GOOD NEWS! Karzai bans full face coverings (burqas and niqabs) for women in Afghanistan

OH WAIT, NOT SO GOOD: Burqas and niqabs are only banned in public on Mondays.

ALL VOICES (H/T Lauga G)  In a sudden and shocking move, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai has authorized a ban on wearing full veils in public places on Mondays. This revolutionary action makes Afghanistan the first Islamic country to impose restrictions on a form of attire that many Muslims consider a religious obligation.

President Hamid Karzai has been widely criticized for doing little to protect women’s rights in the country and end traditional practices like giving away daughters to settle family scores, forced and under-age marriages, requirement for husband’s permission to work, and violent abuse by husbands and close relatives, including denial of food and sustenance if wives refuse to obey their husbands’ sexual demands.

The criticism has recently intensified when the Human Rights Watch released a report, which revealed that nearly half of all women in Afghan prisons are being held for “moral crimes” such as running away from home or adultery and that Afghanistan is “the only country in the world that interprets sharia law to prohibit women from running away from their home without permission.”

This extensive worldwide outburst of criticism forced President Karzai to exploit more radical options to improve his poor record on women’s rights. Beginning April 1, 2012, women won’t be allowed to wear niqabs and burkas, cloths fully covering the face and body, respectively, on Mondays, liable to a 20-year imprisonment or stoning.

The new law, that follows France’s ban on wearing full veils in public places in 2011, is an experimental effort and, according to Karzai, “It was more reasonable and feasible to limit it to just one day a week.” The President expects vicious and violent opposition to his new decree and will extend the full veils ban gradually to more days a week only when able to manage anticipated brutal resistance to the new law.

Human Rights Watch was fast to respond to Karzai’s highly unexpected decree and, while they’re “simply in awe of the President Karzai’s extremely bald move”, they expressed concern about the very likely possibility that women will be persecuted even more with the implementation of this new law.

“I’m deeply worried that, on one hand, women will be jailed and prosecuted by wearing burkas on Mondays and, on the other hand, brutally beaten by their husbands when trying to obey the new law and discard their traditional clothing on this one day,” said Rights Watch’s executive director, Kenneth Roth.

Roth is also extremely troubled by the severity of punishment for women not obeying the new law. “We’ve been committed to fighting against stoning and saving its victims, and we can’t support this form of punishment as it’s the violation of human rights. We’d like to encourage President Karzai to modify the new decree and employ less severe penalties like a small fine, for example.”

Time will show whether Karzai’s bald and rather revolutionary move is the right approach to fight separatist tendencies among Muslims and improve women’s social rights in Afghanistan. It may not change anything and simply force women to stay at home on Mondays enjoying the long weekend every week – if there’s such a thing as “enjoying the weekend” for Afghan women.

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  1. Id like to see all you little tiny bitches go to a muslim country and say all this shit on here to them, But wait you guys like to hide behind a computer screen and talk shit because you guys dont have a pair of balls, saying this on a computer screen, Lmao you guys are fucken pathetic !

  2. “This revolutionary action makes Afghanistan the first Islamic country to impose restrictions on a form of attire that many Muslims consider a religious obligation.”

    Thats quite inaccurate, I’m sure the hijab has been banned in public places in Turkey, the central asian countries (i.e. Kazakhstan), or most muslim nations with some form of secularism. The return of the burqa to nations like Egypt signify the return of sharia oppression.

    • lana, face coverings were banned in Turkey for a long time, but since Erdogan, an Islamic fundamentalist took over, those bans are being lifted. Soon, hijabs will be required.

