GERMANY: Muslim man dies in hospital, unruly mob of man’s relatives disrupts hospital

At St. Elisabeth Hospital in Herten, Germany, after the death from a serious illness of a 42-year old Muslim male who was in intensive care, a 90-person strong Muslim mob overran the hospital and refused to obey staff requests to leave.

Recklinghaeuser-zeitung (H/T IVE)   The death from an illness of this Muslim man provoked hysterial wailing and screaming inside and outside the hospital which continued throughout the night. According to the police, the loud, shrieking voices of the mob had “jeopardized operation of the hospital” and upset many patients and visitors.  

Several police vehicles were sent to contain the situation. But that wasn’t enough. In the end, 10 police vehicles, the Turkish chairman of the Integration Council and a  Muslim religious figure had to be deployed before the situation was brought under control. In addition to the 10 police cars, they had to call for two personnel carriers as well as a hundred reinforcements.