AUSTRALIA: (Mostly) Muslim inbred asylum seekers strain Darwin hospital resources

Darwin’s main hospital overburdened from asylum seekers needing treatment, most of whom have mental issues. As a result, hospital resources are diminished for the citizens who actually pay for them.

NEWS AU  President of the Australian Medical Association in the Northern Territory, Dr Paul Bauert, says the Royal Darwin Hospital has three to five asylum seekers a day turning up at the emergency department.

“They are all complicated cases, because virtually of them will have some mental health issue,” Dr Bauert said. He said some of the patients had serious psychiatric illnesses (the result of rampant inbreeding in the Muslim population).

Others had chronic anxiety, manifested in symptoms such as abdominal pain or chest pain, which became worse after they were returned to detention centres following treatment.

“The longer they are detained, the more likely these mental health issues are going to become permanent and we end up producing permanently damaged Australian citizens,” Dr Bauert said.(That’s the idea, Muslims send their mental midgets to Australia so somebody else can foot the bills)

Because of the difficulty in treating the patients and the need for interpreters, each asylum seeker tended to take up at least double the resources used by a typical patient, he said. People housed in Darwin’s two main detention centres were coming to hospital on a weekly basis after harming themselves, he said.

Dr Bauert said the money and resources used to address the health of asylum seekers could be better spent trying to fix the health needs of people in the Northern Territory. He called on Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Health Minister Tanya Plibersek to visit the hospital to see for themselves what was happening.

“Nothing seems to change, and I just think it is a bit of (a case of) out of sight, out of mind, on the part of Minister Bowen and Tanya Plibersek,” he said.

A spokeswoman from the Royal Darwin Hospital was unable to comment immediately on the claims by Dr Bauert. Neither the Department of Immigration and Citizenship nor Minister Plibersek was immediately available for comment on the matter.