FROM AL-ARABIA: Look how much the Iraqi husband seems to knows about the murder of his wife, Shaima Alwadi, in San Diego

Considering that only the 17-year-old daughter was at home when it happened, it’s amazing that the husband knows every little detail about how the murder went down. Apparently the murderer was somebody named “xenophobia.”


al-Arabia  In their first interview with the media, the family of Iraqi-American woman Shaima Alwadi, who was beaten to death in San Diego, decided to break their silence and recount the details of the murder that has sent shock waves across the United States and brought back worries of rising Islamophobia in the West. 

“My wife was a victim of xenophobia,” Alwadi’s widower Qassem al-Hamidi told Al Arabiya in a phone interview Tuesday. Hamidi said he and his wife are both from the city of al-Samawa in the governorate of al-Muthana in southern Iraq. “We got married in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia.” Hamidi and Alwadi had five sons and daughters, aged 17, 16, 13, 12 and eight.

Hamidi, 48, said he could not go on talking and explained that he was in a bad state before passing on the telephone to his wife’s cousin Hussein Alwadi. 

“I saw her body in the dinning room a few minutes before the police arrived,” her cousin told Al Arabiya. (That’s funny, I thought only the daughter saw her)

(But look at all the details the husband seems to know, especially considering he wasn’t at home at the time) He said the murderer snuck into the house on Wednesday morning from the back garden.

“The garden has no fence so he was able to break the glass of the kitchen window right away and apparently he did so without making a noise.” (Yet in an interview this morning  -see video in link below – the next door neighbor said the glass was shattered from the inside and was all over the cement walkway)

Hussein added that the attacker then reached for the window handle, opened it, and got inside. (And he knows this because WHY?)

“He did so after watching Shaima’s husband drive away with four of the children he was taking to school. (WHO saw all of this?) Only Shaima and her eldest daughter Fatima stayed in the house. Fatima was asleep.”

The murderer, Hussein recounted, saw Shaima in the dinning room and attacked her with an iron rod or a spanner. (Sounds like somebody witnessed the whole thing. Funny that  Shaima didn’t scream when she saw a stranger in her house)

“He first hit her on her forehead then on her right ear. The third strike was on the back of her head. This was followed by five fast and consecutive strikes on her head and shoulders.” (That’s a pretty detailed account. How would he know the sequence if he wasn’t there?)

Shaima, Hussein said, lost consciousness, upon which the attacker left the house. (Maybe the police should be investigating cousin Hussein?)

“Because the attack was fast, the eldest daughter Fatima, who was asleep in the upper floor, did not hear a thing and only found out when she woke up and went downstairs to see her mother’s body drenched in blood.” 

Hussein added that they immediately transferred Shaima to the hospital, where she died three days later after doctors failed to save her life and had to take her off life support. “We got her body and are taking the necessary procedures to take it to Iraq, where she will be buried.” (Good idea to get rid of the evidence)

In addition to the calamity that has befallen the family after Shaima’s death, Hussein noted, they have also been subjected to a smear campaign that has caused them a great deal of emotional hurt. (Are they referring to this blog? “Smear campaign” is a favorite charge made by CAIR)

“The media said that Shiama’s husband was a cultural advisor at the U.S. Army and that he used to train American soldiers heading to the Middle East.” According to Hussein, Qassem al-Hamidi has been unable to work for the past 18 years. “He had a complete kidney failure and one of his brothers had to come from Sweden to donate one of his kidneys to him.”

Hussein added that Hamidi has had refugee status since he came to the United States and that Social Welfare pays his rent and his family’s expenses. “Shaima did not work so they had no source of income.” (NO INCOME? Yet the family had the money to move from Michigan to San Diego? Lived in a nice house, had at least one car. Where’d they get it?)

Hussein Alwadi was a taxi driver at San Diego Airport and is currently working at the administration of a well-known supermarket in the city of El Cajon, where he lives with his wife and four children. 

