CASE CLOSED? Joining the sh*tstirrers from CAIR, the left wing loons have concluded that an ‘Islamophobe’ or a military veteran killed the Iraqi mom in San Diego

The headline from The Daily Beast reads: Shaima Alawadi’s Brutal Murder Highlights Anti-Muslim Activity in San Diego. Yet police have not ruled out the possibility that she was killed by a member of her own family. Writer Jamie Reno says, “The young mother’s killing is the latest in a disturbing increase in anti-Muslim incidents around San Diego.”


(Notice in the photos below how public opinion has already arrested, tried, and convicted the unknown “Islamophobic” killer)

On March 21, Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old Iraqi Muslim and mother of five, was found brutally beaten at her home in El Cajon…with a note next to her read, “go back to your country you terrorist.” (From which Jamie concludes the murderer could only have been an Islamophobe. CASE CLOSED?)

It’s been more than a decade since we learned that at least three of the Sept. 11 hijackers lived in America’s Finest City, but the tension that news generated between Muslims and non-Muslims here never really went away. Alawadi’s murder, which is still being investigated by El Cajon police and the FBI, has brought that tension back into the national spotlight. 

Some have compared Alawadi, who wore a hijab, the headscarf traditionally worn by Muslim women, with Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old African-American from Florida who was shot dead in February by a neighborhood-watch captain who thought he looked suspicious. (How convenient, tie a possible hate crime or honor killing to a media-promoted questionable race crime, also not proven, despite the fact that Islam is not a race. CASE CLOSED?)

(It gets better. Using nothing even resembling factual evidence other than the always exaggerated and usually unreliable charges posed by CAIR, Jamie concludes that): 

San Diego-area Muslims were experiencing a notable increase in discrimination, bullying, and physical assaults, according to the local Council on America-Islamic Relations, or CAIR-San Diego. In the first quarter of 2012, the number of hostile incidents against Muslims in and around San Diego was nearly equal to the total number of incidents in 2011, according to Hanif Mohebi, director of CAIR-San Diego.

“We’ve seen an increase of reports just in the last few months, including some disturbing bullying of young Muslim students, discrimination in employment, and even harassment in prisons, and not just by fellow prisoners but even by prison guards,” Mohebi said. (Where are the facts and figures? CAIR loves to trot out the fact that anti-Muslim hate crimes doubled last year, even though the actual stats were 132 to 197 in 2010 – not double, 50% – which still makes them five time fewer than hate crimes against Jews)

“And now this tragedy, which has many Muslims in this community concerned, especially those that wear scarves.” (And somehow CAIR knows this was a headscarf-induced murder. CASE CLOSED?)

Last year, a San Diego cab driver attacked a Muslim man praying near a local park. The driver reportedly shouted, “You idiot, you motherf—-r, go back to where you came from,” then grabbed the victim by the shirt and punched him repeatedly. 

Also last year, a woman in a hijab was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight at San Diego International Airport and was told the captain didn’t “feel comfortable” with her on the flight. Southwest later apologized to the woman. (Both of which prove the San Diego woman was killed by a Muslim-hater?) And in October a San Diego group called Defend Christians launched a campaign focused on passing out anti-Muslim literature to high school students.(Not true, I happen to know it was literature quoting facts about Islam that Muslims would rather non-Muslims not see)

(But wait, that’s not all) 

In 2010, a DMV worker in Oceanside, home to the Camp Pendleton Marine base north of San Diego, insisted that a Muslim woman remove her hijab for her driver’s license photograph, despite California regulations that allow for religiously mandated head coverings. (Head coverings, not face coverings) A few years earlier, the same thing happened at a DMV office in nearby Poway.

Nationally, the number of anti-Muslim groups in the United States tripled in 2011, (Another lie. The FBI and even CAIR says it doubled, not tripled) according to a new report by the (Communists at) Southern Poverty Law Center. But Muslims in San Diego are feeling particularly concerned of late.

(Get ready, here it comes. Jamie trots out a Muslim lawyer who tries to pin the murder on a military veteran)

San Diego attorney Randy Hamud, an American-born Muslim and a member of the Arab-American Advisory Board for the San Diego Police Department, believes that animosity in the San Diego area toward Muslims is “actually worse now than it was even right after the 9/11 attack.”

