Was French Muslim killer, Mohammed Merah, a double agent also working for French Intelligence Services?

Following the shootings of seven people in southwestern France, authorities have insisted that gunman Mohammed Merah acted alone. But a reporter with Italian newspaper Il Foglio is citing an anonymous source that Merah was both an Islamic religious extremist and a spy for French intelligence.

How was Merah, who was on welfare, able to arrange his 2010 trip across Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and possibly elsewhere? Il Foglio’s source claims that French authorities had struck a deal with Merah: freedom of movement in exchange for valuable information.  

Prior to the shootings, France’s domestic spy agency says they had followed Merah for more than a year. They had been tracking his brother, now in custody, since 2007. Speculation is that it took France more than 10 days to track him down because because France thought he was only working for them.

France’s domestic spy chief increased speculation by saying that during the 32-hour siege Merah asked for a local intelligence officer by name, and that he told her, “I was going to call you to say I had some tip-offs for you, but actually I was going to [kill] you.” This admission has many wondering just how much contact Merah had with France’s security agencies. LeakSource


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  1. Did any of his Information come to any good,???- and the Moral of this Story is – Never do deals with the DEVIL.

    • That’s the problem: still a lot of noise, speculations -media’s having a field day! but when it comes to anything factually reliable, there’s very little if anything. Not that surprising really, considering intelligence, state security and spook agencies aren’t about to go on public record with anything.
      Add to this mess the rest that’s going on right now with muzzies; 17 with suspected terrorists ties detained, 5 others -including 3 imams- forthcoming expulsions, not to mention another one of these bastards (making 3)refused territory entry.

  2. When will they ever learn? The Koran, Sunnah, Sira & fiqh tell us what we need to know. We need to expel & exclude Islam from our borders. What valuable information did they hope to obtain? NQ 3:28 is sufficient to warn anyone of sound mind that Muslims can not be trusted. What information is worth more than the four innocent lives and two soldiers?

    3:28. Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Auliyâ (supporters, helpers, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allâh in any way, except if you indeed fear a danger from them. And Allâh warns you against Himself (His Punishment), and to Allâh is the final return.

    • Right. Apartheid Islamic style.

      Moslems are paranoid. They impute their own evil, violent intentions to others…projection!

      Feeding the crocodile and hoping he will bite you last is what the French would have done.


  3. ahhhh conspiracy theory! well here is mine.

    bill and hillary are planning to off obama. 2 recent episodes. first, obama tells medvedev that once re-elected he will be more “flexible’ with the usa’s ability to defend itself. then, the russian media outs obama as a foreigner. why would they draw attention to this when obama is handing over our country to them? the msm will not cover the issue except to call anyone that questions his eligibility a racist. sheriff joe of maricopa county, arizona, has been investigating and has concluded that his birth certificate is forged. other discrepancies are also uncovered. the msm, who always cover sheriff joe’s stuff(pink underwear, baloney sandwiches, chain gangs, tent city, etc.), are ignoring this. so why would russia put this in pravda, the kgb newspaper? other nations’ media may then pick it up, and eventually our msm could not keep ignoring it.

    well, either hillary, who doesn’t want to wait much longer to be president, offered a deal so good to the russians they could not refuse, or obama has become too much of a liability. maybe his narcissism/messiah complex is out of control and he is too unstable.

    so whether they get him out of office by eligibility or death, the result is hillary gets to be queen of the nwo.

    we are almost having race riots now over the trayvon debacle, just think what would happen if obama is no longer president. ushering in the nwo will be easier if martial law is imposed.

    • As “whacked out “as your theory is, it is very conceivable. Although you nreed to figure where George Soros comes into play in the NWO.

      • of course soros is pulling the strings from behind the curtain. he’s involved in everything, all over the planet. both guys have a messiah complex, so soros may be getting irritated at his competition for the coveted title of anointed one. hillary may be a socialist, power-hungry traitor to her country, and evil too, but she’s not insane.

        setting up some moronic aryan supremacist to take the fall is a logical way to further implement their nwo agenda. it’s been done before, with jfk here, and rabin in israel.

  4. Seems not only possible but quite likely; muslime arselifter infiltration of top Federal agencies in the USA has become quite common; not much of a stretch to consider that happening all over Europe as well, especially considering the fact that the percentage of arselifters in the UK and all over Europe is much higher than here!


    • Martin, you’ve got beef with us fine, but you leave my flag the way it is thank you! As for protecting the nazis as you claim, you want to go spit on the graves of those on my family’s side -and everybody elses’-who died fighting them while you’re at it?

  6. I’ve been reading about this for two days now. Some of the French comments are really very interesting.

    Among good ideas expressed, a law should be enacted that all muslims that die as a result of a terrorist act will be buried with a pig in its grave. This should be quite the deterrent…

  7. Just like the afghans killing our troops from behind like the cowards they all are. this is no different, you cannot trust any of them, because you do not know which of them intends to become a jihadi. trust a moozlim at your own peril.

  8. I don’t know about this article, BNI. I had people post to several videos I had about Merah, and they tried saying he was a special agent of Mossad. I, of course, deleted those comments.

    muslims are History revisionists. They try to distract from the Truth. The video attached to this article was from PressTV. Not really a trusted source. mohammmad was a muslim who hated Jews. Don’t think there’s much more to add to that. All muslims hate Jews.

    • TG, FRANCE24 has a link to this story/video too. But half of their video was re: other news which is why I used this one. There are similar stories about this on the internet as well.

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