Hussein said that he and his family were at the same refugee camp where Shaima and her husband got to know each other. The camp, which in 1991 sheltered more than 32,000 Iraqis who fled Saddam Hussein’s regime, was located in the town of Rafha in northern Saudi Arabia. (So she hooked up with her husband when she was 10 years old and he was 27?)

Both families stayed in the camp for four years before immigrating to the United States. In 1995, they all left to the United States including Shaima’s seven brothers, some of whom currently live in San Diego and neighboring cities and others in Texas with Shaima’s mother. (Are they all living on welfare?)

Shaima’s father, Islamic preacher Sayyed Nabil Moaad Alwadi, was in Iraq when he got a phone call about his daughter’s death. “He will stay there to receive her body and burry her,” Hussein concluded.







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    • Anybody else pissed off that there have been no updates on the investigation and the family still have not returned? I wonder if the daughter will be murdered while there? She was found having sex in a car with a Christian afterall. I really think the police should have put her into protective custody because of that. I doubt husband will come back.

      • Lynne, once it was fairly certain that a white Islamophobe was not involved, the media dropped this story like a hot potato.

  1. From the reconstruction of crime from the wounds and blood splatter, I can only assume this guy is Dexter Morgan.

    This Muslim barrow is the murderer, ship him to Texas for execution then onto Iraq in a body bag.

  2. There you go again Bonni, blowing holes in the muslimes version of what happened. One would think that the muslimes would “get their act together” and realize you can’t be there and not be there at the same time.
    Keep up the good work Bonni!

  3. Ah yes, yet another example of why California is so often referred to as the “Land of the Fruits and Nuts”, because people continue to tolerate the INTOLERABLE from those who should not even be in the state, leeching off taxpaying citizens, taking up space, and STILL sucking air!!…I got more-than-enough of California from May 1970 to May ’71 when stationed at Edwards AFB. Nice place to visit, d— sure wouldn’t want to live there….AND the poulation of ………. (term Bonni asked me NOT to use so much) was much less back then.

  4. Sounds like he got access to that “sealed” autopsy report. Here’s more covereage from a local San Diego station:

    And another. The photos and videos show the house more clearly:

    They really are milking this for all it’s worth. Who is the “neighbor” who says he say a “young man with a box” running away from the home? Another Iraqi? If young-man-with-box exists at all, is he a relative?

    You can look up the house on google maps. It’s on Skyview Street in El Cajon, CA. The house is white and is over at the right-hand end of the street just before the curve. There is a road and a parking lot behind it. Have there been any claims of strange vehicles seen parked there? That would seem to have been the first likely claim and one would expect to see police out back there taking tire impressions, etc.

  5. The crime scene has to be quite bloody, the daughter said that her mother was drowning in her own blood. With that said, were there any bloody foot prints found of the supposed killer? The killer must have fled the scene pretty quickly since the daughter found the body of her mother around 11:15. By the temp of her body the coroners office can determine when she died. This story doesn’t add up because the killer had to time the incident perfectly with the time the father left the house, or the killer was lucky enough to find no one but this woman by herself so early in the morning, seriously?
    The house backs up to a middle school and neighbors are really close to each other besides. This person is taking some chance in the day light hours to beat the tar out of the good muhijabie wearing muslima. He/she didn’t plan this attack too well because if one thing went wrong, like not anticipating the daughter upstairs alseep, and if she heard anything strange, like broken glass, or if she had a gun, things could have gone terribly wrong, like dialing 9/11 and then bringing a weapon with her to kill the would be killer. If the killer was aware the husband left the house with the rest of the children, how does the killer know that one of the children didn’t forget their lunch, in which case the husband would need to turn around to go home to get it, or their homework or whatever. This story didn’t sound halal from the beginning (I was going to say kosher, didn’t want to insult a Joooooo) This story sounds like the easiest open and shut case for any crime scene detective around. A no brainer. This killer was a family member, this killer thought about this in advance because the scenario sounds staged, the window etc. The killer comes from an area of the world where no investigation takes place with the death of any woman and so it must be assumed that a simple covering of the tracks would throw police off and the note left behind would corroberate the story that was created. This is soooo easy, I just don’t know what is taking the investigation so long to bring out the truth and make an arrest.