Hamud believes this has more to do with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq than with the terror attack itself. “This is a military city, and county, with several military bases, and I think intolerance is a residual effect of a war that has lasted so long,” he said.

Of Alawadi’s killing, Hamud said, “If this was a hate crime, it could be the result of an increased frustration some people in this community have with Muslims because of what happened in Iraq and what is happening in Afghanistan, where even some of the people we are there to support have attacked and killed us.”

While there is no evidence yet a member of the military had any role in Alawadi’s death, Hamud fears the possibility that Southern California could be harboring another Robert Bales, who is charged with going on a rampage and killing 17 civilians in Southern Afghanistan in March. (But the idea that the husband, a relative, or a jealous lover might have killed her never enters his mind? Oh, that’s right, there was that anti-Muslim note and everything. CASE CLOSED)

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about it,” Hamud said. “We have a very large veteran population here, and so many of our troops do multiple deployments and come home with post-traumatic stress. And we have so many identifiable people of Middle Eastern background. It’s something I can’t help but think about.” (No, sweetie, it is how you want it to be, not necessarily how it was. Your loathing of our troops disgusts me, but then, so do most muslims)


Gadi Adelman of Family Security Matters sees this from a different perspective based on police press conference/video at this link:  HATE CRIME? NOT LIKELY









64 comments on “CASE CLOSED? Joining the sh*tstirrers from CAIR, the left wing loons have concluded that an ‘Islamophobe’ or a military veteran killed the Iraqi mom in San Diego

  1. I am disgusted at the people who makes their comments against any of these innocent Muslims or UnMuslims agreeing with the family’s lost. I am not defending anything upon my family’s generations, (AMERICANS), but i am just not too satisfied.Everybody and everyone in humanity has emotional feelings and hatred towards things, BUT NEVER have i ever felt a more racial and biased country like AMERICA. I’m an American and am was born in America, and i may not know exactly how these people are treated, but i know for a fact that inside themselves, they do not feel secure or safe. Can you not remember when Preal harbor had been attacked. right after the attack, racial treatment were sent against Japanese Americans too.History is defintly repeating itself, and is testing our limits over and over again. I will stand with proudness to say that I support this innocent vuctim, and whoever gets caught, may God punish them afterwards. I wouldn’t give a damn of any kind of RACIAL or RELIGIOUS attempt,but that people are composed of the same human body parts inside, and for this case, each and everyone of them would be composed of the same feelings toward what goes on their life as well. Stop blaming your hatred toward Muslims, just like you blamed your hatred twoard the Japanese back then. Have a heart, and be more REALISTIC. You all sound FAKE and TRAGIC. Your in a world where you won’t always get what you want, but in a way, make it better by sharing the love that you have towards your family towards everyone. I promise you, my American brothers and sisters, you will not be able to catch yup with your life if yo do not look anywhere
    besides your FACE!

    • Hey Moe (is that Moe for Mohammed?), no way are you an American born in America. Your English sucks and you sound just like the filthy muslim asslifters who post here all the time. FYI, Islam is NOT a race. Take your crap and shove it. muslims are not welcome here.

      I guess you haven’t read the news about this murder in San Diego. The police believe she was killed by either the husband, the daughter, or the daughter’s boyfriend.

    • Hey Mo, or is it Ho?

      You are about as stupid as they come, go back to school and try to finish 5th grade.
      You are nothing but a muslime wannabee American and not very good at it I must add.
      I am convinced you will be hiding behind a mosque or your donkey somewhere when WW 3 breaks out,
      Watching how your “unmuslim” American brothers and sister are fighting for their turf and free their beloved country from
      disgusting invaders like you.
      I will be fighting side by side with my real “unmuslim” brothers where ever I can to stop the world from going back to the 7 th. century.
      There is no place for islam in our modern day world and yes, You and your inbreeds are living in a world where you won’t get what you want.

      Go f&ck yourself and your cousins.

  2. Wow, thanks for the barf fest.

    I am Shaima Alawadi, a Muslim male killed me.

