EMPLOYERS BEWARE: This is how Muslims deceive you prior to suing you

Muslim woman applies for job at McDonald’s wearing no headbag (hijab). She arrives at work the first day wearing a headbag which is prohibited. Soon she will have the litigation jihadists from CAIR filing a lawsuit against McDonalds on her behalf.

All employers should specify a dress code on their job applications that says the wearing of any headgear, other than provided by employer, is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

There is precedent for this: Dearbornistan, MI – Toi Whitfield, and Quiana Pugh said they applied for jobs at the McDonald’s but were told by the store manager, “You’re not going to work here if you don’t remove the headbag,” known as a hijab.

CAIR The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) today filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against a McDonald’s restaurant in that state on behalf of a Muslim who alleges denial of employment based on her ethnicity and religion.

The Muslim job applicant reported to CAIR-MI that she recently applied for employment at a McDonald’s restaurant in Rochester Hills, Mich. During the interview, she alleges that one of the restaurant managers told her that wearing an Islamic headbag, or hijab, would be a problem. The applicant contacted the manager within a week after the interview to inquire about possible employment and was informed that someone else was selected for the position. 

“We urge McDonald’s to take immediate action to bring its hiring policies into compliance with long-established legal guidelines on reasonable religious accommodation in the workplace,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid.

He noted that in 2008, CAIR-MI raised concerns with threatened McDonald’s regarding two similar incidents in which Muslim women alleged being denied employment because of hijab. Walid said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires employers to reasonably accommodate the religious practices of an employee, unless doing so would create an “undue hardship” for the employer. (How about the hardship of losing customers because they don’t want to be waited on by people who look like terrorists?)

CAIR has the cojones to pass out  a booklet called “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices” to help corporate managers gain a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.New Religious Discrimination Manual Released



















80 comments on “EMPLOYERS BEWARE: This is how Muslims deceive you prior to suing you

  1. The Council on American Islamic Relations promulgated a guideline to all employers telling them how they are supposed to kiss Moslem employees’ backsides. I have dissected this, and countered every paragraph of CAIR lies. It’s titled ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE, and it is available at amazon. Employers are using this with great success, and the Moslems hate it.

  2. If this Moslem twat didn’t need her headbag to apply for the job, then she doesn’t need the headbag to do the job. Typical lying Moslem filth.

  3. My Goodness…… is this what America has come to? Such hatred! People Listen to Yourself’s!!
    I am a Muslim and I am American. I was born and raised in America but my background is Arabic.. Does that mean I am a terrorist? English is my first language, and I do wear a hijab, am I a terrorist? People Do Not Judge People! Do Not Discriminate! Leave that to God.

    • Mona, no, it doesn’t mean you are terrorist, but your holy books (which many of us have read) support violence and terrorism against ALL non-believers who refuse to convert. Therefore, indirectly, you support terrorism. Do you also support sharia law?

      We judge muslims by their deeds which is why there is so much hatred for them.

      • I hope you’re hearing how ignorant these comments sound, especially when I doubt you have EVER read any Islamic Holy Books. How dare you discriminate against all Muslims based on the actions of the tiniest proportion of the population! I, for one, am not Muslim nor do I have an Arabic background but I can tell you how inconsiderate you’re sounding, and how appalling these comments are to me that you’ve posted!

        • M, how wrong you are. Many people here have read the quran, the abrogated version, not the sanitized for infidels version. The more people who read it, the more people who hate Islam.

          I am glad you are appalled. How about looking at some of the 9/11 stories posted today if you want to really be appalled.

        • All muslims are terrorist!! The Muslims supports the mosque and all mosques support terrorism!!

          Let me ask you this ….
          Do you condemn Hamas or any group like them?
          Do you agree that your “holy book” tell you to kill everyone u less they convert?
          Why are there no Christian churches in Mecca?

