Sweetheart of the Left, honorary citizen of Palestine and ardent Hamas-supporter, George Galloway out-Islams the Muslim candidate to re-take a seat in UK Parliament

Kicked out of the Labour Party in 2003 for urging British soldiers not to fight in Iraq and    financing a charity with money from Saddam Hussein, notorious Jew-hater George Galloway who was banned from Canada in 2009 because of his links to Hamas, has now been re-elected to Parliament in the heavily Muslim area of Bradford West in northern England.

Channel4News  RESPECT PARTY’S George Galloway sweeps to a shock victory in the Bradford West by-election, and local people say the win was inspired, in part, by young Muslims going against their Labour-supporting elders.

Galloway recorded a 10,000 vote swing to the Respect party in an area Labour has held almost solidly since the early 1970s.

Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman told Channel 4 News her party had expected to win the by-election. She said voters she had spoken to on a visit to the constituency a week earlier had said that they were going to vote Labour.

Labour went into the contest – sparked by the resignation due to ill-health of Marsha Singh – the overwhelming favourites with bookmakers. Turnout in the poll was just over 50 per cent – considered high for such a contest, especially in an urban area.

Locals and campaigners in the Yorkshire constituency said that the galvanising of young Muslims who had never gone to the ballot before was decisive in the win, not least because they broke ranks with older generations in doing so.

Clan politics, known as Bradree, has long been a hugely influential force in Bradford, in which Muslims represent 22 per cent of the population at the last count (38 per cent in the Bradford West constituency). The majority of the city’s Pakistani community come from the Mirpur region, and inter-communal politics from Kashmir is influential in Bradford.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, who had been on the campaign trail with Galloway for the last 48 hours, said that the win was historical, because it signalled a break from Muslim communities voting for one party, en masse.

“What this win shows is that the time when unelected elders in the community say, ‘we’re all voting for Labour,’ who would dictate to young Muslims how to vote, is over,” he told Channel 4 News. What Galloway did is to stand up to that, and defeated it. I spent hours talking to young Muslims, whatever affiliation they had, they were sick of being told who to vote for.

“I think what has happened in Bradford West is an historical moment, because it shows that individuals in the community will vote for themselves and not as a group. That is a fantastic breakthrough, whatever you think of Galloway.”

The lawmaker was previously awarded an honorary Palestinian passport by Gaza’s Hamas prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, after joining aid convoys to the Gaza Strip.

Galloway also has courted controversy over his links to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and was suspended from the House of Commons for 18 days in 2007 after he was accused of concealing his financial dealings with Hussein’s government. An investigation found that a charity Galloway set up had been partly funded by the Iraqi dictator.

UK DAILY MAILGalloway’s triumphal open bus tour to celebrate his landslide by-election win in Bradford West was disrupted yesterday after he was attacked with eggs. Thomas Johnson, 26, who lives in the city, yelled out that Mr Galloway was a ‘parasite’ as he pelted the Respect MP as he left his campaign headquarters. Mr Galloway said it was too early for protests as Johnson shouted: ‘He’s a sycophant, he’s a greedy leech, he’s a parasite on this city.’

VIDEO of Muslim thugs attacking Johnson as he eggs Galloway’s bus:












26 comments on “Sweetheart of the Left, honorary citizen of Palestine and ardent Hamas-supporter, George Galloway out-Islams the Muslim candidate to re-take a seat in UK Parliament

  1. It’ll b funny when his bffs lynch his ass from a tree like they do dogs when they are in full power. How lovely it will be to watch them turn on him. Piece of shit

  2. Most of Bradford is SEVERELY INBRED with a cousin marriage rate of 70%!!!!

    The huge numbers of genetically ill Bradford children need all the increase in health care support they can get.

  3. This is what happens when muslims vote as a block. As their numbers increase, so will the the number of political representatives until the muslims are running the country. This is just the tip of the iceberg and if the good citizens of Britain ignore this they are doomed.

  4. Just when I was thinking “Where could there be people even stupider than the ones who voted our U.S. Arselifter-in-Chief into the White House?!….

  5. George galloway is a moron, pure and simple. I had a terrible argument on his blog with him a few years back. He is a vile, cruel. foul mouthed antisemite and I hope he gets his just desserts somehow

  6. act for america caught this guy on film in a mosque in orlando fl. doing a fundraiser for hamas a couple of years ago. they turned the video over to authorities and nothing was done. what a surprise. i saw the video and in it he said you have a friend in the whitehouse. what an understatement.

  7. This is the stepping-stone toward proper Islamic candidates that muslims have been looking for. This is a political petri-dish, a lab experiment that ‘they’ will be closely monitoring to see what they can achieve. Expect this to be replicated nationwide in the future as the muslim population of the UK increases, and they gain more and more social, economic and political power.

    The mainstream parties are totally puzzled as to what’s happened here, and the ‘story’ from the MSM in the UK is that it’s because of Galloway’s ‘charisma’ and ‘oratory skills’. BULLSH*T!.

    The dhimmification of the UK continues apace. Nothing to do with Islam. Nothing to see here – move along, now, move along…

  8. yes some people are fighting the muslims but the complete apathy of the population is extraordinary. I am ok rules the thinking of lazy uk people in general. by the time they wake it will be too late. civil war will be the only way forward

  9. He’s been looking for a Job since he came out the Big Brother House over here,he puts Scotland to shame and i even detected a little bit of the local Indian accent in his Speach that,along with the Beard,makes it look as if he’s turning into one of them,he’s an EMBARRESSMENT to Bonnie Scotland,he’s made his home in England and you know what Guy’s,you keep him down there,in the Video,i’ve never seen so many Turbans or Shop Owners in one place at one time in my Life!!! he may be a good speaker but the man’s an IDIOT over here.

  10. This gives new meaning to the words, “the Honest Irishman”. Anyhow, they will get rid of him when he has no further use.

  11. Poor old England was a fine dame in her youth but now is suffering dementia and is soon to die.

    RIP old friend. We miss you already.

    • NO D, There are a lot of great Brits fighting to save their country. But the media makes them look like the enemy.

  12. Given the radicalisation of young Pakistani Muslims by ji-hadist “missionaries” and al Quaeda supporting websites, this result is not really surprising. Galloway has gone to outrageous lengths to secure the support of extremists and Bradford West is home to a great many.

  13. The photos say it all. This piece of human excrement was elected because of widespread support from his Muslim buddies and apathy from the many voters in Bradford who couldn’t be bothered to stop it from happening.
    Sadly an example of what’s to come in the UK as these people outbreed and outnumber the Brits.

  14. out of the frying pan into the fire ! where were the edl or bdl one man throwing rotten eggs at a gang of muslims is not the way to save your home turf. seams their voteing system is the same as ours riddled with corruption to elect the corrupt.

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