    And her memory disappears in the deafening roar of the shuffling of feet of the entire leftist establishment.


    Go to the above website and see where there were Muslimes living in this country, in our state. ZERO! I am seventh generation Irish and my family helped to develope lower Manhattan. We were the original owners of the “Flat Iron” building. The history of my family is well documented. Growing up in New York (Long Island) we had Catholics, Christians, Jews and that’s it. We had no Muslims! The only Muslim looking person I ever saw was from what I saw on TV and in the movies. We had blacks and whites living side by side for generations. We didn’t have a group of people who NEEDED to push and shove their weight around as a minority in this country. We have always tolerated one another. We do have condensed communities, like China Town and Japenese areas, German areas, Polish areas, but none NEEDED special accomodations for their religious beliefs and their ethnic background. No one has tried to kill in the name of their religious god and because of this, we all grew up in a peaceful land (for the most part). We have a right to raise our children today in the same way as our parents did us. We have that right too and we are giving it away at the expense of a bunch of troubled people. They are not out to be peaceful, the peace they desire comes from our submission where we lose our rights and our national identity and that is the only way! We can’t have it, we cannot have it! This has got to end now before it goes any further.

  4. Here we go with the propaganda. No doubt that husband offed his wife. I bet a bunch of muslim men got together and talked about how they wanted to kill their wives, so they came up with this load of crap to serve two purposes – kill their wives without getting caught and to shut up non-muslims who speak out against their ‘religion’ and honour killings.

  5. This will go on long enough for people to forget about it. Then the names and guilty party/s will be released but not on the front page.
    Can up set the average person that might put 2 and 2 together.

  6. Shalom,
    My money (were I a betting man) would be on the “husband” due to his established and undisputed history as a pedophile.
    Pedophiles often, and without remorse, murder their victims with ease having already dehumanized them as mere objects.

  7. What never ceases to amaze me is how indifferent muslims are towards death, and yet they put on such an exagerated display of grief for the media when one of their own family members is killed.

  8. In the UK hate crime against the white indiginous population is far higher than against muslims, yet there is a deafening silence when a white person is attacked, but a holy hell when someone even insults a muslim. Because no one in government has the backbone to stand up[ to these people. As the child grooming scandal, it is classed as an Asian problem, when as we know, in every country that has this problem it is predominantly pakistani muslims who carry this out.

    • You must not have a LIFE! I am an AMERICAN myself! If you really do not have nothing nice to say, don’t make it seem like a joke. You must be blind, and ugly to notice anything selse in life but your FACE! I almost cried after i read your comment. HA HA HA! You had to be half-asleep while you were writing comments like these!

  9. Im tired of hearing their whinning! Shut the f+++ UP!!!!!
    This is NOT muzzie country, get the hell out!!!!! Americans are special, muzzies are NOT!!! Go back to your sand holes.

    • this isnt a muzzie country???
      the last time i checked america was a country with no specific religion
      so clearly you dont know what the hell your talking about

  10. My gut instincts strongly tell me the husband will stay in Iraq, the police will not conduct a robust investigation out of fear of inflamming muslim sentiments. After chasing down false leads and waisting taxpayer dollars, the crime will remain a cold case, providing they don’t find a convenient scapegoat to pin it on. This monkey-assed CAIR offensive will succeed because this is California, a dhimmi state where the people are not only afraid of their own shadow, but the burkha clad shadows as well. The pussified, false doctrine of moral cowardice, known as political correctness is so rampant there that it’s encoded in the ill-named “progressive’s” DNA.

    Yes, all those hijabi-clad muzzbitches in the CAIR Ministry of Propaganda photos above only serves to deepen my disgust and hatred of muslims tenfold. CAIR knows the husband did it or at least arranged the hit. The purpose of CAIR’s obsfucation is to simply protect the “allah ordained right” of a muzzturd husband or father to exercise the power of life or death over females. That is all this sordid business is about.

    Lastly, damn that lawyer, Randy HAMud for trying to pin the guilt on a servicemember, and damn him for using my good name to do it with!

