What’s next? Olympic Beach Burqa Volleyball?

The Olympics bows down to Islam, throwing out the bikini requirement for women beach volleyball players.

HUFFPO  Under new rules adopted by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), players are free to wear shorts and sleeved tops. The governing body said the move was made out of respect for the cultural beliefs (aka Muslim rules) of some of the dozens of countries still in contention to qualify for the games.

“Many of these countries have religious and cultural requirements, so the uniform needed to be more flexible,” FIVB spokesman Richard Baker told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The rule, which will apply to the Olympics, has already been in effect at five Continental Cup qualifying competitions involving 142 nations.

The FIVB has not specified which countries lobbied to be allowed to cover up in London. (You can be sure they all belonged to the OIC – Organization of Islamic Cretins)


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  1. Personally it’s hurtful to see people say rude things about others . Why is it so hard for a muslim girl to just play volleyball In a pair of pants like they play soccer in?Why not just allow the muslim girl to wear what she wants and everyone else wear what they want? .it should not matter that they changed the rule it just gives everyone a opportunity that love the sport to play it never said the bikinis are banned .You men will still see the other girls butt cheeks if that’s what this is about and if any of you were caring human beings you would believe that no one should be discriminated against no matter what .besides no muslim girl would wear a burqa to play volleyball or run track. I have been running and doing sports since I was seven and I kick box. I do not wear a burqa. Please stop the ignorance and attend a culture class your perception of people will change greatly.

  2. I really am blessed by your blog and especially enjoy your annotations. I am fed up with PC. It is refreshing to hear the truth spoken, as it is.

    This post reminds me of a You Tube post that contrasted a beautiful miniskirt-clad Mexican TV meteorologist with an Arabian weather forecast hosted by a man dressed like an OPEC minister.

    The video title suggested why rain was witheld in Arabia.

  3. With all respect. Never judge people you dont know. No one of you know Muhammed that well to say what sport he approved. The image you have of Islam is so wrong. I’m Saudi and there is no volleyball team will be in the Olympics. And that not a picture of Saudi Women’s beach volleyball team it a picture of some women walking at the beach. And there is no abuse to women here. It’s a religious order “women must cover their faces” most women do it and some not Such as going to the church not all the Christians do it. And the Islam provide to the women all they need without doing thing, the father provide everything she needs then if she gets marry the husband do that even if she gets divorce the husband gives her alimony until she gets marry again. Finally ask yourselves The Saudi Women’s the most wealthy women in the world why would they be abuse and do nothing about it? “Excuse my weak language”

  4. Of course, many men, myself included, liked watching the women playing volleyball in bikinis. I like the pictures that BNI posted for this story with all the gorgeous “cheeks”. What hetero man doesn’t like watching women’s cheeks?

    Muslims and ultra hardcore feminazis are the ones who want to change the attire rule from the women wearing bikinis for beach volleyball.

    But I do agree with them on one point. Fair is fair. If women must wear bikinis on the beach, why are the men allowed to wear long sleeve shirts and long shorts? That is kind of chauvanistic. Men in that case should go shirtless and wear speedos or briefs for beach volleyball if women must wear bikinis.

    Hey! I am sure there are a lot of hetero women who would watch beach volleyball to see the athletic men play for gold wearing skimpy briefs or thongs — especially with male cheek exposure. And women, don’t deny it, you know you would! You’d be cleaning your glasses so you could get a good look!

      • That is kind of strange. I just did a brief survey of guys’ beach volleyball attire scanning images from the internet. The guys only occasionally are seen shirtless and they wear long shorts, never briefs. LOL. I guess the volleyball rules were written by men!

        I think the ladies should protest! I women must wear bikinis, the guys should wear briefs and go shirtless! It is only fair.

        And screw the Islamic religious modesty bit. If you can’t play wearing the proper attire for the sport, then don’t play.

        Besides, as one commenter already noted, why would Muslims want to play such a Satanic sport such as beach volleyball anyway. After all, the only sports that are allowed in Islam are military sports such as sword fighting, archery, and horseback riding. If I recall correctly, according to the Hadiths, Muhammad approved of only these sorts of sports, and perhaps a few others, but nothing like the Olympics.

        • hi , i really like what did you sad in the first time !!1- that is the truth why women wear bikini obligatory and man don’t have this kind of obligation !! 2-yes , why we muslims play beachvoleyball … ? knowning that women wear bikini ……
          3-ok , this new rules are not for muslims , but for the rights of all i think
          4- the prophete mohamed sad that we should learn our child : swiming , riding and archery
          sports like : box , …., rally are not encourage because it is dangerous

          so i think you really should be more fair when you told pple something ! or more inform about a suject

          i think islam come here to give freedom to women !! the rights of women and please dont blend muslims and islam it is soo different and you know muslims are not fair too many times i know that , i’m a muslim women and i know that muslims are not always fair !!!

          that is why pple are differents because we don’t have all the same level of thinking , include muslims ..

      • This post is very old. Today is 02/12/2014. I was too inhibited to say it then, but my wife was thrilled when watching the men in skin tight speedos running at an Olympic event many years ago. She explained that she really enjoyed seeing their large, bulging “tools” move as they ran.

