UK Dhimmis sympathize with Saudi women who were criticized for wearing black garbage bags over their faces

The married Saudi women from Bowthorpe, who are learning English at the Flying Classrooms language school in Tombland, said they are now too scared to walk in the city. (Hey I hear there are flights back to Saudi Arabia every day!)

Norwich Evening News  The school’s director of studies Roni Snell said she was “appalled” at the incident which happened close to Debenham’s in the city centre last month.

She said: “I’m appalled and embarrassed. (Oh, stuff it, bitch) We have a lot of Saudi people come to study with us. The government funds their study, and a lot of students live with our 250 host families. It’s terrible for a minority of people to abuse these ladies.  “Norwich’s economy benefits greatly from having these students here and we should treat them as guests.” (All you care about is the filthy oil money you get from these terrorist enablers)

One of the women, Ameera Al Busafar, 28, said: “We went together to lunch. There was an old man, just before we got to Debenham’s. He pointed a finger at my face and asked me why I was wearing my veil. He said, ‘You are in England now, take it off’.” (He’s right. If he were in Saudi Arabia, he would not be allowed to visit Mecca and his wife would have to dress in burqas)

You don't belong in civilized countries, your black death shrouds scare people

Amal Albuliaihi, 26, who has two children aged four and one, said another woman had also shouted the word ‘Bomb’ at her. (Never know what’s under those garbage bags) She added: “Most people in Norwich are very lovely, but some have a bad idea about us.(No, they know exactly what you represent which is why they don’t want you in their country)

“I’m afraid and scared. I think England is the fairest country, but I cannot feel freedom when you meet people like that.” (Then go home where you can enjoy all those freedoms you don’t have here. Drive much?)

Saudi women who whine too much get their heads cut off

Her friend Ameera added: “I would like people to respect me and my religion and culture, because I’m a person and I have rights.  (No, you are not a person, you are a sub-human, inbred plague on humanity. You only have rights when you earn them by respecting your host country) We are here to learn and study, and are not here to say bad words or do bad behaviour. 

So much for feigned ‘modesty.’ Here we have Saudi Women, oppressed by husbands, who turn to stripping in Internet Chat Rooms in search of kind words.

Behind closed doors and far from any supervising eyes, they remove their shame and turn their backs on all customs and traditions. Girls display their bodies in chat rooms on the Internet, in most cases, free of charge. As soon as one of these girls places the camera in front of her, she begins to strip, displaying her seductive charms to more than 300 young men of different ages.