PARIS: FEMEN Activists stripped off their tops in the Paris Square in protest against the burqa and in defense of Muslim women’s rights.

FREE THOUGHT The protest was organized by Iranian human rights activist Mariam Namazi, a popular Lebanese actress Darina Al Jondy, well-known French feminist of Arabian origin Safia Lebdi. On the bodies of activists and posters were written slogans against Islamic sharia barbarism against girls and women in the Middle East.

FEMEN urged the Muslim world to stage a topless protest in support of their disenfranchised sisters, wrapped up in full veils, burnt with acid, beaten with whips, and honor killed by Muslim men on a regular basis. FEMEN demands world leaders protect the fundamental rights of women in the Middle East and South Asia  as they protect themselves from terrorist threats.


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  1. At least these Ukranian women are taking a stand against Islam. Not sure if the naked route does the trick – I’d sooner turn the fire hoses on muslims praying in the French streets – spray them right into the nearest body of water.

  2. Yes, maybe the aging Gloria Steinem (no longer exactly “a babe,” but OK for a 78-year-old!) could rally the lovelier feminazis to do and stand for something USEFUL for a change (and drop the crap about women’s contraceptive demands!!). Freedom to LIVE, LOVE and express oneself openly is so much more important than screaming for the means to stop the consequences of men banging broads for fun & games…

  3. As they protect themselves from terrorist threats? Be more careful of what you wish for, FEMEN, or you may get something like the TSA protecting you. And there go your panties. For a start.

  4. Yep.!! well done to the Girls,at least,this way we know they are REAL Women,thats better than running arround dressed like Batman.

  5. Wow! It’s about time feminist’s did something about Islam’s shitty treatment of women. Hopefully they continue to do more…instead of keeping quiet.

  6. Only women can librate another women. Today worst life of the women exists in ISlam and .Its shame ISlamic women even after education is doing nothing to librate another .
    While educated man is islam is worst then any one else in this world.
    Who is doing nothing to make islam accepted but now most hated religion in this world..

  7. I don’t normally condone such demonstration methods. But on this occasion I do. Such a public demonstration of topless women opposing Islam is an excellent non-violent method of sending a ‘wake-up’ message to the world…”Reject the oppression of Islam.” Three cheers for these courageous women they have more guts than most men. It may be that free thinking women will topple Islam; because a lot of pathetic men are hiding their head in the sand and saying nothing. Shame on you men that choose to keep silent and refuse to oppose Islam by open communication. Islam is hell bent on destroying freedom of speech and freedom of choice- Islam must be stopped!

    Allan Ivarsson
    NSW Australia
    Author: ‘Blue Light’

    For more information about ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ write to… blue.light@bigpond.com

  8. Amen sisters! And right on!!…And yeah it Would be interesting to see the reactions of the muslimes if they were to strip in a MUSLIME neighborhood…but I’m betting the stupid bastards would be screaming for blood and beheading and/or stoning of these babes!

  9. Allah Akbar ! Aaayyeeeee ! I have seen a naked woman who is not my wife. Now the Queeran demands that I kill myself ! If i lood at the video again, it demands that I kill myself twice. I will look at it again just to be sure that I saw a woman in nothing but her panties. Maybe I should look again to see if any of these infidel whores have discarded their panties. That would mean that I must kill myself five times. Maybe I’ll take another look just to be sure.

  10. Muslime woman are doing only one thing by wearing the cloth coffin, they are enabling the males of the Muslime world. What do I mean. Muslime men do not have to learn self control, they can’t sin with their eyes if their is no female meat to look at. So these men never learn self control, which is why they rape so often. They don’t think they HAVE TO have self control. Like a child in a candy store, they just have to have what their eyes see. It’s gross! So rather then exercise some healthy and normal self control and be responsible for his actions, he has been trained to think it’s not his problem and so female muslime enable these dogs by covering themselves in cloth coffins knowing that the men of their cult will not control their animal instincts. It’s pathetic.

  11. I saw the video this morning where they are filmed arriving in burqas. It’s a shame they didn’t strip in a muslim neighbourhood.

  12. First off there is no Government left in the world that will “offend” a muslime and no woman’s organization with sufficient power and funding to make a difference.

    The male muslimes will not change because they really like things the way they are.
    They can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want without fear of reprisal from anyone at anytime.

    The muslime male’s perverted sexual appetite knows no boundries: women, children of either sex at any age and whatever animal is on the “acceptable” list of their pedophile prophet.
    To a muslime male women and childen are nothing more than a sex slave used and disgarded as their choosing dictates.
    They are abused: mentally, emotionally and physically in accordance to the henious mind of a muslime male animal.

  13. I LOVE this!! Just love it. Kudos to these women, to FEME!

    Take a look muslim women; this is the way it is when you are FREE and not dominated by any man; what’s that, yes, you actually have a voice, USE IT!!! Unless you like being treated like shit!

  14. It should read “all women in any country where Muslims exist are in danger and need protection and information about what Islam is”.

  15. And the best part is they are still going to be naked, burqa notwithstanding. Doesn’t that drive the headbangers crazy?

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