Are San Diego police investigating the Muslim husband in his wife’s homicide?

That's right, the Left can't wait to tie this case which has not even been investigated to "racism"

Police Sunday sealed the medical examiner’s report about the death of an Iraqi woman, Shaima Alawadi, who was brutally beaten in her El Cajon home. FOX Reporter she was well-liked and had a lot of connections in San Diego (Odd, considering the family had only moved there from Michigan a few weeks before)

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   The head of the San Diego Chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations (HAMAS-linked CAIR), Hanif Mohebi, said Sunday that his community really wants to find “whomever it is that has committed this outrageous act.”

Her 17-year-old daughter had found Alawadi unconscious about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday in the dining room of their home in the 500 block of Skyview Street. The girl, Fatima Alhimidi, told KUSI-TV her mother had been beaten with a tire iron, and a note left in the home said, in part, “go back to your country, you terrorist.”

Family friend Sura Alzaidy told U-T San Diego that Alawadi wore a traditional Muslim hijab or headscarf. Alzaidy said the family had lived in the home only a few weeks, having moved to San Diego County after living in Michigan. 

Police declined to disclose the contents of the note. It was unclear if any suspect had been identified or if any physical evidence was recovered other than the note. A spokesman for the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office said the case had been “sealed” at the request of investigators. Police said a similar threatening note was found earlier this month, but the family did not report it to the authorities.

The “One Million Hijabs For Shaima Alawadi” Facebook page was created to “spread love and light and show the family of Shaima that … they are loved and their pain is our pain, their mother is our mother, their wife is our wife. She could be your sister, your friend, your neighbor. Only words of love will honor her life and make her death have a higher meaning.”


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  1. All those Moslems are nothen but lien child rapers,the father was 30yrs old when he married the mother who was 12yrs old.The father killed the mother then he blamed it on the whiteman and of course called it RACIST.All those Moslems are liers and can’t be trusted they want to kill all Americans we need to send them all back to Hell were they came from.

  2. I been seeing this on tv a lot. But feel this is a cover up. This seem to be another honor killing. Its funny when things happen they call C.A.I.R THEN 911 but they never did it on the first note.

    Leads me to believe its the 2nd note. Now they are covering up the mess in FLA. The Black Panthers are calling themselves the people army and telling Obama to do his job.

    Well hard to do since he hasn’t done his job since taking office. But he did dropped dropped the charges against the black panthers for voter intimidation.

    And when asked what they told him he said not to go to that precint till 2012 but he can go to any other. But in 2012 there won’t be any need. Why they don’t want Obama in.

    They met Obama with Louis Farrakhan with Rev. Wright on the million man march. But police should beware this is the beginning here.

    Obama reportedly gave weapons to the drug cartel and they went over the border to Mexico lie. Why would they bring weapons to Mexico when they brought them here with dirty bombs to Texas. Plus Arabs were involved with dirty bomb.

    Obama sends weapons out of the country all the time. But the leader of the Black Panthers is names Mohamed. Congress has done nothing to stop Obama they said he should be charged with impeachment but nothing.

    Truth Obama can’t win only stupid people backing him up now. Thats not eought to win. So he will stop the arm forces and police from doing anything while the panthers set up in FLA.

    They say 10,000 soldiers are in Fla. now. Thats a start. Soon across the country the summer is coming so is a civil war .

  3. How about this? The father and daughter colluded. The father left the house “to take the kids to school” in so doing establishing his alibi and the daughter did it. The reason? who knows? Maybe the father is sleeping with the daughter.

  4. With the Martin/Zimmerman nationally televised lynch mob now in it’s what, fourth day, should we be surprised if someone decided it was, publicity-wise, an auspicious time to whack an inconvenient baghead and try to get some media mileage out of it. Sorry to be so cynical, but these people have proven time and again that they are capable of doing such a thing, and of being proud of fooling the kuffar.

    In one story I saw mention of a man seen running through some local backyards that morning. The husband may have been taking the kids to school but in an “extended” raghead family there are plenty of righteous males qualified to do the deed.

    Just hope the police won’t try to sweep this one under the rug as happened with that “missing” muslima in I think it was Michigan a few months back. Honor killings are such bad publicity and might encourage “islamophobia”, ya know.

  5. My thoughts based on the way muslims think and act. The husband is missing and gone because he ‘honour’ murdered his wife. The 17 year old is backing up her father because she was home when it happened.


    Great, 5 more brainwashed American / Infidel hating MUSLIMS to attack us from within…

    How is America suppose to defend itself against ISLAM when our President allows the ENEMY to give birth to JIHAD soldiers on our own damn soil!? Mosques and Madrases are SOLDIER FACTORIES. Guess where I heard that? Watching an IMAM in the middle east give a speech. Right out of the HORSES MOUTH!

    Our enemy tells the whole world what they are going to do to us on YOUTUBE and our president is APOLOGIZING TO THEM! Boy that should really make us all feel real safe! Now the idiot is telling Russia how much more weaker he will make the United States WHEN he gets re-elected..


