Muslim terrorists set off bombs in southern Thailand, killing 14, wounding 341

Suspected Muslim insurgents staged the most deadly coordinated attacks in years in Thailand’s restive south, killing 14 people and wounding 340 with car bombs that targeted shoppers and a high-rise hotel frequented by foreign tourists.

More than 5,000 people have been killed BY MUSLIMS in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces, Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala, since Islamist insurgency began in January 2004.

Washington Post    A first batch of explosives planted inside a parked pickup truck ripped through an area of restaurants and shops in a busy area of Yala city, a main commercial hub of Thailand’s restive southern provinces, said district police chief Col. Kritsada Kaewchandee. About 20 minutes later, just as onlookers gathered at the blast site, a second car bomb exploded, causing the majority of casualties. Eleven people were killed and 110 wounded by the blasts.

“This is the worst attack in the past few years,” said Col. Pramote Promin, deputy spokesman of a regional security agency. “The suspected insurgents were targeting people’s lives. They (chose) a bustling commercial area, so they wanted to harm people.”

Most attacks are small-scale bombings or drive-by shootings that target soldiers, police and symbols of authority, but suspected insurgents have also staged large attacks in commercial areas.

Separately, a blast occurred at a high-rise hotel in the city of Hat Yai, in the nearby province of Songkhla, that officials initially attributed to a gas leak and said was unrelated to the attacks blamed on insurgents.  The midday explosion at the 405-room Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel killed three people and caused about 230 injuries, mostly from smoke inhalation, said police Lt. Puwadon Wiriyawarangkun.But after inspecting the hotel’s underground parking lot, authorities found a severely damaged sedan and a hole created by the explosion’s impact. Regional police chief Lt. Gen. Jakthip Chaijinda said the Hat Yai incident “is likely related to what happened in Yala and might have been plotted by the same group of insurgents.”

Police said the blast that occurred at the underground level of the hotel had ripped the building’s cooking gas pipeline, causing a fire that sent smoke spiraling into the upper floors and trapping many people in their rooms until rescuers came. One of the fatalities was identified as a Malaysian tourist.

In Saturday’s third incident, suspected Muslim militants detonated a motorcycle bomb 50 meters (55 yards) away from a local police station in Pattani province’s Mae Lan district, wounding one police officer, according to police Col. Tharet Kaewla-eiad.

The Yala bombings occurred on a road that was previously heavily guarded by checkpoints and closed to traffic to ensure safety. But the security was lifted in 2011 after local vendors said the measures harmed their businesses.

In October last year, suspected Islamic militants staged coordinated attacks at more than 30 spots across Yala city, killing three people and injuring more than 50. A month earlier, a trio of bombs hidden in vehicles hit a busy section of Sungai Kolok in Narathiwat province, killing four people and leaving more than 60 wounded.

Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani are the only Muslim-dominated provinces in the predominantly Buddhist country. Muslims in the area have long complained of discrimination by the central government.












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  1. When a bomb goes off in southern thailand, the police and soldiers are quick to take photos of the damage…..and that’s all they do!

  2. the muslim tauregs have started a sectarian war in mali . they have a huge cash of weapons thanks to the dhimmi west”s involment in libya nev(uk)

  3. Until politicians take their hand out of the pockets of oil rich muslim coutries nothing will happen. Oil money is driving the west to turn a blind eye.

  4. I think the sooner politicians and the ‘politically correct wake up and realise we are in the midst of a religious war, the better. Islam is using different tactics in this one, that have not been played out before. They are preying on our gulibility and sense of justice and fair play and using it against us. They twist and manipulate laws, alway playing the eternal victim to gain a foothold and weasel their way into our countries, our societies, our jobs and secure a dominating position.
    Yes we have these fundamentalists bombing, beheading, raping etc but we also have the other attacks going on right under our noses. We are under attack every which way we turn. How much longer do we have to sit back on our hands and be silenced, before we can rise up against this insurgence and reclaim what is ours, our countries.

        • Pink, there are a whole lot more that we don’t even know about because if it isn’t obvious by the name, there’s no indication made that they are muslims.

  5. Muslims are so fucked up mentally, they will kill each other, if there are no infidels left to kill! If there are no muslims left, and no infidels left, they will self-implode!

    • Apostates or Moslems with the ‘wrong doctrine’ or more of a threat to real Moslems than the kafirs.

      Suffis and Shi’ites love to massacre one another!

  6. off topic
    80 arrested after anti-Islam protest in Denmark

    If we only go after “terrorists,” I don’t think we’ll win. This is like only cutting the Hydra’s head, that will infinitely re-spawn. It’s the ideology that motivates and drives the Muslims.

    Deport all Muslims, and ban Islam. The enemies aren’t ‘radicals’. The “moderate” and “radical” Muslims both believe, read, and are motivated by the same book. If we only go after ‘terrorists” this will allow the ‘moderate’ Muslims to peacefully grown their forces in our country. When they have the power, and numbers, they’ll beat a different drum. There are places highly populated by Muslims in Europe now, that are so dangerous, that ambulances and even cops refuse to enter. Also notice the significant increase of persecution and killings of Christians in Egypt since the ‘moderate’ Muslim Brotherhood are gaining more power. Also in Norway, every single rape, let me repeat ALL rapes, in 2010 were committed by Muslims.
    “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.” Thomas Mann.
    Deport all Muslims, and then prevent this cancer, this virus from reinfecting society, by banning Islam.

  7. Muslims slaughtering infidels, but don’t blame Islam or Muslims, under penalty of being called islamophobic and being shunned and ridiculed by the leftist and elites! Stop lieing and admit the truth. Islam is death for infidels.

  8. There is a line in the articLE that says “Muslims have long complained about discrimination….”
    Sound familiar anyone? Thailand is just a bit further down the road, than England and France, and England and France ARE JUST A BIT FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD THAN WE ARE.
    Hello???? Are there ANY politicians listening?

    • Want them to listen, Pink? Then get their attention! Kick them in the balls and tell them you will not vote for a G’d’d AssWhole who lifts Satan’s tail and inserts his tongue. Tell them you want a clear, unambiguous condemnation of Islam; its fundamental intrinsic doctrines & practices inimical to life & liberty. Tell them you want Muslims expelled, Islam outlawed and excluded entirely.

      • Daj,
        I have, in so many words. They do not listen. If you read the post about the evil Galloway today, with the Enoch Powell video… I went to youtube and saw the ‘RIver of Blood’ speech Powell gave. It is accurate in it’s explanation of why they won’t listen.
        Yes I’m furious, but still fighting.

  9. The carnage will never stop while we allow it. While we have piss poor politicians who are in it for the money and in no way care for their people it will never stop.

    Muslims are cowards. They are big men in their tents in the desert belting up on women and kids. Or planting bombs among innocent people and flying planes into buildings and watching the people burn alive or choke to death in the aftermath. But still they are allowed into the states.

    Perhaps I am missing something.

  10. This is true Islam. Muslims excel at violence, murder, pedophilia, rape, torture, abuse, subjugation, and domination while mastering the art of invoking sympathy and deflecting blame.

    They disgust me.

  11. When will carnage stop? These people are disgusting to the core. We need politicians that get the fact that the muzzies aren’t wanted. If you want to be a muzzie, move to their country!

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