THANK YOU, CANADA, for fighting back against the Jew-haters who tried to put an Israeli store owner out of business

Shani is an Israeli businesswoman and owner of the soap products store LAVAN in Toronto. Anti-Israel activists targeted her store, defaming her via leaflets and holding hateful protests outside.

But their protests backfired. When StandWithUs and supporters of Israel heard about this, they supported Shani… from Canada and from around the world. They visited the store. They bought her beautiful Israeli products. And they kept on buying…

Find Israeli product sellers near you:  BUY ISRAELI GOODS

Dear friends of Israel: Israel needs us now. March 30, 2012 has been designated by the pro-Hamas  supporters as a day to boycott Israeli goods. That`s why March 30th will be our next Buy Israeli Goods (BIG) Day. These kinds of anti-Israel boycotts are happening in cities all over the world as part of a George Soros-funded international BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, & SANCTIONS movement designed to bring about the economic destruction of the state of Israel. Please help counter boycott activities against Israel by buying Israeli products. (The link below will tell you where to find them in your area) Thank you!