A year in jail for a hanging plastic camel?

CLEVELAND – A Middleburg Heights man pleaded guilty to putting a plastic camel with a noose around its neck on the apartment door of a Muslim person.

NewsNet5  Christopher M. Sanford, 25, entered a guilty plea to interfering with housing rights of another based on the victim’s race, religion or national origin.

The U.S. Department of Justice said that Sanford took a plastic camel and a noose, and hung them on the door of the victim, identified only as A.F.A. The victim is a native of Jordan, who is Arab and Muslim, and lived in the Stonebridge Apartments in downtown Cleveland. Sanford will be sentenced on June 18. He faces up to one year in prison and a $25,000 fine.


28 comments on “A year in jail for a hanging plastic camel?

  1. This is how they frighten the average person
    by making an example of a minor offence and I do mean minor offence.
    Then that keeps the masses at bay and passive.
    It worked quiet well for Mr Stalin with his own people.
    The judge is so obliviously one of those liberal appeasement multicultural treasonous cockroaches, that turns the stomach of decent people everywhere.

  2. UH-OH! I remember when my brother hanged a plastic Pillsbury Doughboy from one of the rafters.
    Wonder if the statute of limitations is up on that one- I really like bread, and I was scarred by the incident.

    • Okay, so I made a flip remark. I suppose I should hvae said something about how bad it is, that this would even come before a judge. They are using our laws against us>>>> We need to use our laws against them!

  3. So I take it, this Arab must have a camel who fears for its life and PETA is involved in bringing the perpetrator to justice.

  4. OT- Norway – Mullah Krekar arrested

    Krekar’s arrest may hike terror threat

    March 28, 2012

    Mullah Krekar is at least temporarily out of action, following his arrest on Tuesday, but he’d already sent out new messages to his followers that police have interpreted as even more threats against Norway and Norwegians including former prime minister and current peace broker Kjell Magne Bondevik. Some worry the arrest itself will spur Krekar’s followers into violent action.


    Videos :


  5. Christopher should be given a MEDAL, not jail time or a fine~! Rather, he should be given a BONUS,,, a REWARD ~!

  6. Bravo, Christopher M. Sanford. You jihaded THEM and did the rest of your fellow countrymen a favor. They’re openly at war with us, our government is on their side. We have no recourse but to fight back on a group or individual basis.

  7. So hanging plastic dolls is now a federal crime? I remember I used to hang barbi and ken from the gallows all the time.

    Funny how they are protecting the poor little towel head by using his initials. Wonder if the would do the same if the perp was muslim and a a jewish person was the victim?


    Americans have OBSERVED Islam, the DEATH CULT FOR MEN, and have found they want LESS of Islam, rather than more.

    It’s time to BAN COUSIN MARRIAGE.

  9. The mullahs have arrived!! Imam Holder has his marching orders from Khameini, and the hate-crime thought police are in charge now – or so it seems…

    • The problem here Revere, is that the camel wasn’t an inflatable one, therefore useless to the ‘victim’. Guess I don’t have to draw a picture? :-)

  10. Bloody pathetic! If they did similar to us they would get away with it because it was cultural, their religion! The Judge should be put in jail instead for such a stupid reaction.

  11. Oh,my heart just bleeds for the poor victim.Give me a break.The insanity of protecting these people is getting beyond ridiculous.They have NO sense of humor at all.Plus I think the sentence of C.Sanford is beyond fair,in fact if I was the judge I would just throw out the case.No wonder our courts are so backed up with such stupid claims.

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