    The sad thing about CAIR’s stack of lies concerning a rise in hate crimes against muslims is that it’s NOT true. I wish it was true because it would be a good indicator that more and more people are no longer gonna take muslim-induced bullshit anymore.

    Screw islam! Screw muslims!

  11. acting like they are the victims is their favorite thing to do. I saw the video of the daughter with her fake tears – similar to Susan Smith’s “tears”. There is something fishy going on in that family – and they had to wear sunglasses – if they were crying real tears the glasses would fog up and they wouldn’t be able to see out of them. (I wear glasses – I know!!)

  12. Bonni, I hope you will run these posters again when the cops arrest the hubby for the murder of his wife.

    Muslimas have nothing to fear from Americans, just from Muslim barrows.

    • Guy, not when, if. I will keep snooping around this story to see if anything breaks under the radar. And yes, I will repost those photos and all the rest.

  13. The police will not prove the husband it, because the police WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to properly conduct this investigation and identify the murderer. This is the mirror image of the Martin/Zimmerman case, in which the mob is demanding that the police charge Zimmerman with murder whether they have due cause or not. That’s what our system of “justice” is turning into. Mob rule by multiculturally correct privileged elements, enabled by the servile libtard media.

    It’s scary when you ask yourself for a week if you are finally going totally barking paranoid because you think the police are going to be pressured by the FIBBIES and the State Department to drop this case so the RAGHEADS can claim it forever as an “unsolved hate crime” — and then that is exactly what happens.

    So now we have an ongoing lynch mob being egged on by the MSM in the Martin/Zimmerman case, and a cover up of an “honor” killing being enabled by the same Libtard media in the Alawadi case. (In other words, sharia law is being obeyed to the letter.)

    And the Obamullah is now leading in the polls on his way to re-election. If that happens, this will become the permanent face of “justice” in this country. And yeah, all of us who have spoken out against the Obama regime and the rise of jihadism will find ourselves right in the crosshairs.

    Unless, of course, I’m just being totally barking paranoid.

    • RRA, there must be a way to find out if the husband did it. It might not make the national news but it will be in the local news in San Diego. Isn’t there a Freedom of Information act that can be used to find out the truth?

      • I keep checking the San Diego area (which includes El Cajon) every couple days in case this thing suddenly falls off the radar. So if something is revealed by the local police and reported that information should be available. Unless of course there is a complete cover-up. Here’s a good article on the subject from Family Security Matters:

        This writer is more optimisitic than I am about our ultimately learning the truth, but her analysis is spot on.

  14. Smart money is on the perp being the “grieving husband.” Is it true that he’s in Iraq? If so, then he paid somebody to kill her, and being in Iraq is his alibi. Also, a normal, loving husband and father would have been on the next flight out of that hellhole to comfort his children and make funeral arrangements.

  15. Boo Frickin” Hoo again!

    Won’t they look like idiots when the police prove the husband did it and all those pitiful posters with “Am I next?” can be answered yes, because you are muslim & married to a muslim male who believes in “honor” murder.

    So take your posters that are meant to condemn non-muslims and display them where they are needed, in the muslim community.

  16. The cops will find the husband did it and tried to cover it up. When they do, the TAQIYYA will hit the fan and spread the news around the world…Mozzies are killers and liars…the ‘perfect’ example of Mo’s marauders: lie-kill-lie-kill-lie-kill…etc.

  17. It appears from the numerous images on this article, that the ‘slimes and AssWholes are doing their best to exploit a horrible murder for political advantage.

    If truly an isolated incident not threatening other citizens, the murder must be an inside job; honoricide, not a hate crime perpetrated by an Islamophobe.

    There is no excuse for breaking into someone’s home and bludgeoning the family’s wife and mother. Murder is murder, regardless of motive, whether or not hate or prejudice is involved.

    The fatal facts that Islam is a continuing criminal enterprise, not a religion and that believers are terrorists by definition [8:12, 57, 60, 67; 9:111, 120, 33:21, 26, 27, 59:2, 13 & Sahih Bukhari 4.52.220] should not motivate any sane person to assault and murder Muslims.

    Knowledge of the fatal facts should motivate sane persons to disrespectfully demand effective government action to secure our lives & liberties by outlawing Islam and expelling & excluding ‘slimes from our borders.

