‘The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury’ – UK Newspaper Boss attacks failed Muslim multiculturalism in Dewsbury

“The publisher of a newspaper in West Yorkshire has hit out at what he calls 20 years of failed multi-culturalism in the area. Danny Lockwood has now written a book entitled The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury after witnessing what he terms ‘the hard-hitting chronicle of the massive social changes in the district.’

 Hold the Front Page The 320-page paperback, which sold out in six weeks, lifts the lid on what he describes as ’20 years of failed multi-culturalism’ and examines a wide range of issues from crime to corrupt politics.

Saturday June 24th, 1989, the day a Muslim community found its voice and flexed its muscles. The day, according to author and journalist Danny Lockwood, that life in the former Yorkshire mill town of Dewsbury changed forever. His hard-hitting account of the massive cultural upheavals over the subsequent 20-plus years describe how the liberal politics of appeasement by government and law enforcement agencies alike, have left two communities further apart than ever. From blood-spattered heroin dens, to a fierce libel battle and London trial with a Muslim MP, the book lifts the lid on the real effects – and victims – of ‘multi-culturalism’.

The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury is available from www.thepressnews.co.uk, priced £14.95, or via Amazon in Kindle format.

AMAZON UK Reader Reviews:

A harrowing tale for all democracy lovers

” Local man Danny Lockwood has written a riveting memoir-slash-social history about living in a town in the north of England that is not only faced with a dying local economy, but must also cope with the fact that over the last few decades the population of the town has changed beyond all recognition. Lockwood, however, chooses not to address the wider question of immigration policy, preferring to recount the ways in which local society has changed for the worse, as he sees it, due to the influx of people from Pakistan. Make no mistake, it is the elected representatives of Dewsbury whom the author is gunning for the most. He attacks all sides, holding them accountable for subverting the democratic process and engaging in sharp practice in order to get what they want.”

Dewsbury – The Canary In The Mine

“With blunt trauma prose Lockwood succeeds in showing that British freedoms are in peril due to a kind of cultural suicide propelled by `feel good’, self-righteous commissions, and their `head in the sand’ guidelines and rules. He also underlines, in a sobering but humorous way, that this unwanted change is further fuelled by those in power and other very `useful idiots’, carrying political correctness to ridiculous lengths. The reverse discrimination inflicted on the English over recent decades has created a fear of openly stating the obvious – a fear that Lockwood has thankfully managed to overcome (and some). Other members of the various indigenous classes are not let off the hook, however, particularly the benefit dependent non-working classes’ whose problems I would say parallel those of some of the most disenfranchised native communities on reserves in North America.

To surmise Danny Lockwood’s book, “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury” is a stark reminder that England (and the west for that matter) has lost the plot. The unsaid but sad conclusion to this work is that there seems to be no strength of will to address the obvious problems highlighted within. That Lockwood refuses to be quiet on this important matter offers some hope that eventually those in control will hear his and other voices clearly stating `the emperor has no clothes.’

Keep your eye on what happens in the town of Dewsbury – it is `the canary in the (Yorkshire) mine’ of things to come.”

Honesty is the only word

“Thank you you Danny for a truly honest book. I have lived in Dewsbury all my life. I have witnessed a lot of these changes from the first influx in of the Muslim culture around the Eightlands area of town and the Special classes that were created at the “Vic”. I played Rugby on the sports fields around Saville Town before they were closed off to the indigenous population of the area. I now despair at the thoughts of my Grandchildren having to grow up in and around this troubled town. This book truly deserves to be read by the folks of Dewsbury and the UK in general as we are not the first or the last town to be suffering and feeling deserted by our politicians who only pretend to listen to capture votes every few years.”

Jaw Dropping Honesty & Bravery

“As an ex resident of Dewsbury I can only admire Mr Lockwood for his bravery & honesty. To outsiders, this book may seem like a work of fiction, I can assure you it is not. Lockwood paints a picture of politicized self serving police officers who refuse to acknowledge crimes committed against the indigenous community. Unelected left wing local government bureaucrats who proudly regard themselves as social engineers. Cynical politicians who attempt to manipulate the block Muslim vote by means of targeted spending.Rampant heroin dealing.Casual assaults violence & street robbery which the perpetrators know will not be investigated. Extremism in many forms, Left wing extremists masquerading as anti fascists & Muslim extremists just being themselves.

Mr Lockwood has a uniquely valid insight into the multicultural experiment & as such I’m guessing that at best he will be ignored by the politicians. At worst he will be sneered at, ridiculed,labelled, threatened & possibly attacked. Anyone who reads this book will be forced to conclude what most people from Dewsbury already know Ie multiculturalism has failed. And what do many of the indigenous residents of Dewsbury & the surrounding white enclaves think? We’re scared, the question on many peoples lips? “Where are we going to go?”

A must read before other towns are ruined

“Everyone in the country should read this book. This town will become what northern Ireland and Yugoslavia were. Dewsbury used to be a thriving town with the best market in the north of england. This book tells how the life has been sucked out of the place. How the police and local authorities have stood and watched.”