as they blame all their inadequacies on their women,they are sexually frustrated as they have to wait for their orgasm in the sky-72virgins?? when they arrive in paradise,-dead,these poor innocent beautiful young girls that these low life -murder ,I feel so sorry for them ,I wish they could defend themselves against the injustice that is forced on them ,unfortunately ,the rest of the familty are also involved ,they are a very sick -male dominated culture ,influenced by those evil imams -clerics ,ayatollahs in their house of depravity the -mosque.

    • Stop saying the men of Islam. Muslims don’t kill Muslims or anyone else unless they are aggressed upon. Call it what it is Ignorant men killing women has nothing to do with the religion. I could say men under Christianity is gutless devils when you talk about how many Africans you bought, sold and killed and is still doing what you will. You have gotten more sophisticated in your dealings.

      • Yeah, you’re right. I just noticed. Sorry about that. Happened in October 2010. Why the heck does the Telegraph republish this after almost 2 years.

        • Mojo, I dunno why, but it happened to me once with a UK newspaper. Didn’t check the date and posted an article that was 3 years old but it carried a current date.

  7. Honor killings is murder that’s why the word killing is attached to it. It doesn’t matter how you dress it. Murder is murder. These people who go around professing that they killed someone all in the name of a “Honor killing” only shows they are mentally unsound and should be locked up. It also shows that these people can not take responsibility for their own actions. So to compensate for this they blame the person they had to murder for making them do it to them in the first place. Islam is a blatant cover up for people who do not want to take responsibility for their own actions and bad choices. Islam’s religion is a cover up for murder or Islam can be used as a hiding place to get them out of jail card free so to speak.
    The people in government or roles who are helping this religion of ‘murder’ out, this is what is said in the word of God (the One True Holy God that is) that the blood of these people who have been murdered will be on your hands because you didn’t do anything to protect the people who you were supposed to be protecting in the first place from this
    madness and insanity. There is only one who can save you and cleanse you from this and His name is not Allah!!!! If that was the case Allah would not be commanding people to go around killing people……But this is the case. This Allah must truly hate you to see you dead, to want to enforce such a law on to you. But praise God for Jesus Christ, to all who believe in Him, has delivered those from this madness and insanity!!!

  8. @Therese – I totally agree with you on your thoughts on Mussoscum men… U think they are the most disgusting ugly inbreed retarded speicies. Calling these peices if shit human is too generous a word. Here in Australia we have had afew of these arsewipes carry out or attempt honour killings and these arsewipes have ended up where they belong – in jail getting annally raped by Big Bubba and crew… afew broom handles do the trick from what I hear… crimes against women and children arent tolerated by Australian crims whom have famlies themselves and these wimpy asslifters sqeal and sook when they get attacked in our jails…. well their fucked up Sharia Laws i.e. Rantings of a pedophile laws… dont apply here and honour killings arent acceptable as im sure our Western countries elsewhere dont tolerate this barbaric practice which is plain and simple first degree murder and should be punished by force feeding bacon into said Muzscums big mouths followed by a litre of Burbon straight (no ice) and then ganded over to Bubba & Co to take care of the rest :))

  9. There needs to be a clear message sent to any one who visits or immigrates to the US that “honor killings”, spousal and child abuse, killing “apostates” and Female Genital Mutilation are not consistant with visiting, residency or naturization. Currently applicants for residency and citiship are required to state they do no practice polygamy nor intend to do so. They also are required to affirm that they are members of a laundry list (woefully out of date) of communist and fascist organizations and affirm that they did not participate in NAZI or Japanese warcirimes during WW II. Later discovery of falsication on these questions can result in revocation of citizenship. This needs to be updated to require a signed (initialed) acknowledgement under oath item by item that the applicant is aware that these practices are not allowed in the US and that the applicant has never engaged in them. A yes answer to any of the “have you ever” questions should be a bar to entry to the US to include all visas and refugee immigration. Later discovery of falsification or later violation should be grounds for deportation and revocation of Naturalization. Likewise the laundry list of 1940-1950 organizations should be updated to include organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Quds Force, Abu Sayef that have been involved in the murder of Americans. Later discovery should be grounds for deportation and revocation of Naturalization. ICE needs a 21st Century reboot.


    Well here’s what the young people KNOW…

    …Koran 18.81 and Sharia law’s ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’, Chapter o1.1-2, pp. 582-584 actually permit HONOR-KILLING.

    Furthermore Koran 4:15 permits the murder of a wife by her husband.

    Oh well! I guess Islam DOES support honor-killingl!

    The young people who support HONOR-MURDERS are ‘good’ Moslems.

    Islam does not contain the Golden Rule.

  11. The Farhan/Ultrameanie clan look like they were exhumed from the Pet Semetary. I’m going to have to sleep with the light on tonight. Thanks.

  12. Western Governments simply wont admit any of this is happening. They dont care if women are killed or brutalized or caused any grevous bodily harm. They just dont care about women at all.

    I thought we had thrashed this all out around the time of The Female Eunach, Dr. Gemaine Greer’s ground breaking book regarding the equality of women etc. Everyone was so shocked by this book and now we appear to be back in the dark places where women used to exist prior to this time.

    Of course, Muslim women are still in that dark place and this will never change. Their own fault. They live in hell so why not go all the way and go for their rights. Kill a few of the male bastards and they will get the message, because most Muslim men I have ever known have been extreamely cowardly. They can only work in mobs or gangs and when they have the upper hand or when they control women and children or slaves. They are the most despicable men ever born.

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