    Breivik did not engage in mass murder because he learned the fatal facts, he killed because his brain is defective; his logic deranged.

    Bare Naked Islam, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, etc. etal. do not cause hate crimes. Islam inculcates hate and incites hate crimes. [1:6, 5:60, 7; 8:12, 39, 60, 65, 67; 9:5, 29,30, 33, 111, 120, 123, 47:4, 98:6] The Hindu, Assyrian & Armenian genocides were Islamic hate crimes.

    The Gd’d Abomination 09/11/01 was an Islamic act of worship, as stated in the confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad & co.

    Hijab, your ‘ass’! Islam considers the entire female body to be vagina [awrah] I have seen one story in which a Muslima, bathing on the roof of her house, was seen by a man without her hijab; she pulled her skirt up over her head to cover her shame.

    The facts leading to the hijab ruling are found in Sahih Bukhari. Nobody else will show you this, but I will.

    Volume 1, Book 4, Number 148:

    Narrated ‘Aisha:

    The wives of the Prophet used to go to Al-Manasi, a vast open place (near Baqia at Medina) to answer the call of nature at night. ‘Umar used to say to the Prophet “Let your wives be veiled,” but Allah’s Apostle did not do so. One night Sauda bint Zam’a the wife of the Prophet went out at ‘Isha’ time and she was a tall lady. ‘Umar addressed her and said, “I have recognized you, O Sauda.” He said so, as he desired eagerly that the verses of Al-Hijab (the observing of veils by the Muslim women) may be revealed. So Allah revealed the verses of “Al-Hijab” (A complete body cover excluding the eyes).

    The purpose of the covering is so they can shit out in the open desert without being recognized!

    In this comment, I cited Qur’an verses by Surah & Ayeh numbers. If you Google those numbers in this format: 8:39 you will find them because I have quoted them in numerous blog posts. When I cite a sequence of numbers such as 8:39, 57, 60… just move the next number up, replacing the original ayeh number. You can also substitute the numbers in this url to view 37 parallel translations:

    These blog posts have the fatal facts you need to know. Please share them with others less informed:

  18. the first note thrown away? the police weren’t notified? if that’s reallly the grieving husband why isn’t his face covered in tears? Thw whole damn thing smacks of honor killing.

    • dragon, according to the daughter, they thought the mystery note was a kid’s prank. I don’t believe for a second there was another note.

  19. Notice that the muslimes are American Muslimes when they want sympathy and they are Muslime Americans when they make demands? No muslime will ever be American and those that have converted are not Americans. Americans respect the flag and the Constitution of the USA. My forefathers fought for the freedoms they enjoy in America. What did their forefathers fight for? I don’t see any muslime names on the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Next time I see a headbagger I am going to ask her if her genitals have been mutilated and if there are any honor killings in the family.

    • Dawn, take a look at the new history books supplied by the Saudis. They say Muslims were in N. America before Columbus was.And Obama said Muslims helped found the country.

      • It is a sad fact that some of the history books have been changed to reflect the Saudi’s version of OUR history.
        Every day I pray that Obama does not get re-elected.

        • Dawn, every morning when I wake up and turn on talk radio, I pray I will hear “We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news from the White House….”

          I’ll let you use your imagination.

        • I have said this same thing so many times. Not to mention for God to intercede on our behalf. Maybe time for the Soldiers of light to go on another Crusade against the dark.

  20. And if you believe what the muslimes are saying thenyou can belive that the Neighborhood Watch man is a white Mexican !!

    As for the “Fear” the muslimes feel – solve it – LEAVE our Country and the sooner, the better !!

  21. It’s ironic that her murder was put down to an islamophobic hate crime by the left, not even considering that the killer might actually have been (and more likely to be) some muslim bloke who got a wink at the local mosque, a taxi driver, maybe!

    I doubt the notes act as evidence, the mother, one of her daughters or a family friend may have wrote them, to use as the ‘sympathy’ cards when getting help from the state, or the killer may have wrote them for ‘obvious’ reasons.

