If only America had a real Commander-in-Chief in the White House….

Instead of a Muslim traitor.



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    1) dont over react to what happened with the soldier killing afghans (the part of the women and children still ti be proven) and ofcourse 2) stop being dhimmis and kill them first!! WOW a shame he is not running for president, he is just what the world needs.

  2. If present trends continue, Romney will be nominated and lose. In that case, Nov. 7 will be your day to start an Allen West for President campaign treasury and begin amassing $$$ for the primary fight in ’16.

    The AssWholes will be heavily promoting and funding Christie, McDaniel or some other LibTurd. Overcoming the barriers they throw up will be extremely difficult.

    Take the first step now: donate a couple hundred dollars to West’s re-election campaign today.

  3. First the quran burning was not an accident.
    Stop with the apology. It is a book and EVIL book I agree. As a Christian I say here’s the match.
    If they want to jihad because of this book burning, than it is no different than what was going on before anyway. The truth is the ugly head of Evil is no longer hiding. It popped out again. Evil cannot stay hidden.

  4. No doubt Lt. Col. West would make an excellent Commander-in-Cief, though he has chosen NOT to run. How do we make sure the Taliban does’t behead American troops?! The answer Allen West gave was excellent, and the same answer I would give “KILL THEM FIRST!!”….We have had waaaaay too much of an Asslifter-in-Chief AND Asskisser-in-Chief in the White House; it is time now for a REAL Commander-in-Chief who is NOT afraid to be the Asswhooper-in-Chief we so despeately need at this time!!!

  5. I totally agree.”O” is very dangerous,useless and scary.I had the worst feeling in my life when I heard he had been elected POTUS over Senator McCain.I had the most dreaded feeling come over me with cold chills.But the rest of America didn’t listen to those that warned them.Now its too late.This isn’t the country I grew up in.

  6. Damn he’s brilliant. I think not only Americans, but the rest of the world could breathe easier if Allen West was POTUS!

    • a lot of people in the tea party tried to get him to run but i think the republican elitest have this notion you have to wait your turn instead of letting the people choose. i have no doubt in my mind that if allen west ran for president he would win in a landslide and he has bet vetted already. west is the number 1 target of obama and the progressives because they fear him. if obama wins again our constitution is toast and i fear there will be a revolution because obama has already broken records with his love of executive orders and is eyeing our second amendment with one. americans are not going to give theirs up without a fight.

  7. I have adnmired allan west for some time now but early last year when he insisted he would not run for president I felt he was doing this because he was afraid of running against Obama and being defeated thus possibly losing the chance to run in 2016. I feel that he is thinking more of himself than the nation. We need someone like him now, not in 5 years. of course it’s too late now because most of the public has forgotten him now due to his short exposure time and then his disappearance. I trully fear what kind of shape our country will be in by 2016 if we have to endure another 4 years of Obama. Is West qualified? at least as much as Obama. He is a congressman and his military experience gives him a much better world view than Obama will ever have so, yes he is qualified and I would vote for him and I am white. Why did I say that? Because according to liberals anyone that disagrees with Obama’s policies or doesn’t like him is a racist. I had a friend of several years that lives in Ca. and a couple of months ago we had a falling out because I don’t like Obama. She’s Jewish and she said she voted for him once and will do so again and that I was obviously a racist. I told her not to insult me like that and that an attitude like that bordered on stupidity. I have not spoken to her since.

    • Ken, all the Jews who post on this blog, myself included, hate Obama and love Allen West. I think he decided not to run because of his short experience in Congress and no business experience. Of course, none of that mattered to us, as we know he is a real leader, who could deal with our enemies and our friends, and had all the right positions on taxes, entitlements, military, energy, etc. He is still young and will have many chances to run. Sadly, this is not his year, but it will be one day soon.

      • I agree 100% of what you said about Mr. Allan West. I, and my family, would vote for him without any hesitation.
        The only thing I have against him is that he is not running for president this election. His reason of lack of experience is not valid to me. Look what we have now in the WH!! Mr. West has all the experience this country needs in this very critical times, honesty, courage and patriotism.

  8. Sorry to say USA but I do think Obama will be returned to the White House. Yipes!!! I hate the thought of it too, but they are the facts. Not a lot of talent among the Republicans, there are vested money interests there and that’s about all. There is no one fit to lead on the other side of politics either. The Republicans don’t seem to have any agenda for ridding your country of Islam and if the big bankers caused the Recession, and then you rewarded them and so it goes.

    I presume the media is controlled by the right side of politics, and if so, they aren’t saying a lot against it either. Much to their shame. So, we are all facing an international conspiracy. But who are the conspirators? And why? Who has the most to gain by destroying our world?

    Have you ever thought “Well, who the fuck is on our side”? None that I know of – only people like us on these sites like the wonderful BNI.

    And Helen, you have Australian politics right. They are all a grovelling bunch of morons. Even if we do have the best economy in the world. It must have been an accident.

    China is the only country on earth who will not tolerate any bad behaviour from Muslims. They just get the army out and shoot them down. And, we thought China was our enemy? Who said that? Not me! I would rather have them on our side where Islam is concerned.

      • Really! This surprises me as a former citizen of Australia Rupert Murdock gave his country away for control of Fox and is one of the richest men in the world. We have other newspapers but are either old establishment family owned or owned by very wealthy people who are not socialist or left at all.