          I read your evil islamic book in Afghanistan and know exactly what it says!! The only “peace” the quran teaches, comes when Islam is the only religion (HATE GROUP) in the world!

          quran 4:39
          “Those who reject Islam must be killed.”

          quran 8:39
          “Wage war on non muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is islam.”

          Your hate group is out of date and will be eradicated from the world. Once your religious status is eradicated, then the real ENEMY OF AMERICA HUNTING can begin!

      • I cant believe how stupid you are! You must read your bible first to find out what violence and intolerance is. Just in reading you, I can assure that you havent read the Coran nor either the bible.

        • Typical mohammadan stupidity and logical fallacy: If one dislikes islam they must be a Christian or a Jew and the standard tuquoque which the most intellectually weak of all fallacies.

          Why would BNI read the Bible or why should she care what’s in it? She is neither a Christian nor are their a multitude of Christians demanding special treatment on the job costing employers time and money.

          What does the violence in the Bible have to do with the violence in mein kuranmpf, the violent behavior of mo the putrid whom all mohammadans strive to emulate or the violent meted out by mohammadans *daily* to their fellow mohammadans and the “najis kaffir?” Nothing. Just as the violence in Grand Theft Auto does not excuse or exhonerate the inherent violence of islam and its practitioners. Pointing out the violence of other dogmas in no way makes the violence and intolerance of islam go away. That is an egregiously weak and childish logical fallacy. It makes those speaking it look like intellectually retarded fools without a single original thought in their heads.

          “In reading you” I can infer that you are nothing but a barely literate or cognizant mohammadan who cares not one wit about the damage caused by its fellow mohammadans. *YOU* are the reason mohammadans are the single most hated group of people on the planet. Your egregious lies, personal attacks, logical illiteracy, and foolish attempts to deflect any profound investigations into the bronze age cult you choose to belong to are the reason islam and mohammadans are hated. The well deserved hatred that is leveled at all of you has *nothing* to do with the “media” or “ignorance” or the “tiny minority of extremists.”

          It has everything to do with hateful “moderate” mohammadans like you who tell any lie, attack any messenger and execute all manner of logical fallacies in your *racist and supremacist* motivated attempts to prevent the truth about you and your supremacist bronze age arab-tribalism cult.

          However, having your heads planted firmly up your own supremacist backsides, not one of you fictional moderates will ever become aware of or admit that you are the reason islam is despised. Instead you will continue to attack those who don’t share in your fealty to bronze age arab-tribalism as eagerly as does your alleged “tiny minority of extremists” with dull blades and grenades.

    • Yes, Mona, you are a terrorist.

      Rather than screeching at the racists among your precious ummah you are here screeching at us who expose the racists in your ummah.

      Just as secretaries who worked for the Nazi regime at the death camps were guilty without actually killing anyone, so too are you for believing in a racist, violent ideology and screeching at the victims of the ideology rather than changing, leaving, or screeching at the more openly racist and violent members of your shared ideology.

    • There is no god lol. Religion and racial backgrounds are two separate things. Its perfectly okay to question, mock or denounce any and all theoretical belief systems. Religion exists only in your head my dear Mona

  4. You guys are really stupid. If the girl was good enough to be hired without the scarf, she’s good enough to be retained. Anything else is pure discrimination. I think you all like to hear yourselves talk. You know most Muslims don’t want to kill anybody, you’ve just taken this opportunity to spread the spirit of hatred for no reason.

  5. Oh FFS! Both my sons’ are store Managers at McDonalds, here in Australia, The uniform is short sleeves, for safety in case of material hanging in the hot fat, or getting caught in machinery etc…how the heck can they work, in a fast,safe manner, with a head bag on, risking it going into the hot oil for the fries, getting jammed in equipement, the scarf would be inhibiting their hands if it is a full one, and here, the workers wear head phones on their heads to take Drive Thru orders…how can they hear the orders properly…….I would personally not buy my food from one if they served me….this girl is nothing but a trouble maker with an alterior motive…

    • I am a manager at McDonald’s in the U.S. and I am a Muslim woman. I wear a hijab and I cover my arms. My arm covers are not loose and my hijab stays tucked. I am an American convert and not a threat to anyone. My boss respects me and I hardly have problems with anyone. Also, I will serve any paying person a bacon burger if asked to. It’s not like I’m eating it. Your ignorance is sad. I pray that one day you realize that most Muslims are peaceful and loving people.

