Hamas-linked CAIR keeps playing up the ‘Islamophobia’ card in the mysterious murder of an Iraqi mother of five in San Diego

Notice how there is no mention whatsoever of the husband. We don’t know his name or his whereabouts even though he has to be a prime suspect.

Policeman reads a statement saying they aren’t ruling out the possibility of a hate crime, but if you look at his body language (starting at 0:18), it’s clear he isn’t comfortable saying this. CAIR spokesIslamist, Hanif Mohebi, mentions “a history of ‘Islamophobia’ in the area. Neighbor says she was surprised to hear there was a break-in considering that the broken glass was outside the door on the cement, indicating the window had been shattered from the inside out, not the outside in. The family had only been in San Diego for a few weeks, so it’s hard to believe they would have created enemies when nobody even knew them.

And here we have Saudi-funded FOX NEWS pushing the CAIR agenda with a continuous caption that says Shaima Alawadi’s ‘Death may have been hate crime.’





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  1. muslims have no right to play the calling for all liberal leftists to sympathise with us Xenophobia card. I quote:

    Xenophobia can also be exhibited in the form of an “uncritical exaltation of another culture” in which a culture is ascribed “an unreal, stereotyped and exotic quality”.“”

    muslims themselves constantly portray their form of Xenophobia towards unbelievers/kuffars/infidels on a daily basis. I doubt a list of Xenophobic crimes committed by muslims could ever be compiled, it would take the researcher/author an entire lifetime to list.

  2. A few facts I have been able to glean. She arrived in the US in 1993 the age 13. She was impregnated in 1994 at the age of 14. The medea seems to be coy about about the name of the “husband” but his surname is Al Himidi. Her surname seems to be her birth surname, perhaps because her father is a high ranking Shiite shaman. The minimum age for marraige in Dearbornistan is 16 with parental consent. Statuatory rape is the issue no one seems to see. I have just read your latest posting, which gives the name of the “husband” and other information. Still wonder why they got a free pass on way underage marraige from INS. More information from Zaba search and Intellus. His age is 47, so he was doing this girl aged 14 when he was 29. Perv.

    • So Shes a year older than me. And if I had a 17 year old that makes me 13 years older than my daughter right??? So I suppose she convieced her at 14 but umm had her maybe at 15 with some old guy.

  3. A few facts I have been able to glean. She arrived in the US in 1993 the age 13. She was impregnated in 1994 at the age of 14. The medea seems to be coy about about the name of the “husband” but his surname is Al Himidi. Her surname seems to be her birth surname, perhaps because her father is a high ranking Shiite shaman. The minimum age for marraige in Dearbornistan is 16 with parental consent. Statuatory rape is the issue no one seems to see.

  4. AND… the window was broken outward, not inward.
    The “story” the family is giving sounds like something a naive 8 year old would make up.
    I can’t wait for the source of the “hate crime’ to be revealed.

  5. Yes, hate crime. CAIR hates the fact that the most likely suspect is the husband, and the most likely motive is an honor killing.

  6. Watch cair scatter like cockroaches when it turns out that it was an honour killing – unless of course the police don’t cover it up.

    • eugenia, so they came to Michigan in 1993 and the father had to have his statement translated into English?
      Give me a break. Supposedly they both worked for the US government at some point, training US troops about Muslim culture or some such nonsense.

      It the family came to Detroit in 1993, that would make the wife 13 years old then. Was she married
      to him at 13? She had a daughter at age 15 so it’s possible.

  7. “Howya gonna keep ’em down of the farm after they’ve seen Paree.”

    Muzzie men bring the chattel women here. The muslimas start seeing the malls, the nice cars, no camel dung on the streets, the washing machines, and so forth.

    Then the complaints start coming,
    Why can’t I go to the mall?
    The weather’s nice. This thing makes me too uncomfortable; I’m taking it off.
    My friends don’t have to wear that.
    Yes, I like him; we’re going steady.
    Can I go to the prom,
    Get me that new model mixer for the humus.

    Muzzie husband starts getting hot under the collar. The pressure cooker known as his head starts to explode. Takes it out on wife or daughters. More and more Americans are watching muzzie behavior. Greater pressure.

  8. Remarkable. I just watched a video interview with the daughter who was home during the killing and the oldest son. The daughter heard and saw nothing. Both were completely dry-eyed including the daughter who kept wiping away non-existent tears. I found the behavior bizarre.

    • Eugenia, if the father did it, it’s likely the daughter is covering for him. I find it impossible to believe that a stranger could come into the house, beat the mother over the head which must have made her scream, and the daughter didn’t hear a thing? It’s not a big house and looks to be a ranch. I’d like to know what the time of death was as the daughter claims to have found her at 11:15AM.

      • There’s always the possibility the daughter did it. At 17 I’m surprised she isn’t already in an arranged marriage with her 1st cousin who is also her nephew and 1/2 brother all rolled into one. Her finger pointing diatribe and p*ss poor acting deserves a major Razzie Award.
        Considering mama had her first kid 15 and was possibly married at 14, a 17 year old daughter is ‘over the hill’and no doubt a financial burden on the family.

  9. We know the husband or another family did it as an honor killing, but why pass up an opportunity to blame it on Islamaphobia? No different from Muslims damaging their own mosques to seek sympathy.

  10. Odd about the unnamed husband. The family claims to have received a prior ‘hate’ note they wrote off as a prank? Really? Wanna’ buy my bridge? How about my crown jewels, cheap.
    Is there any evidence of a prior note?
    Repeated blows to the head sounds very personal and very much like an honor killing.

