GERMANY: Muslim colonizers are re-naming their NO-GO zones

Turkish Muslims who have infiltrated many areas of Germany, turning them into ‘NO-GO’ zones for non-Muslims, now are changing the  town names to Turkish ones….. apparently to ensure that no filthy kuffar (infidels) accidentally wander into their Islamic ghettos.

Islam vs Europe  Turkish Muslims who have colonized the German city of Mannheim have decided to rename a part of the city that is mostly Muslim now. High rates of crime and intimidation tactics perpetrated by these Muslims, have forced most of the German residents to flee.

Turkish associations and others recently met in the town hall to discuss the new name. Peter Kurz, the burgomeister, proposed the name “Little Istanbul”. Other suggestions included “Beyoglu” and “Kücük Istanbul”. The plan is to narrow the list of proposed names down to three then put the matter to the vote in a referendum.