Israeli-Palestinian News you never hear about

At the 26th agricultural exhibition in Tel-Aviv, a delegation of farmers from the Gaza Strip was among the participants. During the exhibition, the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) also arranged training workshops for the Palestinian farmers.

IDF  The unemployment rate for Gaza is 25%—down from 45.2% the year before. The lowest rate in a decade was reported by the Palestinian Authority’s Central Bureau of Statistics. In the year 2010, the Israeli government expanded the civilian policy towards the Gaza Strip. Within the last year and a half, the quality of life in Gaza has improved following the recent expansion of activity at Israel-Gaza land crossings; increase in goods transferred to Gaza and promotion of internationally funded projects. Despite these Israeli efforts, the Hamas terrorist organization continued to fire hundreds of rockets from Gaza into Israel.

Activities of COGAT over the past year have been fruitful. In total, the exports from the Gaza Strip to Europe were 450 tons of strawberries, 50 tons of peppers, 69 tons of tomatoes and 3.5 million bunches of flowers.


Gaza’s economy in the second quarter of 2011

  • Gaza’s construction sector grew by 4,500 workers
  • The commodity in Gaza reached 426 million dollars, an increase of 30.7% compared to the same time period the previous year
  • Gaza’s GDP increased by more than 30% from the previous year