YES! MINNESOTA town throwing out obstacles to a proposed mosque

A local Muslim group says it is ready to open a new Islamic Center in the village of St. Anthony, but the City Council is slowing down the opening because it says it needs to take a closer look at its zoning policies; however, the religious group’s attorney says it’s discrimination at work.

(At least one town in Minnesota is trying to avoid being being part of the popular moniker of Muslim-infiltrated ‘Minnesotastan.’)

FOX NEWS  “We’re going to remodel the whole thing,” said Ali Giarushi, while giving FOX 9 News a tour of what his group hopes will one day be home to the Abu-Huraira Islamic Center.

Many in the area will recognize the building as the former Medtronic headquarters along Old Highway 8 (Photo below). Currently, it’s leased as office space, but a group of local Muslims is prepared to buy the building and renovate the lower level into a mosque for assembly and prayer.

“There’s quite a big Muslim community in the surrounding area, in a range of 5 miles,” Giarushi said. But their dreams recently ran into a road block at City Hall.

“What we’re talking about is a zoning issue here, that’s what we’re talking about,” insisted Mark Casey, St. Anthony city manager. “Nothing else.” (Yes, it is, but we don’t dare talk about it or risk being called ‘Islamophobic.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with being Islamophobic)

Casey says it’s unclear whether current zoning allows for a religious institution, like an Islamic center, in that part of town. Casey says that’s why the St. Anthony City Council placed a moratorium on the application of all conditional-use permits so staff could study the issue — but that’s a move that has left the mosque in limbo.

“It’s despicable. I think it’s discrimination, but that’s just me talking right now,” said ‘dhimmi’ attorney Ferdinand Peters, who has been hired (by CAIR, no doubt) to fight City Hall for Muslim leaders involved in the project.

The council has promised an answer by the middle of June, but Peters says he believes that’s too long and may cost his clients their proposed investment. (Too bad)

The group pushing to build the Islamic Center has promised they wont change the outside of the building, and insist they only plan to renovate the unused lower level area. (Muslims lie)