        Germaine Greer suggested on TV last Monday night that we could well get rid of them these days because they lie, and are full of advertising as well and no indepth articles and the audience in that studio was inclined to agree with her. The program was Q & A on the ABC.

        So where are all of the good old journalists now in America? When I watch cnn or Fox I dont see too many of them any more. Have they been silenced. There were some wonderful Jewish journalists too, but I dont see many of them either. I know David Horowitz is still in the mix but in a different way now.

        When Americans say left do they mean like communists as they did long ago? It is difficult to define the meaning these days. As I have said before I admired presidents like Lincoln and Kennedy and they seemed to do good for the people. Now I dont know what to make of this Obama only that he does not fit my picture of what a democrat as in democracy means any longer. Perhaps it is time for a name change.

        And, strangely I have heard people saying too and it may sound strange, that Islam is the furthest right one can get. Anyone got any comment on that? I am sure their princes and kings are not socialist at all in the way we see them treating their people right now and across the Middle East.

      • FOX used to be the only conservative TV network. But now that the Saudis own 7%, it has gone soft on matters of Islam. Still, it’s much better than
        CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, but has shifted closer to the center than it used to be.

      • Freedom of the press is a misnomer. Freedom of speach on the MSM stations is a misnomer. It is sites like yours and others that clear out the fluff and get to the truth. It makes me sick to see our powerful men and women act like nothing is wrong.

      • Muse, and I fear that the internet is about to be controlled by the same people who have blocked freedom of speech on the airwaves.

  9. it’s not so much of a muzzie traitor…we have a problem of marxism, liberalism, stupidity, lethargy… about 125 years of commies whittling away at our nation got us here… we are in the fight of our lives… we would do well to equip, get ready, and NEVER SURRENDER

      • Excuse the repetition but can we call that

        S I N I S L A M

        the sinister leftards of all stripes marx/lenin/trotsky/alinski/wright/obama…joined at the anus to the genocidal mohammedans.

  10. Allen Wests words reminded me of the scene in one of Harrison Fords movies, where the sword wielding arab is coming toward him swinging the sword. Harrison pulls out his pistol and shoots the arab…..problem solved ! ! !
    Your military should change the rules of engagement. I know, I was in Cyprus years ago and our orders were, “Do not shoot until you are shot at” pure stupidity.

  11. Obama ought to take a hard look at Allen West and bow in submission. It would be better if he did so behind bars or in the gas chamber. Treason is a capital offense in the US, yes?

    I am sure the teleprompter will help him with his last words…

  12. “How do we make sure our soldiers are not beheaded?”

    LtCol/Congressman Allen West: “We kill them first.”

    Any soldier that served under LtCol West in the military was a fortunate son.

    • He’s absolutely correct. I’d go further than that. You take a page out of Genghis Khan’s playbook. You go in to a place. If they shoot, you kill the Taliban fighters; you kill any women in the place, as they’ll be most likely be bringing supplies to the men; you level the village or town, drive tanks over the rubble, and any survivors, after that, you either sell them into slavery (not likely, of course) or you leave them to fend for themselves afterward.

      In other words, give them the option of either supporting you or being annihilated. THAT is war. Fight to win, or get out.

  13. BNI – ahhh sounds like you guys have a similar problem to us here in Australia … Alot of morons in both parties which makes it hard on whom to nominate. The Opposition party here Liberals (equivalent to Republic) is abit of a but but he doesnt ko-tow to the Muzzos as much as the Labour Gov. does (equivalent Democrats) he does however want to cull back on the Muzzo shit arriving here illegally on the boats whom are costing us tax payers a fortune.. he is being abit quiet on it but tgats to keep the Lefties/Socialist morons at bay but I know for a fact going by our last Liberal Gov. they clamped down real hard on immigration hence less Muzzo scum on our shores.. now under this dickhead government they are flocking hete like flies to shit (hey free healthcare and welfare payments!!l because of our piss weak border controls!!!

    God I really hope by some miracle the Muslim POTUS is booted out. Surely the Republicans are a tad better at managing the American economy? Good luck guys :)

  14. Allen West does sound like a solid leader and he really would make a good Commander in Chief. To bad he isn’t running for the presidency. What is good about West is that he had military experience and training and he knows what our guys and gals are up against in the battlefield. He is not a pure politician. Obama and many others are just politicians, not real leaders.

  15. I’ve said it before.

    Leave the country but before leaving, give every non-taliban woman, child and man 2 automatic heavy-fire weapons, teach them how to use them in special group classes and then leave. Mine the areas around the ‘clean’ non-taliban villages also for added protection.

    It will be much cheaper and they will defend their own country.

  16. American friends we are you far away down under Australia please, please vote that Traitor out of office in your elections this year… I have told many friends that Obama is really behobd the scences an evil Muzzo in disguise and Ive been showing them posts on BNI about it and they were shocked as they have been of the impression (no doubt by the Lefties/Socialist morons in government here whom are the equal to your Democrats/Liberals) that he is a great guy/Mr Nice Guy… but now they think otherwise as they despise the Muzzo shit ee have here down under whom are a pack of trouble making pests…we are crossing our fingers and toes come Nov thst arsewipe is booted out of the White House. And please dont let that hypocritical menopausal old bat Hillary get in. Australia has made the mistake of having a Hillary equal run the country and weve had the most disasterous Government in power on 70 years… but she will be gone in 2013 when our next elections come… so god bless our friends in the US to save us all from your Muslim in disguise president :)

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