YEMEN: Young students demand justice for Joel Shrum, the American English teacher executed by Muslim terrorists

Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorists claimed responsibility for the killing, accusing Shrum of trying to convert Muslims. Meanwhile, the people Shrum devoted his life to are mourning the loss of their beloved teacher and friend and are demanding the murderers be caught and tried.

The young Yemenis said Shrum was gunned down in his car for no good reason. He had worked in the Islamic nation for the past two years, teaching poor people English and vocational skills. “Mr. Joel came all the way from the United States of America, having nothing but good intentions to help and teach the people of Taiz.” Shrum is survived by his wife and 2 young boys, who moved with him to Yemen in 2009.



48 comments on “YEMEN: Young students demand justice for Joel Shrum, the American English teacher executed by Muslim terrorists

  1. Al Qaeda plan on killing the people of Taiz also…It is going to be an extremely sad situation…When will people wise up and start sending the terrorist back to hell where they belong…As long as people allow these demons to live their will never be peace on earth!

  2. Islam is losing more members, both proportionally and in numbers, than any other religion, which is why the fundamentalists are so paranoid about Christian influence and are going all out to terrify would-be apostates.

  3. Ah well an example of how Liberal do-gooders get shat on Muzscum.
    Why this man bothered to waste his time on educating ragheads is beyond my comprehension. You cannot reason with inbred genetic fucktards like Muzscum especially trying to convert them away from the teachings of a dirty Peodophile Mahomshit-for-brains-med. Bad move cost this man his life. Take note Muzscum sympathisers…..

    • Helen, unless there are those willing to teach and show an example, whether they are proselytizing or not~!, there can be no change. We must be the change we seek, and be an example of what CAN BE, if one is willing to take the chance on leaving WHAT IS~!
      You said that Shrum wasted his time on ragheads, yet in the video, hundreds demonstrated AGAINST his murder, demanding justice be done~! And this is just another crack in the facade that hides the truth of islam,,,
      Hell Yes~! There are going to be hard core extreme fundamentalists – There are in EVERY belief system~!,,, BUT such individuals are in the minority, and as others are, and have, pointed out, the apostasy rate of islam is becoming alarming to the hierarchy of islam~!
      There are casualties on both sides, in any war,,, and death is not the only way to be one~!

      • The way to win against Mohammedanism is, in the end, going to be showing Mohammedans a better way. Wars are won as much by snatching the underpinnings of an ideology out from under it as by killing the ideology’s soldiers.

        It is sad that he was murdered by Mohammedans, but maybe, just maybe, out of his death will come a new life for his students; perhaps, they will see what Mohammedanism leads to, and decide that if this non-Muslim was willing to risk all to teach, perhaps there is much in his faith that they need, and maybe they’ll join the exodus from Mohammedanism.

        One can hope….

        • In a war such as this, ALL weapons must be put to use. You’ll win some by knocking the underpinnings of Mohammedanism out from under an adherent. Not all, by any means.

          Some others you will have to damage financially or physically. This is war, all possible weapons must be used.

          In the article you posted with the video of the American of Hungarian descent, after the video runs, there are links to others. One of them is about how there are many Mohammedans in Australia leaving Mohammedanism.

          It is possible to win people away from Mohammedanism. Let our warriors war and let our missionaries mission. All angles must be used to defeat Mohammedanism.

          Total war is TOTAL war.

    • “Liberal do-gooders?” He was a Christian witnessing while he taught students basics such as English, et al skills. You must not be a Christian. This is exactly what we are called upon to do.

      Sure leftist Christians make no sense to me either because they allow for baby-killing. However, as a Christian Conservative I am in proud of how Mr. Shrum helped others. I only wish I had the same reach.

  4. He moved his family to Yemen? Death wish!

    Despite the fact that he was probably an naive liberal, he did seem to make a difference with these students.

    • Joel was not a liberal. The people there have learned much. They are selling his picture and naming their sons after him.

  5. There was recent notice in Recent Comments regarding an article by Carolyn Glick but I cannot find it in any of your blog alerts.

    • Really, Bill? Consider the rush to judgement on a severely head-wounded American soldier returned to combat and losing it versus the treatment given a Muslim assassin of American troops at Ft. Hood, that is fully explained by Islamic doctrine in: “An Oath Violated?” at
      Leaves little doubt about the relative values of Muslim vs kafir to this Administration IMO.

    • Get a clue, Mr Stewart! O-dumbo and the CLINTONS are on the MUSLIM’s side! The USA is being run by GYPSIES,TRAMPS & THIEVES!

  6. Inbred, braindead, killer zombie Mozman jihadists LOVE to kill. They need the SMALLEST excuse to KILL. KILLING please Allah and he rewards jihadists with eternal sex for MURDERING KAFIRS.


    Mozmen, you are being OBSERVED by the civilized world.

  7. I am so sorry to read this article. I feel so much for his family. He sounds like a selfless man and a caring teacher.

    I hope his life has not been wasted on these wretched people.He probably held the belief like most educators do knowledge and learning are the key to improving the lot of the third world and exposure to our way of life may help to one day turn the tide.

    More teachers are murdered and kidnapped than we realize and all because they are seen as evil people trying to change the people. As in Joel’s case, being blamed for trying to convert his students to another way. As a teacher, it is a fine line we walk in these countries. I was always aware of the class monitor being present in my classes. I chose to ignore their presence but at the same time did not lose my own integrity. A teacher’s job is never easy, but the benefits and joy we receive is so much more than we give.

    My condolences to his wife and children.