        Since high school I have always enjoyed watching miniskirted cheerleaders far more than the sport in play. The slacks and shorts don’t do much for me but miniskirts are so leg flattering. You were so right when you said, “Uncle,Fox News isn’t called Fox for nuthin.” :-)

        Bonni, you are really cool. You truthfully say what is on your mind with no hypocrisy, childlike, NOT childish. You are so straightforward and direct with no double speak or double talk.

        You are a natural for the task of calling out the evil of islam. In serving the Lord we must be truthful with no pretense.

  5. Let them wear the whole long costume and make fool of themselves. They will be too slow.
    Anyway, what are they doing in beach volleyball if not bring their ways where it does not belong.

  6. Without sounding like a male chauvinist pig, the idea of beach volleyball is beach. If the muslims wish to wear the religious gear, so be it, most muslims would not participate in such a satanist sport. Would like to see how their going to jump for the ball and run up to the net a dunk slam it.I must omit that I do not personally watch the dumb game, I am not without watching some of the attire.

  7. I have no problem with the new rule. Shorts sand a shirt with sleeves still keeps alot of sking exposed. Good for keeping the team cool and good for keeping me watching. Win -win situation. But BNI is correct, its the strart of more demands. F#ck Muslims and their demands. I am sick to death of these morons.

  8. Frankly, a “bikini uniform” rules is silly to begin with. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt doesn’t change how the women play and it isn’t enough coverage to satisfy true Muslim fundamentalist.

  9. I see you’ve thoughtfully included a photo of the Saudi Women’s beach volleyball team, seen here in training. Good for you, BNI.
    I can’t wait to watch them in action in their flowing death-shrouds here in London – that’s if I haven’t been blown to pieces by Islamic savages on the the tube, choked to death by same in a poison gas attack in the stadium, or just plain vanilla shot dead in a Mumbai style attack in Trafalgar Square.

  10. It doesn’t really matter who requested it, it’s a move in the right direction for women. Who required the bikinis in the first place? Does the men’s equivalent have to wear speedos? If so, that should be changed as well. It is a sport, not a strip club.

    • doris, you don’t understand. Muslims will never allow women to wear shorts, even long shorts. This is the first step, next they demand the full body covering burqini. This is how they dress for soccer now:

      • What a sore sight that soccer picture above is! All of these events with headbags on should be boycotted as a matter of course. Don’t want to play sports where ‘normal’ wear is shorts, swimsuits or whatever? Then DON’T, and quit always demanding special treatment for that damned cult, whining and screaming discrimination!

        • stop being so racist what do muslims ever do to u most muslims are really nice but all muslims are not like osama bin laden or etc.

        • it’s really shameful how you guys sit here and criticize judging people you don’t even know. haven’t your parent taught you anything? hasn’t Jesus taught you anything? you guys are the reason we cant end discrimination, racism and stereo type in our society.

        • I will never give up my dream…how does wearing different clothes determine how talented people are. I admit my own mother is as ignorant as some of you people. To stand up to my entire family and then realizing it’s not only them that don’t accept me as a Arab American volleyball player. I will never make a U.s team just because I don’t wear booty shorts and tank tops? I thought America has grown from all this? I am as dedicated to volleyball as much as misty may and all the others…all I ever wanted to do is do what I love, where I love doing it with ANYbody

        • un, too bad. Why are you here? Go play for a Muslim country. Your problem isn’t being Arab American, it’s being Muslim American.

  11. Well this is badd news ! there was little interest for the skill of the game was more a EYE sport for the real fans like me , one more reason muslims don’t fit in .

  12. Why in the hell do they think that the black bags that they wear are going to protect them? Rape has nothing to do with love or what you look like and these bags will not keep these moslem women from being raped. All it does is make them look like idiots because their men can not control their savage minds. Just another way to show how ignorant they are. Peace to all non-moslems who think they look stupid as hell.

  13. seriously, are they going to wear the bags to play volleyball or do we realllly think think they’ll truly wear shorts? Afterall, showing their skin!!! my my, guess the stoning will commence afterward – what a sick cult!
    boy wonder what their thoughts are when they see our bikini girls…LOL! I’m surprised they didn’t scream for our bikini girls to be COVERED for offending THEM!

      • You there first of all your username cleary shows your a racist guy with nothing better to do and you know what…The only thing you can say is shut up and islam….. And for your wonderful point of view on muslims, I will say your just a guy that wants to see girls half naked. I will agree with some people that actually do think what’s wrong in a muslim girl wanting to wear what she wants….this makes me think that a girl is not allowed to wear full clothes and cover herself from dirty people like you and others. Is that a muslim girls fault? No…she’s choosing to save her self from dirty gazes like you. And let me tell you this….muslim girls have self respect. Whats thw difference between the clothing strippers wear and wearing bikinis while playing volleyball. And its not only religion its society that makes them like this. And if you can tell me why men have long shorts while women go wear bikinis…..if you actually think about it….its men, men want women to go bear half naked ….and the funny thing is they do. Im not racist against any religion but the way people think….you think. And for your information I am a muslim…..and I am proud And if anyone needs to go its Racism……..whats the difference in the way slaves couldnt express their perspective and now…grow up….everybodys different and unique and has their own religion……..I cant believe this is 2014 and there is still racism in this world. And dont bother repying to this comment….I dont wish to be contacted by a person whose thinking is civilization…..actually way before that. The rule is you dont have to wear a bikini….you can wear shorts and a t shirt. If muslims are better than another player it shouldnt be held back because of the uniform.

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