      • @ MUSLIM-MAMA

        1. Why in every Middle Eastern country are there different rules for wearing that hideous costume you call a hijab? Why are you wearing it in America? Why can’t you people respect the country you are given a free ticket into. Westerners have to respect your filthy country and its backward traditions.

        2. You all read the same Koran .. You’re all told that marriage to 6 year old girls is acceptable. Do you believe that? And marriage with first and second cousins is acceptable? It’s breaking the law in the CIVILISED WESTERN WORLD! ONLY MUSLIMS DO THAT!

        3. Many Muslim women/ girls are forced to have FGM carried out. thats as barbaric as halal! Surely you sickos get that?

        4. Do you believe Muslims are better than infidels?

        5. Why do you people have to torture an animal for it to be consumed? (You really are sick people)! I pray to God you come back a cow in your next life. Karma is a bitch, and trust me, your pain you Muslims inflict on animals will come back to you.

        I have a hundred questions, but I’m testing the waters with you Muslim-Muma. You are told to lie to infidels, so let’s see if you choose to be a good Muslim and lie with your responses. I can’t wait to hear them!

        Religion of Peace?!?!? I call your religion a death cult and I pray that you see the light and get the hell out whilst you can. I will not ride with you, or any Muslim. But I pray that your death cult is destroyed. Take that to CAIR and send the pricks my love.. !

        BCF xxoo

  6. That disrespectful convert cow has got to be kidding!!

    She sure didn’t care to explain why she didn’t wear it the first time round at her initial interview: because she knew full well she wouldn’t have gotten the job, and rightly so. Can you smell the stink of skillful deceit here, in her waiting to be hired to then in full defiance wear the rag, in the ‘up your face’ they’re so skilled at?

    So when she turned up ragged -which she to her is ‘jazzy but in good taste’ (NOT!), she’s surprised she got funny looks/stares? Good! The quicker more people refuse service from the bagged and ragged, the better and healthier for us.

  7. How can any honest American, lawyer or not, represent these sand crusted towel head bastards?! They are traitors to their own country!

  8. as an employer myself, and an American, should it not be my right to 1, hire at my discretion? (race, hair style, tattoos,ability to speak the English language well) 2, i should be able to fire you for any damn reason i want! Period! if i am writing the check i make the decisions on who i choose to pay and if i want them to work for me. So, screw you baghead and all you other scummy moozlums!

  9. They MUST wear their required hijab. So how were they able to be in public without it for the job interview? How about this?: “Wear the uniform or get the fuck out. Better yet, just get the fuck out.”

  10. If they want a job where they can wear that rag, then they can go to one of the turd world shitholes where they are forced to wear it…

  11. Mozzie slave girls love being enslaved! And proud of it!

    The Islamic scarf says “I don’t have any choice…my OWNER makes all my decisions.”

    Mozzie slave girls ALL have STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.

  12. As Punch says.. ‘that’s the way to do it’, and geez.. do muslims know it. Here (in England) back in 2006 there was HUGE controversy over a teacher who refused to remove her veil in front of school children. At her interview for the job (at Headfield Church of England Junior School, where she actually attended herself as a child!) she DIDN’T wear the veil, it was only when she got the job she decided to wear it.

    When the children complained because they couldn’t see her face and some were actually FRIGHTENED! She was sacked for refusing to remove her veil.

    She launched an appeal against the school for discrimination, and lost, costing her and the husband/family a fortune in legal costs! What an excellent ending to that piss taking attempt.

    Here’s the article, I’m surprised the BBC went full flow on it:


    • But look at the approving tone of the BBC:

      “She is small in stature, but big on principle.”