    • “more teachers are murdered and kidnapped than we realize” — Yes, and same is true of Christian missionaries. I know the missionaries of my denomination do not force Christianity on any but they offer medical care, and education. Yet, some of them are killed. But the news does not report most of missionary killings because it’s considered
      “Christian news”, suitable only for the Religion pages on Saturday.

    • Thanks, RRA, I’ll add the update. I find it hard to believe that after only being in San Diego for a few weeks,
      they could be the target of a hate crime. Not buying it.

  8. I’m impressed,they speak excellent English. He was a good teacher and I’m sure these young people will rethink their faith.

  9. Bully for those young students and others! It’s nowhere near enough until they renounce Islam and wholeheartedly turn upon Al Qaeda and its Saudi masters!!!!

    [I’ve very little doubt that it’s secretly being used by Saudi Arabia’s élite (even among the royals, there are some extremely conservative people including somebody well-poised to take over the throne, apparently amply happy to pull his nation and the whole world ever deeper into prehistoric times!!!) to play their sordid tricks upon the rest of the world.]

    In the end, it’s Saudi Arabia and Iran (as well as MANY other Islamic big-cities and their bigwigs!) that need to be so destroyed and humiliated that they’ll overnight vanish back into the dust from which they started emerging about one century ago!!!

    • The mourners are just being hypocrites: they knew all along that Mr. Shrum was a Jew – and now they’re shedding crocodile tears!!! They could have shielded him instead of letting him fall into Al-Qaeda’s hands!!!!

      When they utterly renounce Islam and extirpate it from themselves, I’ll THEN – and not before – be prepared to be less cynical…

      • Oops, so I subsequently read that Mr. Shrum was a Christian. “Mea culpa” – otherwise the same things above hold true.

        • Sometimes they proselytize without knowing it. About a hundred years ago a Japanese laborer worked on the trans siberian railroad construction. He was so impressed with the sincerity of his Jewish coworkers that he sought conversion to Judaism. His descendents comprise about a hundred or so practicing Jews in Japan.

        • There have always been converts to Judaism and there always will be.King David’s great grandmother Ruth was a convert,but Bonni is right that Jews do not proselytize for the reason that for 2 thousand years,while Jews lived in the diaspora,they were forbidden to.Before then,under the reign of King David Jews did proselytize their pagan neighbors.

  10. I think that if he moved his wife and children to Yemen, he was an idiot. That should be considered some form of child abuse.

    It’s like those hikers that were taken on the border of Iraq / Iran. They were reported to be on vacation. Who the flock takes a vacation into a warzone except a liberal. I am sure when they got arrested by Iranian soldiers they were like: “Hey we’re on your side!”

    I suspected that and I was proved right because they were set free, they immediately started attacking America and spewing leftist propaganda.

    Call me a cynic but those places have been sh@t holes forever and will stay that way long after we are dead.

    How about this guy go to Detroit and teach those kids how to read? Oh yeah I forgot, that’s a liberal sh^t hole too…..

    • Sam, that was my first thought, too. I posted it as a lesson for other stupid liberals who think they will be loved in the muslim world just because they hate America.

      • You are both so cold hearted and ignorant. Joel was not a liberal. He was filled with love and compassion. Not all people in Yemen are terrorists and Joel was loved and respected by the people in Taiz. Your insensitive comments are hurtful to those who loved Joel. He loved the United States, but he also loved people of all nations.

        • Jess, Joel was Jewish, right? A self-hating liberal Jew is the only kind who would go teach in a country that hates his guts.

        • Joel was my younger brother. He was not a liberal (he was republican), and was not Jewish. It surprises me that you would post this video when in it, Joel’s Yemeni friends and students are protesting in support of him. This outpouring of love in support of an American is unprecedented. I agree that Islam is a religion of death, but not all muslims are like Al Qaeda, and many are loving, kind people. One of Joel’s Yemeni friends named his son after Joel. You dishonor my brother by your words. Joel was making an impact…that is why he was targeted. Why do you have such hatred? I see posts on hear about Christianity? Do you claim to be a Christian? If so, your comments are contradictory to Christ’s teachings.

        • Jess, he goes to a muslim country, he gets killed. So what else is new? He’s not the first bleeding heart that has gotten killed over there. What’s the matter? Couldn’t he find any children in need of English lessons in a non-Muslim country? How about all the countries in Africa and the Middle East where Christians are being killed and persecuted by Muslims every day? He could have gone to Sudan or Nigeria, but no, he picks a country where al-Qaeda is all over the place. Your brother made a bad choice. He may have been making an impact, but now he’s dead. No more impact.

          He joins Daniel Pearl in lethal stupidity.

          No, I am not a Christian.

  11. I was holding my breath waiting for the waves upon waves of moderate muslim outrage protesting the killing of this man…….after my 14th shade of blue and loss of bowel and bladder control…..I gave up… all I have is a sneaking suspicion that there are no “good muslims”……oh yeah….and a soiled carpet to contend with….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  12. Another chink in the armor, for there are those who will apostatize, seeing the islam idiology ( idiotic ideology ) for what it is,,, satan is losing, and he knows it,,, and is fighting like a cornered dragon~! And the more he fights, the faster he will lose~!
    Note that even the baghead was on Mr Shrum’s side~!
    Little by little,,, step by step~!

  13. Yeah, hussein, where’s the 50,000 for the death of this person, seeing your giving out 50 grand of taxpayer money per afghan killed by a US soldier, and why youre at it, how about 50 grand per death for the 13 killed by the fort hood muslim?

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