  22. The Koran is more anti-semitic than Mein Kampf. The Koran is a war manual that is hostile to every single person in the world who is not Muslim. Terrorists are doing exactly what Allah commands them to do. They beat and murder their wives because it is permitted in their ‘religion’. Islam means submission, the peace they speak of will only come when the entire world is Muslim…of course that makes sense, look at every single Muslim country in the world. The violence stops while they are planting bombs, mixing acid to be thrown on a child or woman’s face, donning suicide bombs or training how to fly airplanes into buildings. See, Muslims are peaceful so shut up and let them plot to kill you as they whine incessantly and sue.

    Yes, I distrust Muslims and think they should retreat back to the stone age where they came from. Got that CAIR?

    This is kind of a rant because I am pissed off!! Real victims are not the Muslims, they are all who stand in their way of world domination and Sharia Law.

  23. “my allah is greater than your ignorance”

    well, my G-d, The G-d of Israel, is gonna kick your god’s sorry ass, just like he did in egypt to free His people from bondage. the pantheon of gods that the egyptians worshiped were shown to be powerless nothings. so too with allah.

    the whinefest in this post is beyond belief. muslims terrorize and mass murder with impunity all over the world, yet piss and moan like they are the victims.

    all you whores from hell in the photos, what about your 1400 years of genocide? all the jews, christians, buddhists, pagans, bahais, hindus, etc. that were slaughtered and enslaved? all the christians in iraq, sudan, bethlehem, gaza, nigeria, kenya, etc, that are terrorized and murdered right now? the buddhists in thailand and bali? the jews in their G-d given homeland?

    you are ignorant, evil, narcissistic, hateful sociopaths/psychopaths with no empathy for humans nor animals. FUBAR.

    on a lighter note, here’s a great video on the trayvon case if you feel like laughing a little.

    • liz, all these sickening photos (and there are many more than I posted) made me want to say, “I hope so.”

  24. We all know it’s an inside job.

    I wonder if CAIR participated somehow just to get its name in the news or to get the ball rolling on hijabs.

  25. “Oh boo hoo I’m a Muslim in America…I’m sooooo persecuted and discriminated against!…”Stop the hate…” HORSESHIT!! Maybe if you arselifters and bagheads would quit trying to blame your own ——- “hate crimes” a.k.a. “honor killings”on anyone you think might be nearby who is non-muslim, you wouldn’t be hated damn near as much! But unfortunately THAT is not the muzzie way, to “live and let live”, even if the propaganda machine at CAIR keeps pumping out that kind of Horseshit!!!

    • Toxic narcissism is normative Islam, the ‘perfect’ example of the plagiarizing, psychopathic, pedophile pirate.

  26. OOooook, first of all I am stunned numb!! 😉 What a bunch of crap! I can NOT believe these AH’s are trying to pin this on “hate crime!” But funny how it’s always without ANY evidence, eh!! Have they EVER found the POS husband? The answer is there!! They use everything they could oh booohoooo me, they hate me! THIS is just the excuse you are using. Well you know what Take those damn covering OFF your heads, and assimilate; didin’t realize you needed a damn covering in order to practice your religion of HATE! oh wait, another excuse. You are NOT all Shaimia – YOU are yourselves you idiots! I can guarantee this screams of HONOR KILLING! Why you say, because that’s what’s you do! Yeah, it was hate alright from one of the Men in that family–they HATE women! PsOS!

    • shaz, the police interviewed the husband but who knows if he’s coming back from Iraq? The video in Gadi Adelman’s post shows the police not ready to call it a hate crime.

    • When will Islam stop taking every opportunity to use the tragic death of a woman to try to shame us and thus avoid being charged with a crime? Another hate crime! No. just another murder of a woman and what had she done I wonder.

      The husband will only come back when and if the police finish their investigation and he thinks he is in the clear. He should be with his children and family comforting them and perhaps preparing them to meet their new Momma!

    • Not to mention that Christians in Muslim countries are being driven from their homes slaughtered once again in several Muslim countries as we speak and no one is reporting it. And they are whining and blowing out of proportion one murder that they would even overlook in their own countries as probably justifiable just for political and religious propaganda.

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