      “Under that veil is a mind clearly focused on proving her point – and getting her job back.”

        • At least, Al-Jazeera staff – if I recall correctly – DID work for the BBC and gained much of their experience while trolling for that monster-organization!!!!

          How has the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland FALLEN!!!! The Muslims dwelling and multiplying there are but a symptom thereof…

  13. Powerslave had some excellent ideas that need to be a part of every job application to protect the business and their owners. Above all to avoid law suits do not hire muslims. If you do, expect to have special demands such as paid prayer times, wearing bizzare head bags, not handling pork and so on. If you hire a muslim do not expect any sympathy because the warnings are all out there.

    • well perhaps sooner than you think; IF the moooolim in the WH (god help us) gets re-elected. I think all hell is going to break loose! He is a dangerous evil man! I shudder to think about it – he’s going to finish his mission of destroying our country and everything we stand for!

  14. My goodness she sounded as thick as molasses didn’t she! I think the best advice has been given here (do not employ them), applications for jobs here in Australia ask (legally) if someone is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, this is part of the governments tracking of indigenous employment participation etc…all fuzzy feelgood stuff because they get special treatment based on this ethnicity. I don’t begrudge them a job but not based on that criteria. However the point I make is applications for jobs can have questions on them asking for background information, and a special comments section asking if there is any special access needs, cultural or religious matters they believe could be accommodated at the potential workplace. However in reality you could then use that to sort out applicants for interview, and others to discard (when they state Muslim/Head-bag wearer/praying or non pork/alcohol handling etc…) if they don’t complete any of those fields or add any indication they have those “needs” at any stage, then if they do have an interview and are offered a job and subsequent to that demand prayer time, exemption from handling pork or alcohol, wearing of head-bags and the like you can refer them to the application, the lack of disclosure, as well as the contract of employment when signed that details standard working conditions. You would then be protected fully from the nuisance of CAIR and other retard institutions banging on your door with law suites. If they did pursue it, you would win and be awarded costs.

  15. The issue is always the uniform. I had contracts that spelled out the uniform my employees were to wear with no exception.
    No legal problem because the contract was signed and sealed before work started.
    Plus I provided the uniform. so any adjustments were out of line regardless of the religious value.
    Employers wake up.

  16. I have leverage here. I would not allow a muslim woman wearing a hijab serve me. If I know a muslim is working in the kitchen, I will never give him the opportunity to spit in this kaffir’s food.

  17. You don’t have to give a reason for not hiring someone. Just say he or she is not suitable. The creepy jihab is disturbing and offensive to most people: a bloody good reason for not hiring a wearer of one.

    • Les, problem is, as the pig in this video proves, they have figured out how to get around it. They apply for the job headbagless, get hired, then wear it when they show up for work. With black Muslims, you can’t always tell by the name if they are or they aren’t.

      • Well then, tighten up on the other hoops (identification, references, dress code, etc.). Check ALL documents against forgeries (contact passport offices, licensing offices, schools – and insist on academic records!!), ALL references (it’s NOT enough that a reference says “yes, this man worked here from then to whatever” – he/she MUST also give a complete report on any problems with that employee including dress code violations, etc.). Make sure there be NO time for praying or anything other than work!!!

        Finally, make all applicants really toil in an interview – the onus has to be on THEM (whoever it be) to prove themselves, NOT the employers!!!

        • ADHD, it’s probably a good idea that potential employers are asking for applicants passwords to their Facebook pages. Now I see a good reason for it.

        • Yes AND No: eventually we’ll lose ALL our privacy if things continue like this!!! I shudder to think when we reach the ultimate result of such a thing: having to wear computer microchips in our right hands or foreheads – which will truly be THE Mark of the Beast!!!!

  18. This retard would take a week to watch 60 minutes.
    If she had to think to breath. She would suffocate

  19. “Just wants fairness for all” MY A$$ !
    And a slanted, sympathetic sounding report from (where else) Dearborn, islamistan.
    This is another ploy by the terrorist supporters at cair to parade their supposed victimization.
    I wouldn’t feed my dog a hamburg if I had to buy it from a headbag woman. The nits probably love the sweat and grime.

