GERMANY: ‘Freedom Instead of Islam’ anti-Islam cartoon competition

Under the motto “Freedom instead of Islam,” the German anti-Islam PRO-NRW political movement has launched a competition to find new and creative anti-Islam cartoons and artworks. (5…4…3…2…1…Let the deadly Muslim riots begin!)

Islam vs Europe  There are prizes of 200 euros for the winner, and 150 and 100 euros for the second and third-place entries respectively. The artworks – which can be cartoons, collages, films, installations – will be exhibited outside controversial mosques and Salafist Islamic centres on a courageous 25-mosque tour which the movement is planning to undertake. 

The action is a sign that the values of freedom must be actively represented and defended … There can be no areas where artistic freedom and the freedom to express opinions does not apply. The attempts at politically correct regulation of democratic criticism of Islam are not worthy of a free, constitutional state and only show that we have already gone some way towards totalitarian Islamism.

Jörg Uckermann, Chairmain of PRO-NRW is a former burgomeister (district mayor) who once represented the mainstream conservative CDU/CSU party grouping (Merkel’s party) in Germany. NRW means North-Rhine Westphalia, a heavily Muslim-colonised region of Germany. 
Says Uckermann,
“We must not accept that under the protection of religious freedom areas are established that may not be criticised. As a totalitarian ideology characterised by a narrow, political worldview, Islam itself tolerates no criticism. We have seen what the effects of a religiously-themed cartoon are. There was massive resistance to it. In these cases, the freedom of press and religion was loudly emphasised.
But now we are seeing that state institutions which are actually obligated to show religious neutrality are also sanctioning criticism of Islam. Political groups or media are being criminalised. High-profile activists like Michael Mannheimer, who warn of the islamisation of Europe, are being prosecuted as criminals. Thus the free, democratic constitutional order incorporates the intolerant standards of Islam.
We need loud protests to be raised up against this. With the media and cartoon competition, PRO NRW wants to send a message. Citizens, who who are committed to maintaining the rights of freedom and who criticise an anti-freedom religious community now need to raise their voices.”
Entries can be sent in by email to: info@pro-nrw.netYou have to give them credit for an extraordinarily bold initiative. Let’s see whether this gives rise to more theatricalised outrage a la Mohammed cartoons.