  6. Why did he flee to his muslim family in their “Jify-John” country ? Is the welfare better there ?
    I would hope so because that would cause thousands of these ragheaded leeches to go home. If hes couldn’t work, where did the car come from ? Who was paying the rent ? Was it the American taxpayer or was the money from Obama’s stash ?

  7. A question that needs to be pursued. Does child rape get a blind eye in refugee admission processing? Nobody caught this situation of 29 year old guy on 14 year old girl action?

  8. The shiites are riding high in the saddle in Iraq. Do these refugees still need to be here, sucking off the public teat?

  9. I the first rude note they received wasn’t enough for them to call the FBI, then they themselves must have killed the mother and wrote the notes. Unless law enforcement have become total morons, hand writing samples would be requested of all family members to start with.

  10. well, when this islamophobia story runs its’ course, he can claim a black man was seen running from the house, or a group of black males. or if that doesn’t work, he can say she accidentally ran into a bat lying on the coffee table. if the police can put him at the scene with the bat in his hand, he can say he was about to practice hitting some balls and his wife accidentally ran into the bat while he was taking it outside.

    or he could blame the jews, perhaps the mossad did it.

  11. I have watched enough crocodile tears from so called “relatives, innocent bystanders” to know that , if you watched her televised reaction, the daughter is up to her eyebrows in her mothers death…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Hey, hows the flatulence thing going? I’m still in stitches over your “shitty prose,” lol! Absolutely priceless.

      Again, many thanks. 😉

  12. I don’t think I would ever want to live in California, or Michigan for that matter.
    Too many muslims, so sad. What the hell are they doing to our country? This is not good.

  13. “shock waves?” I’m not shocked! She a Muslim female!
    She can expect to be beaten, abused and even murdered by her husband and family!
    And I’m not shocked liberals don’t talk about this story! It’s the democrat party line!
    A storm is coming!

  14. Methinks Hussein doth profess too much. “… they have also been subjected to a smear campaign that has caused them a great deal of emotional hurt.” Beats the hell out of having your skull caved in.

  15. When Muslims are involved all common sense and police instincts go out the window. It must be a hate crime because Islam is a religion of peace. It must be, Muslims keep insisting it is (as they stand on the pile of bodies of murdered women, children and infidels). Nothing to see here, you are racist. Move along. Pay the jizya.

    • The problem is the terms of that “peace”: Koran 9:29. Getting rid of a female family member seems easy for Muslims.

      • Of course, women are disposable according to the Koran, Sharia Law. The notion of peace in Muslim terms is laughable…and impossible.

    • Lol. I too wonder how thorough the police investigation will be when filtered thru the lens of political correctness. Justice sacrificed for cultural diversity’s sake because we are nothing but bigoted, racist, rednecks. Pathetically, CAIR’s loud, knee-jerk wagon circling will hardly even stir suspicion from the MSM either. Muslim religious considerations for a quick burial will undoubtedly hamper a proper investigation. Does anybody know if an autopsy was even performed, or was that cast aside out of religious considerations? Since this is a homicide, statuatory law would require it one would be inclined to think. Since the family is described as “poor,” I bet islamic organizations are tripping over themselves to provide funds for shipping the body back to Iraq for burial. Indeed, how convenient, they know the truth about what really happened and they are in full damage control mode here. I smell a whole sewer full of rats with this case.

        • Repeat after me Rosy:

          I AM SOFA.

          Now say:

          I AM SOFA KING.

          Now say this:


          Now, feel better now that “U” got that off your chest sweetie? Good.

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