“I killed them because they were Jewish”


Back in 1994, when Bill Clinton was President, and a Muslim cab driver shot up a van carrying 16 Jewish students, nobody referred to it as Islamic terrorism. Instead it was called an incident of ‘road rage.’

NY POST  The livery driver whose two-gun attack on a group of Hasidic (Orthodox) Jewish students on the Brooklyn Bridge shocked the city 18 years ago has finally admitted that he targeted them because they were Jewish.

Hezbollah linked Arab-Muslim Lebanese Rashid Baz was convicted in 1995 of murdering Yeshiva student Ari Halberstam, 16, and trying to kill more than a dozen others in a van with a hail of bullets he fired on a Manhattan approach to the bridge on March 1, 1994.

ARI HALBERSTAM, 16 when killed

Baz initially told cops he opened fire because of a traffic dispute. But in 2007 Baz finally confessed that he targeted his victims, tailing their van for about two miles before the shooting, an admission that had never been made public until now.

Baz is serving a minimum of 141 years in state prison. Detectives never believed Baz’s traffic-dispute defense but discounted the widely spread rumors that he was part of a terror-linked conspiracy.

During a five-week trial, Baz’s lawyer claimed the shooter suffered serious trauma while growing up during the Lebanese civil war and was suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder at the time of the slaying.

Asked if he would have shot at a van of black or Latino people, he told the investigators, “No, I only shot them because they were Jewish.” The other occupants of the van, including two who were critically wounded, survived.

Immediately following his conviction, Hamas and Hezbollah saluted Baz as a mujahid, a holy warrior.  When he went into the prison system, he was chosen by the Muslim chaplain to be his administrative clerk and elected as a leader of the prison mosque by the other Muslim inmates.