FRANCE: Illegally wearing a (niqab) headbag, Muslim bitch tries to intimidate customers who criticize her by filming them

Muslim baghead is breaking the law, yet telling people, as she films them, that the French Constitution gives her the right (to ignore laws with which she disagrees). No wonder anti-Islam presidential candidate Marine LePen is so popular.

BNI Reader Alain has kindly translated (and commented on) the video here:

BAGHEAD:  Sorry?

WOMAN:  There’s Belphégor (masked ghost haunting the Louvres Museum) wandering!


BAGHEAD:  Well that’s nice, you’re being filmed Madame. And you’ll be up on the Internet for having insulted me, so the whole of France will see how people are as ridiculous as you are. You are now a star on YouTube Madame.

BAGHEAD:  Sorry?

MAN:  It’s not yet carnival (Mardi Gras, when people get in disguise)

BAGHEAD:  You think you’re being clever? You think you’re being clever Monsieur?

MAN:  No Madame, but I find you’re exaggerating as you’re not allowed to be wearing this.

BAGHEAD:  And I find you’re exaggerating in what you’re saying, I find you arrogant. (inaudible comment from a woman)

BAGHEAD:   Oh yeah? I’d rather be covered as I am that look like a Picasso, Madame! (what the hell did the way Picasso looked like has  anything to do here? Or did she mean one of his paintings but isn’t obviously eloquent or Art knowledgeable enough?!)

BAGHEAD:  Sorry? (she’s either half deaf or hasn’t cleaned her ears in years!!)

MAN:  The Niqab’s forbidden.

BAGHEAD:   And you find yourself being intelligent for telling me?

MAN:  No, I’m just saying it.

BAGHEAD:  In terms of the Constitution it’s my right. (No you ignorant rag, it isn’t, and sure as hell not in public. The only right you have by the Consitution is freely practice your cult IN PRIVATE!!!) [man led away by person with him so he wouldn’t waste time arguing with that cow, especially if there was a chance she could turn nasty]

BAGHEAD, taunting:  Thank you, thank you!
(unheard comment, probably by the second headbag you realize was with her, as the camera catches the unmistakable sight of black rags and pants.)

BAGHEAD:  What? No, no, I’m shooting so I’ll make stars of them.