  3. Karzai better pack his bags! When the remaining US troops leave that he loved to criticize, he better leave with them! There is an element of justice in Karzai signing his own letter of resignation from living in Afghanistan alive, everybody!
    He liked to play the game and supported The Obama while criticizing the US troops who allowed him to keep power! When Obama leaves office, Karzai will be close behind! Another thing Karzai has in common with The Obama, they both won election due to fraud! Karzai cheated out the Sharia Islamic’s candidate and Obama cheated Sec of State Hillary Clinton out of the Democratic nomination for President!
    Fact is the Sharia Islamics have created hell hole societies of Medieval, social primitives who simply like it like that!
    How many weeks do we give Karzai should he cheat again to keep power before one of our US trained Afghan troops give him the Anwar Sadat treatment? Remember him? The Afghan troops we trained today are the ones who will hate us tomorrow!
    We should have let the Russian commies keep Afghanistan! They might have killed off enough of the Sharia society by now that they could have repopulated the country with Russians! Indeed, this is a very cruel truth but 9/11 might not have happened too!
    We Americans need to start playing smart not nice!

  4. What a bunch of insecure morons, denying themselves the incredible companionship of truly emancipated women. But then again, what would an emancipated woman see in them?

  5. Karazi is just as much a woman mutilating muslim piece of filth as the taliban. They are all sub-human garbage. Even the ones we call “good” muslims. They are all inbred, goat and donkey humping, little boy molesting, wife beating, homo hanging, barbaric savages. Let ’em kill each other.

    • Bob, now that I think about it, I’m sure he made this inconsequential gesture just to make sure the American financial aid keeps rolling in.

  6. When I first saw the Afghani film “Osama” about the little girl who dressed as a boy in order to get an education. I held great hope for Afghanistan because it was one of the first films made after the allied forces went into that country. I thought, an Afghani man has made this film and he for one can see the problem and the lives of women must get better.

    What a fool I was to think that was going to happen.

      • Actually, even the burqa, absolutely monstrous as it is, is just a TINY step above what “purdah” used to be, where women were NEVER allowed to be seen by men in any way, shape or form – where they’re totally confined to carriages or houses without being able to go outside AT ALL under any circumstances, no matter how heavily covered they are. However, I’d bet that the Talibs will push things all the way back to that absolute extremity once they regain power!!!!

        The worst of the Afghani and Pakistani areas are those where the Pashtuns live – if ever the West or anybody else wants to take vengeance upon either of those countries for the waste of life and resources occasioned by going there, it’s those areas that ought to be especially targeted for maximum punishment!!!!! [Of course, the very next targets after that should be Saudi Arabia and Iran, where one ought to erase Mecca, Medina, Jidda and Riyadh on the one hand – Mashhad, Isfahan, Qom, Shiraz and Tabriz on the other – from off the planet’s surface!!!…]

  7. Rarely can a female in an islamic controlled situation extricate herself.
    No matter what she has to endure she has little, if any, confidence of obtaining help from any source and, sadly, that is most often the truth.
    Females in an islamic culture are taught early in life that they are to be in total
    subjection to the superior male islamist.

    For a brief while, women in some Countries had hoped relief and rescue would come when foreign troops “freed” their Country, but that hope was soon dashed and their bondage increased as islamic muslimes took over the government.

    Unfortunately nothing will change since many know now that the U.N. is firmly under the control of islam and islamic sympathizers and enablers.

    The politics of a preverted pedophile’s death cult religion still places their lives in danger every day.

    And now that same bondage is currently at work in America under the leadership of the muslime-n-chief and his cronies from both political parties, the left-wing media, the tarnished brass military leaders, most of the union’s hierarchy and certain “celebrities”.

      • My view entirely. it will last for as long as the troops are there. He is not a worthy leader of their country. He, like all Muslims, hate women.

        Russian could not help those people, and we cant either. Millions of our soldiers are lost in the cause of the War Lords on both sides. Let’s get to hell out of there.

  8. It’s certainly a Picture that hits Home,the other one that totally disgusted me was the Photo of the muzzieadult standing on top of that poor Child,just because he was born into a Christian Family,he/she must have been about 1-yr old,i still see that picture.

    • Chris, which photo? There are many. I know one is circulating about a Hindu practice of “healing” and the child was fine. (It is being passed off as a muzzie murder on the Web…)

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