  7. They aren’t mentioning the husband, as I am sure he is the prime suspect. I would put my house on the fact that he did it, and will soon be arrested!

  8. “Racist Note” – yair, riiight!
    Did this “note” mention about the woman being Iraqi?
    Again the MSM get their collective knickers in a knot & assume anything against moslems is “racist”. I don’t have enough four-letter expletives to describe their brain-dead stupidity!
    The woman was 32 & her daughter is 17, that means she had to have been at the OLDEST 14 when she was married.
    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the AGE of the father? In fact why isn’t there ANY mention of him at all?
    I wonder if the note was written by the daughter?
    And of course as mentioned if this family had only been in San Diego a few weeks (why move from Dearbornistan?) how the hell could she have time to have made many “connections” & be “well-liked”?
    I’ll bet the cops have a fair idea but are being Politically correct so as not to be labelled ‘racist’.
    You’d have thought the daughter would have been too grief-stricken for an interview after “discovering” her mothers’ body!?
    How does she know the mother was beaten to death with a tire iron? Most perpetrators take their weapon with them – fingerprints anyone?
    “Though dost protesteth too much!”
    I wonder if this daughter was promised in marriage to a much older man & the mother objected – knowing what she herself went through?
    What links/ties does the father have with mosques in Michigan & San Diego?
    Another dis-‘honour’ killing disguised as a ‘racist’ murder.

  9. CYA. This is the story of the police. Agenda 21 is hard to keep buried when it is apparent that the mohommedist are wantonly killing their wife’s and daughters.
    So much for stealth!

  10. First of all this is very bad. If any Christian had done too bad but suspect Muslims are allowed to speak lie for life or for Islam and it is not sin. P

    • sunny, muslims are not required to tell the truth to kuffar. In fact, they are discouraged from it. That’s one of the reasons we don’t trust any of you.

    • No, there was no evidence of forced entry. In fact, the evidence establishes that the window was broken from the INSIDE of Alawadi’s rented home. If the killer was an “outsider,” why would he do that? No reason. But if the killer was another Muslim who was trying to make it look like a break-in, he might have done that. (Remember, Muslims aren’t particularly smart criminals, so they wouldn’t think to go outside and break-in the window to make it look like an authentic break-in.)

  11. I’m pretty jaded when it comes to muzzies…how do they it wasn’t the husband or son? Or whatever male relative that lived there or nearby? They do that shit and blame it on the “infidels.” Of course, if the cops prove it to be a male relative…the muzzie will scream RACIST anyway. The PC in the “land of Obama” is getting worse by the day.

  12. I hear no mention of a husband?? Where is he in all this? well I’m going with honor killing on this since nothing is making sense!!
    and now for the cover up, which they’re so good at! Where is the husband and the other children? What are their ages? very sad indeed.

    • Shaz, 2 things have me puzzled. They say the father “might have been taking the younger children to school when she was killed.” But apparently the 17 year old daughter doesn’t go to school or was ill because she says she found her mother beaten up on the dining room floor at 11:15AM. Funny, if she was home all that time, it is strange that she would not have heard a thing. Also, the police are not reporting any forced entry and nothing was stolen from the home or woman.

      No one reported the first “anti-Muslim hate note” they claim to have received a week or so ago to police, if there actually was one.

      Just a layman’s guess, but I think the police are being mum on this case because they are investigating the husband as a main suspect.

      • exactly, nothing making sense any way you look at it. They could very well be “investigating” him. As we know, he should be the main suspect!
        But of course in the meantime, we’re hearing the screams of “hate crime!” to draw attention away from most likely, the king of the house!

  13. No doubt her family members will come forward to the police department and give evidence for the now deceased woman so brutally killed. Or perhaps Islam in the States is more advanced than we all thought.

  14. Check the note for fingerprints. Then take the husband’s fingerprints. Compare the handwritings, too.
    It’s rare for Muslims to be killed during cases of harassment. However, it’s not uncommon for Jews to be killed by Muslims.
    FBI stats since 9/11: Persecution of Muslims up 15%; persecution of Jews up 65%.

  15. Another problem with muslimes is that they will murder their own kind just for the publicity in calling it a hate crime against muslimes.
    To substantiate that statement one can look no farther than our current muslime in chief
    Bet a factual investigation proves the pseudo-male wanted to be rid of her.

    • Does ANYONE else find it odd that the CAIR bears are very quick to arrive on the scene but the husband is NOWHERE in sight?!

      • Maybe the husband called CAIR before the police? He must have read that new book on how to beat your wife and it got out of hand! He is probably on his way back to his hell hole of a country.

    • He took the body back to Iraq to be buried; and no autopsy?!?!?

      How convenient.

      But a hate crime is front and center to stir things up before all the evidence comes in…sounds familiar to another case.

      • Gladiator, no, there was an autopsy, but the Medical Examiner sealed the file according to one news report. Any idea why they would do that?

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