Was French Muslim killer, Mohammed Merah, a double agent also working for French Intelligence Services?

Following the shootings of seven people in southwestern France, authorities have insisted that gunman Mohammed Merah acted alone. But a reporter with Italian newspaper Il Foglio is citing an anonymous source that Merah was both an Islamic religious extremist and a spy for French intelligence.

How was Merah, who was on welfare, able to arrange his 2010 trip across Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and possibly elsewhere? Il Foglio’s source claims that French authorities had struck a deal with Merah: freedom of movement in exchange for valuable information.  

Prior to the shootings, France’s domestic spy agency says they had followed Merah for more than a year. They had been tracking his brother, now in custody, since 2007. Speculation is that it took France more than 10 days to track him down because because France thought he was only working for them.

France’s domestic spy chief increased speculation by saying that during the 32-hour siege Merah asked for a local intelligence officer by name, and that he told her, “I was going to call you to say I had some tip-offs for you, but actually I was going to [kill] you.” This admission has many wondering just how much contact Merah had with France’s security agencies. LeakSource