FRANCE: Terrorist suspect who killed four at Jewish school in Toulouse allegedly is a MUSLIM! Who’da thunk it?

An elite French anti-terror police unit raided a home early Wednesday in search of a suspect with possible al- Qaeda ties in the deadly massacre at a French Jewish school.

FOX NEWS  A gunman killed three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school Monday, and is suspected to be linked to the killings of three off-duty soldiers the week before.

The suspect is reportedly holding out in what police describe as a pavilion, and is heavily armed. He is described as a 24-year-old ultra Islamist, who claims he was trained with Al Qaeda on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. He reportedly told police he was trained to avenge the killings of Palestinians, and is part of a terror cell. 

“He was in the DCRI’s sights, as were others, after the first two attacks,” an official said, referring to France’s domestic intelligence service, adding, “Then the criminal investigation police brought in crucial evidence.”

Police have the suspect cornered, and say they want to take him alive. Two of the officers were slightly injured in the raid. 

Gueant said the suspect “wants to take revenge for Palestinian children” killed in the Middle East, and is angry at the French military for its operations abroad.