AUSTRALIA: Muslim outrage from the religion of perpetual outrage over burqa-wearing infidels testing security in public places

Ugly scenes erupted between a group of burqa-clad researchers and a Muslim man outside NSW State Parliament in Sydney. A group of Australian men and women dressed up in black garbage bags (burqas) as a publicity stunt to demonstrate the security issues associated with the Muslim cloth coffins.

NEWS 9MSN (H/T Shirl in Oz)  Members of the group Faceless ventured into a Sydney CBD courthouse, pub and bank without drawing much reaction, but faced a stronger backlash later outside parliament.

“It’s got no place in Australia — it’s a front to a civilised country like Australia,” Faceless member Nicholas Folkes said of the burqa.

Nine News filmed a man outraged by the protesters, shouting in their faces and pulling off their veils.

“That’s what I think of you,” the man said after spitting on the ground.

The argument became more heated when a man connected to Faceless referred to the prophet Mohammed as “a rat.”

From: Nick Folkes*, APP Sydney Organizer:  

We entered two banks to test security. The banks we entered had stickers on their outside windows advertising the need to remove helmets before entering the bank. We had no problems entering the banks dressed in our burqas even though we were a party of seven. Bank staff including security were suspicious and looked worried but were afraid to challenge us in case they might be branded ‘racist’ or some other inappropriate label.

We spent hours wandering through the City, talking to people inclduing dissatisfied muslims. Many people came up to us and congatulated the group on making a stand but the muslims were in their usual defensive and aggressive mood. A few honest muslims even mentioned the burqa is not religious but cultural and we asked, “why wear it then?”.

 When we entered the Downing Court Building security went into overdrive and asked us to sit down while they questioned us. The two female security guards admitted they hadn’t seen anything like our group before and were concerned about security. At least the Court security was prepared to challenge us on the premise that security is paramount. 

We stopped at an Inner City pub for a few cold ones. When we entered the toilets no questions were asked to prove our sexuality or identity. This hypothetically proves a pervert or criminal could enter the toilets without being stopped.

 Our last stop was NSW Parliament House. We arrived at the entrance of Parliament and were stopped by security. We spent over 1 hour waiting for a reply from senior security on entering the building. We were denied access to the building without an explanation. While waiting outside the NSW Parliament House entrance a caravan with square wheels rolled by with two muslims hanging out the windows verbally abusing us.

The knuckle draggers proceeded across the road and continued screaming at us. It is really impossible to converse with people from a culture that suffers 1,400 years of inbreeding. The two muslim men continued yelling obscenities, abused, pushed and spat on Harry. The screaming got out of the hand and security did absolutely nothing in response to the muslim aggression.To make matters even worse the Police didn’t apprehend the abusive muslims.

 All in all it was a great day. We got our message across to the public and media that the burqa poses many security threats. 

 *Folkes (who lost his veil during the confrontation) is the Sydney organizer of  Australian Protectionist Party. Another of the “burqa” demonstrators was APP supporter Sergio Redegalli (pictured above), the man responsible for the notorious “Say No to Burqas“/”Say No to Fiona Byrne” mural.