CASE CLOSED? Joining the sh*tstirrers from CAIR, the left wing loons have concluded that an ‘Islamophobe’ or a military veteran killed the Iraqi mom in San Diego

The headline from The Daily Beast reads: Shaima Alawadi’s Brutal Murder Highlights Anti-Muslim Activity in San Diego. Yet police have not ruled out the possibility that she was killed by a member of her own family. Writer Jamie Reno says, “The young mother’s killing is the latest in a disturbing increase in anti-Muslim incidents around San Diego.”


(Notice in the photos below how public opinion has already arrested, tried, and convicted the unknown “Islamophobic” killer)

On March 21, Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old Iraqi Muslim and mother of five, was found brutally beaten at her home in El Cajon…with a note next to her read, “go back to your country you terrorist.” (From which Jamie concludes the murderer could only have been an Islamophobe. CASE CLOSED?)

It’s been more than a decade since we learned that at least three of the Sept. 11 hijackers lived in America’s Finest City, but the tension that news generated between Muslims and non-Muslims here never really went away. Alawadi’s murder, which is still being investigated by El Cajon police and the FBI, has brought that tension back into the national spotlight. 

Some have compared Alawadi, who wore a hijab, the headscarf traditionally worn by Muslim women, with Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old African-American from Florida who was shot dead in February by a neighborhood-watch captain who thought he looked suspicious. (How convenient, tie a possible hate crime or honor killing to a media-promoted questionable race crime, also not proven, despite the fact that Islam is not a race. CASE CLOSED?)

(It gets better. Using nothing even resembling factual evidence other than the always exaggerated and usually unreliable charges posed by CAIR, Jamie concludes that): 

San Diego-area Muslims were experiencing a notable increase in discrimination, bullying, and physical assaults, according to the local Council on America-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-San Diego. In the first quarter of 2012, the number of hostile incidents against Muslims in and around San Diego was nearly equal to the total number of incidents in 2011, according to Hanif Mohebi, director of CAIR-San Diego.

“We’ve seen an increase of reports just in the last few months, including some disturbing bullying of young Muslim students, discrimination in employment, and even harassment in prisons, and not just by fellow prisoners but even by prison guards,” Mohebi said. (Where are the facts and figures? CAIR loves to trot out the fact that anti-Muslim hate crimes doubled last year, even though the actual stats were 132 to 197 in 2010 – not double, 50% – which still makes them five time fewer than hate crimes against Jews)

“And now this tragedy, which has many Muslims in this community concerned, especially those that wear scarves.” (And somehow CAIR knows this was a headscarf-induced murder. CASE CLOSED?)

Last year, a San Diego cab driver attacked a Muslim man praying near a local park. The driver reportedly shouted, “You idiot, you motherf—-r, go back to where you came from,” then grabbed the victim by the shirt and punched him repeatedly. 

Also last year, a woman in a hijab was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight at San Diego International Airport and was told the captain didn’t “feel comfortable” with her on the flight. Southwest later apologized to the woman. (Both of which prove the San Diego woman was killed by a Muslim-hater?) And in October a San Diego group called Defend Christians launched a campaign focused on passing out anti-Muslim literature to high school students.(Not true, I happen to know it was literature quoting facts about Islam that Muslims would rather non-Muslims not see)

(But wait, that’s not all) 

In 2010, a DMV worker in Oceanside, home to the Camp Pendleton Marine base north of San Diego, insisted that a Muslim woman remove her hijab for her driver’s license photograph, despite California regulations that allow for religiously mandated head coverings. (Head coverings, not face coverings) A few years earlier, the same thing happened at a DMV office in nearby Poway.

Nationally, the number of anti-Muslim groups in the United States tripled in 2011, (Another lie. The FBI and even CAIR says it doubled, not tripled) according to a new report by the (Communists at) Southern Poverty Law Center. But Muslims in San Diego are feeling particularly concerned of late.

(Get ready, here it comes. Jamie trots out a Muslim lawyer who tries to pin the murder on a military veteran)

San Diego attorney Randy Hamud, an American-born Muslim and a member of the Arab-American Advisory Board for the San Diego Police Department, believes that animosity in the San Diego area toward Muslims is “actually worse now than it was even right after the 9/11 attack.”

Hamud believes this has more to do with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq than with the terror attack itself. “This is a military city, and county, with several military bases, and I think intolerance is a residual effect of a war that has lasted so long,” he said.

Of Alawadi’s killing, Hamud said, “If this was a hate crime, it could be the result of an increased frustration some people in this community have with Muslims because of what happened in Iraq and what is happening in Afghanistan, where even some of the people we are there to support have attacked and killed us.”

While there is no evidence yet a member of the military had any role in Alawadi’s death, Hamud fears the possibility that Southern California could be harboring another Robert Bales, who is charged with going on a rampage and killing 17 civilians in Southern Afghanistan in March. (But the idea that the husband, a relative, or a jealous lover might have killed her never enters his mind? Oh, that’s right, there was that anti-Muslim note and everything. CASE CLOSED)

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about it,” Hamud said. “We have a very large veteran population here, and so many of our troops do multiple deployments and come home with post-traumatic stress. And we have so many identifiable people of Middle Eastern background. It’s something I can’t help but think about.” (No, sweetie, it is how you want it to be, not necessarily how it was. Your loathing of our troops disgusts me, but then, so do most muslims)


Gadi Adelman of Family Security Matters sees this from a different perspective based on police press conference/video at this link:  HATE CRIME? NOT LIKELY