We Muslims have rights and if the infidels won’t respect our religious demands, we have ways to force them to comply

Mama Muslim instructs her little baghead on the art of ‘dhimmitude’ – forcing Islam down the throats of the unbelievers.  She says Americans need to be educated about Islam and must give us time off to pray and days off for Muslim holidays. If they resist, we have CAIR who will sue them. The only reason we are here, in America, is for ‘dawa’ – to spread Islam and make good little ‘dhimmis’ out of the filthy kuffar (unbelievers).


35 comments on “We Muslims have rights and if the infidels won’t respect our religious demands, we have ways to force them to comply


  2. “You wear it because you want to, right.”

    What kid wants to cover their hair and head. The girl knows that if she doesn’t cover it, her mother will probably beat her with a stick or her father will beat her and lock her up.

    This muslim woman’s prophet is a head-chopper, rapist, mass murderer, pedophile, and evil demon. What could be wrong with that? These people should all be put in straight jackets and sent back to their hell holes of inbreeding.

  3. Pardon me AGAIN, Bonni, you’ll probably have to edit this one a bit….BUT ALL I can say on this one is “F— YOU Baghead Bitch!! AND the arselifters of CAIR (COUNCIL OF ARSELIFTER INTIMIDATION RELATIONS)…”We deserve to have OUR days off too…” F– YOU!! What you muzzy maggots REALLY deserve is to have your filthy stinking Arselifter Supremacist arses kicked the hell out of this country and DON’T even TRY to return!!…Arselifters ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!!

  4. Americans are learning about the DEATH CLUB FOR MEN and when they do, they become adamant opponents.

    Americans despise traitors. ‘Good’ Moslems are supremacists and therefore traitors to America’s values of freedom, democracy and equality.

    • I agree with Van Gogh’s views. When two opposing teams are to play by the same rules to win a game, and one cheats, lies, uses violence, rape, even child rape to win the game, this team must absolutely be banned from the playing field until they learn the rules and can follow the rules. If not, banned for ETERNITY.

  5. These Muslimes are only beginning, they are still weak, we are STRONG! They are planning and scheming their moves, and they are making it plain for us to see. This plan is only going to gain ground if we do NOTHING. So inquire in your schools today if the board of ed or administration has been approached by Muslimes with regard to what this “muslimema” is suggesting. Do you want to wake up one day in the future, especially if you have children, and find out that the America we grew up in and enjoyed is no longer there for our own children? Our fathers, their fathers, and their fathers sacrificed so that our country could be FREE of these vermin. We still have what it takes, sooooo……..”lets roll”!

  6. “But Mom, it’s hot with this bag on my head and I sweat and smell bad and my hair sticks together and the other girls look better and not like creatures from another planet”.
    Mom says: “Daughter, if you take it off your loving father will kill you”.

  7. As far as I’m concerned it’s been ‘on’ foe a while now, and it’s only going to end when we ‘persuade’ ALL these barbarians to get out. We built this country and ought to have a say in how it’s run. Islam has been at war with the US since the conception of the USMC. We Surround Them and it’s getting to be about time we make them feel the squeeze.

  8. This womans right in a way,”we must let the infidell know about our Ideals”- bring it on then,give her a Stage..give her a Platform,and let the whole World know of their intentions,and help B.N.I.spread the word,let her cut her OWN throat,and the throats of many other followers of this HATED CULT,but there are too many distractions in America,the one thing they will never do is,to have the attention of their Children 24/7,put on Dancing Queen by ABBA,and watch her dance,her reaction will be the same as any other 8-9-10 Year old Girl!! THE MORE THIS CULT IS EXPOSED THE BETTER,IN MY BOOK.

    • I have always believed in education. Let the Truth be told. Don’t tell people what to think, on the contrary, provide the information and let people think for themselves. Education is the enemy of slavery and as such, is the enemy of Islam. I further believe that in this unbridled Internet Age, Islam will wither and fade much like dark shadows in the light of day.

  9. For the liberals that may be looking at this site, take a vacation in Egypt, Afganistan,Iraq, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia for a preview of what this cnt and you dhimmi cowards want to turn this country into.

    • I’ll second that. I’ve travelled all over north africa and the middle east, and it is a totally backward, retarded sh*thole full of zombies from start to finish.

    • AMEN – but with the proviso that we won’t hopefully find ourselves involved in such civil wars that will destroy our food-producing capacity and lead to famine and pestilence. We can count upon those Muslims and Commies aiming to destroy our military, agricultural, cultural, scientific and other such people and institutions – as they in considerable measure have ALREADY been doing behind the scenes. Once the conflicts begin, we’ll see this crippling come out into the open.

      I don’t want to discourage us, but those of us who can fight MUST be WELL-PREPARED; and those who can’t had better be praying to God for our salvation and deliverance from this evil…

      • on march 16 obama issued another executive order and silence from MSM instituting martial law. he now controls everything food supply, gas oil food etc etc etc and no one cares

  10. Given the likely low IQ of her son due to inbreeding, I would strongly suggest to this Mother that her son can’t really afford to take any time from school for prayers.

  11. Well, that solves all of our problems, just be subservient, allow Islam to beat the crap out of us, and we must say nothing. Steal our property, and rape our women. Still say nothing.

    Why didn’t I realize this when it was happening to me????????? Probably because we are not allowed to talk about it. Our government does not allow it. Gee, silly me.