  20. Islam and muslims are “in-your-face religion and people”. There is no justice for freedom and liberty, two God given rights. Nor are they tolerant or show dignity to other faiths and especially not to women. We are the frog in the slowly boiling pot. Awake America.

  21. muslimes are an anathema on the face of the earth openly displaying their perversion.
    Should I ever enter a place of business employing such wicked, inhumane people, I will know the company is lacking in morality and can not be trusted to conduct business in an ethical manner.
    Were I to enter any business and see any raghead I would immediately flee for my life.
    They are all murderers, just waiting for an opportunity to kill.

  22. Oh boo f—ing hoo!! I feel sooooo sorry for the stupid baghead bitch!! Well, good for you finding a “better job” bitch! NOW STFU to you AND the Asslifters representing you in your unwarranted lawsuit against McDonald’s; the owner of THAT McDonald’s should be able to hire and fire whomever he/she chooses without consulting ANYONE, especially the local chapter of CAIR (COUNCIL of ASSLIFTER INTIMIDATION RELATIONS).

  23. JUST don’t HIRE them! Save yourself the grief of their whining; no matter what, they will Find the reason to whine and SUE you! be it they want prayer time, they want their headbags – even KNOWING full well you’re not supposed to wear the garbage bags – Those are the companies policies and everybody abides & if you don’t want to abide, you’re not hired! Sue them for breaking the companies policies after the fact! Turn it around ON THEM. Has anyone ever done that? Quit Kowing to these heathens!

    • I’m sorry, “religous” accomodations??? Are you freaking kidding me! Oh that means prayer time for these heathens? Your either work or you pray? Which is it? Can’t bang your head and work at the same time!
      They use ALLLL this as an excuse to SUE! Hell they probably get paid to go around to companies to hire them, so they can then turn around and SUE!


      • Shaz, I wonder what happens when they have to handle bacon and sausage Egg McMuffins? Do they ask to be excused from duty because they hate pork?

        • John, that’s true, but I have posted stories about muslim checkout clerks in food stores who refuse to touch a package of pork or bologna, claiming it’s against their religion.

        • Yeah, I know – but it shows you how dumb most muslims are – they haven’t got a clue what their own, so-called religious doctrine itself says. They’re YOUR own words, you islamic jackasses, not mine!

        • LOL…right! actually they’re probably all closet eaters of Pork! Since they live by Taqiyya. Who the hell knows anymore with these heathens!
          I Detest them ALL!

        • i would make it a point to have /order something with pork on it and if they took my order they will give it to me

    • Shaz, but sometimes you can’t tell if they are muslims or not. That’s the reason for dress code regulations to be presented up front.

      • Can’t you tell by their looks, language skills or names if they have a high probability of being Muslims? Only converts then need to be eliminated by other means (dress codes, etc.).

        Just don’t hire anybody whose name includes Mohammed, Aisha, Bashar, Hafiz, ‘Ali, Mahmud, etc. THAT ought to cut at least 80% of such applicants immediately out of the picture!!

        • Another recommendation or two: make them produce formal identification documents (driver’s licenses, birth certificates, preferably also passports, etc.) – and check every single reference!!! If ANYTHING doesn’t check out completely, DON’T HIRE such, period!!!!

          Also, make sure that they give COMPLETE NAMES – no initials should be accepted. ANY false information should be made immediate grounds for firing without any compensation whatsoever!!!!

    • Shaz, you are an american idiot, who does not even have rights to america. Hello you took it from some people who were already there. So stop whining, you are the biggest heathen. You should find out about something before stating your stupid bigoted opinions. America does not belong to you, get out and give it back. Excuse me where are all the native real American people, Oh they are all killed and you turned them into alcoholics and some them reservation camps, Oh them pilgrim fathers have done it. Keep celebrating your heathen Thanks Giving for killing human life, So SAD.

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