  11. At least, whoever did it, didn’t put a video of her getting her head sawed off on the internet, like some people would.

    • Oh my gosh Tim, I visited that site you posted…wow what mean spirited muslim people are on there, disgusting! Their site should be shut down! They are talking about killing white people. The muslim people are making a mess here, they need to leave.

  12. Gee it may be a hate crime.
    Any person who bashes someone to death is full of hate for the victim.It’s not that hard to work out.So they play the hate crime card to the full, even though the evidence points to the husband, and as for the media. They won’t let the truth get in the way of a good story,as usual.

    • Cair is a bunch of losers. Anyone who has taken pschology classes can see right through there crap. An example of a hate crime would be, Mohammad killing jewish kids, anyone who killed this lady, he guy in norway that killd random people. A not hate crime would be the police who killed mohammad cause they didnt do it out of hate they did it out of the good of the people.
      But CAIR is too stupid to realize that killing someone for honor killing is not a hate crime. And they know that most of us who dont even question there hate crime will realize it if they wernt speculating if it were a hate crime.

  13. You say they haven’t been in San Diego long enough to make enemies. Not sure I agree; their attitudes and behaviours would rile me quickly, especially if they were conservative muzzies.

      • I wrote that same comment on that CAIR video on yhoutube and dared them to even post it since they have Penind reivew,and guess what they didnt.. what a shocker.

  14. Window broken from the inside out. Old man is a “senior Shia cleric” from Iraq.

    More coverage:


    Search warrant for home. Note not released. No “persons of interest” identified. Police stress they are looking at “other evidence” in case though “not ruling out hate crime”. No mention of the “tire iron”, claimed by daughter to be the murder weapon, being held in evidence by police. “Skinheads” among the buzzwords thrown around, as if a “skinhead” gallumphing through the neighbors’ back yards would have gone unnoticed in such a densely populated area.

    And yet the ragheads are still whining about “islamophobia”, and law enforcement is still pussyfooting around them trying not to “offend”. Lest they find themselves with a muslim equivalent of the Martin/Zimmerman lynch mob frenzy on their hands?

    We need to keep a close eye on this one, and when the almost inevitable truth of “honor” killing or its equivalent is revealed, make sure this story does not get buried with all the other inconvenient examples of muslim deception and manipulation. CAIR, we are going to ram this one up your nose no matter which way you turn.

    And we can only wonder what this poor woman did to bring down upon her head the Terrible Wrath of the “Dishonored” Muslim Male.

    Meanwhile, at least one tiny sign that the rule of law is still operating in this country, as one of the New-Black-Predatory-Jungle-Beast would-be lynchers of George Zimmerman gets his own sorry a$$ busted on weapons charge:


    • RRA, thanks for the update, I was out all day. You know I will keep this story alive until we find out who did it.

      • Here’s the thing I noticed with Honest Abe of CAIR. He was hedging unlike his usually blustery self. He knows the deal. I am sure the family demanded IMMEDIATE burial in IRAQ! Immediate, not a day to lose. Religion you know! Oh and the husband has already left or is leaving soon to make arrangements. Family is packing up and they are outta here. Detectives look at the evidence and see this is an inside job, a setup, doesn’t jive. But hey no witnesses outside the immediate family. NONE! Why rock the boat and demand that the husband stay? Ah the dhimmi sash fits you well, San Diego crimes dept.

    • Muse, they should have been shut down long ago. Now with a muslim in the White House they do anything they want.

  15. “Saudi funded Fox News”?

    I didn’t know that. I’ve tried to find out who financially owns it but come I come with nothing, only that Rupert Murdoch is mentioned often.

    Even today I received a comment on a CBN video claiming Fox, CBS and CBN were Zionist controlled, which incidently I’m getting sick of seeing, therefore I throw back Al-Jazeera and PressTV are islamist funded, full of propanganda causing hatred towards unbelievers/kuffars/infidels and totally bias against Israel and the West in its reporting, which falls on ‘deaf’ ears with the Zionist accusers.

  16. The fat lady certainly nailed in saying “….it happened to her, it could happen to any of us.” BUT STILL, why the hell is NO ONE asking where the hell is the husband, the PRIME SUSPECT in the case?!…Hmmm, this might prompt people to think the COUNCIL of ASSLIFTER INTIMIDATION RELATIONS (aka. CAIR) has carted him off into hiding, KNOWING he IS the prime suspect!!

  17. On the first post about this story, MOTHER OF FIVE had mentioned about how strange it was that the daughter was not weeping.

    If anything, the daughter had full makeup and was wearing probably her favorite glittery hijab.

    So, I can now confirm this was an inside job since the glass was broken from the inside. The husband is going to Iraq for the burial. Will be come back?

  18. For pete’s sake, if you are going to stage a break in and ‘hate’ crime, do it right! Shattered glass goes to the inside! LOL

  19. What, the husband just take off – when there are 5 children at home? makes sense to me – NOT! and no one “knows” his name; don’t the children know his name? don’t care what CAIR is preaching, This is Not a hate crime-it’s a disgusting “honor” killing. What a savage cult.
    I destest them All

  20. CAIR is between a rock and a hard place. They can’t admit to and honor killing here in the USA because it would set the mohommedist cause back 10 years. But apparently the story has legs. So they have to muffle it as much as possible.
    Doggie hates the truth. A public challenge to this being a random act would make his skin crawl.
    Love to watch them twist in the wind.

    • yea that cagey varmit thinks he’s being smart by not going to far out on that limb ! one day we will have his ass we’ill cut the whole god dam tree down.

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