    And, I think the Copts in Egypt have remained subservient, paid the tax, bowed down very low, and look at them. Poor Bastards!

    Every country around the Ottoman Empire and beyond to the Atlantic and the entire Mediterranean basin has had genocide against it.

    Sounds like the Masters of the World have spoken.

    Ok, we have to send this article to every politician and friend or enemy in our countries …….Again.

    Everything we think and believe to be obscene, we must pass on to people who will have to take note sooner or later. We need mass complaints. Right wing, Left wing, any angel wing will do as long as we act as one, don’t rip one another apart but work together against the common evil of Islam. This is our best chance we have until our armed forced in every country drive them from our lands.

    The soldier has seen first hand what these monsters do and are capable of doing. They know, and you only have to give them the word and they will defend us against these monsters. I hope our police wake up soon, before more women like me have to endure the torture and fear and theft of my life and possessions. It is a very serious problem. Especially when if has happened to you personally.

    I cant help feeling furious and wronged. Because I am. Until you have had this experience we cannot begin to understand the pain that never ends. When it happens to someone else, it is sad, but we really don’t know or understand. It’s like losing a child. Nothing can be worse, and until it happens to you, you will never know it either and I hope none of you will ever have to carry this cross either.

    • I’m not out to minimise your pain one iota, Therèse; however, you CAN get something of that feeling as a result of an injustice that takes away some good or privilege if you’re set up by people out to get you merely because they’re a) insecure in themselves and are paranoid about “everybody being out to get them”, b) arrogant in thinking that they alone have the right to exist and everybody else can go die, c) they enjoy hurting others because they’re in this way compensating for evil done to them beforehand.

      This is EXACTLY the situation that struck me close to seven years ago and which doesn’t seem likely to end perhaps ever – and especially given that it was a board that did that to me at the instigation of its president at the time (egged on by his principal-servant). One hopes that the arrival of a new minister plus the work of my friends might change matters back; I’ve turned cynical about that happening. I.e., yours truly will believe it when he sees it happen.

      How right you are that it’s a most HORRIBLE cross to bear: being wronged for no real fault of your own, but with all too many people being happy to have nothing to do with you (no matter what you may have done for them!) regardless of whether it’s justified or not – or by how much.

      Sorry if this be all off-topic; however, what you wrote very strongly resonates in me, as precisely this hatred and embitteredness at being so severely wronged such that my name is dung in that place and several others IS consuming me no less!!! [Not to mention that those places have lost much of their earlier “saltiness” and are no longer truly Christian (aside from a few people still involved in it), such that the denominations to which they belong are shrinking, with individual congregations going bankrupt and closing…]

      So, you apparently got involved with a Muslim (perhaps via marriage) and when things went bad he sued you for everything you had and won. Patience: God Grant that one day we’ll force them all – and their Communist sympathisers and fellow-Marxist Quislings using their tactics (notably feminazis, sodomite-activists, abortionphiles, environmentalists, believers in “social-justice”, “diversity”, “inclusivity”, “multiculturalism” and other such shibboleths!!!) – out of our societies and countries. Alternatively, when Christ Returns to start the Blessed Millennium, we can THEN petition Him to Put those arch-bastards and good-for-nothings into their place…

      Dear Therèse, may God Be with you and relieve you of this terrible pain of yours!!!!

    • “Right wing, Left wing, any angel wing will do as long as we act as one, don’t rip one another apart but work together against the common evil of Islam. This is our best chance we have”
      A few minutes before I read this, I was thinking how funny/odd it is that atheists and Christians are on the same site, getting along. We have the common goal of extinguishing Islam, and it is good to see people who normally disagree on a pretty big issue “playing nice” for a common goal.

  12. I will never bow to islam and I will fight them if I need to. You hear that islam we will never submit. We will fight for our rights. Peace to all non-moslems who will fight islam.

    • Me too. I’ll fight Islam to the end. I left my country of birth, Egypt escaping the stupid ugly violent Islam. It followed me here in America. Can you imagine the anger and frustration I feel?!!

  13. As an infidel and an atheist, I have the right to freedom from religion. I am not ignorant regarding Islam and do not need to be “educated” (into being a dhimmi). Muslims need to learn that here in the West we are free, not slaves to Allah.

    Muslims do not belong in the West, they do not have any concept of freedom(s) nor can cope with any criticism of their perverted religion.

    I cannot think of anything more filthy than a human being worshiping a pedophile mass murderer rapist let alone submitting to ‘it’ (hardly a man so in my opinion reduced to an it).

    I will never be a dhimmi nor will I allow my fellow Canadians and Americans to be.

  14. Well, if “dawa” (forcing Islam down others’ throats in “dar al-Harb”, the “region of war”) is ALL that Muslims are in the West for, all the MORE reason for us to drive them OUT of the West!!!!!

    We don’t need or want Muslims coming here – they already have their “dar al-Islam”: LET THEM STAY THERE AND LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!

    We on this Website, by and large (aside from the occasional Muslim REAL-INFIDEL – or a Communist Quisling Muslim-sympathiser -trying to attack us), know all too well what Islam is all about and what it REALLY wants!!!… To them, we can ALL say “F— OFF AND DIE!!!”

    WE WILL NEVER SUBMIT!!!! And long live Islamonoia (not Islamophobia as we KNOW what it’s all about, once again) – DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forevermore and unto ages of ages!!!! AMEN!!!

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