What’s next? Olympic Beach Burqa Volleyball?

The Olympics bows down to Islam, throwing out the bikini requirement for women beach volleyball players.

HUFFPO  Under new rules adopted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), players are free to wear shorts and sleeved tops. The governing body said the move was made out of respect for the cultural beliefs (aka Muslim rules) of some of the dozens of countries still in contention to qualify for the games.

“Many of these countries have religious and cultural requirements, so the uniform needed to be more flexible,” FIVB spokesman Richard Baker told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The rule, which will apply to the Olympics, has already been in effect at five Continental Cup qualifying competitions involving 142 nations.

The FIVB has not specified which countries lobbied to be allowed to cover up in London. (You can be sure they all belonged to the OIC – Organization of Islamic Cretins)