Tampa school board WILL allow terror-linked CAIR officials to propagandize students

The school board in Tampa has officially declined to adopt policy prohibiting CAIR officials from addressing students with Islamist propaganda.  The Tampa Tribune’s biased reporting gave comfort and support to the school board decision.  

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The Hillsborough County School Board held a workshop on Friday, March 30, 2012 to discuss a possible policy regarding speakers who would be allowed to address students.  Six of seven school board members were not interested in adopting any new policies on the subject. 

Therefore, the Hillsborough County School Board officially allows political advocacy groups to address students.  This means that CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) may continue to indoctrinate students with propaganda including Islamist Sharia law. Florida Family Association predicted from the beginning that the Hillsborough County School Board would not adopt a policy.

Tampa appears to be the only school district in America that knowingly allows CAIR officials to address students without any restrictions.   Do you think the school board would take such a controversial position if they did not have the cover and favor of the local newspaper?  Do you think these officials would respond this way if The Tampa Tribune published factual articles regarding CAIR and admonished these elected officials for allowing this terrorist linked organization access to students?

The Tampa Tribune’s biased news report that CAIR is not a terrorist linked organization gives cover and comfort to the Hillsborough County School Board.  The Tampa Tribune published comments from a high school student as an authority to negate suspicion about CAIR’s ties to terrorists.  The Tampa Tribune reported in part in the article titled “School Board policy ok on classroom speakers:  “They (that would be you and other concerned American patriots) claimed the group has ties to terrorists and has an agenda other than educating students about Islam.  “I think it’s unfounded,” Austin Ransdell (Steinbrenner High School Student) said, speaking of the outcry. “It was just about how Islam started.”

That’s it, that’s all, Mr. Ransdell says it is untrue so why contest it.

Compare The Tampa Tribune propaganda to this News9.com reports “Former CIA Director James Woolsey told a group in Oklahoma City that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is an extremist Muslim group with ties to terrorists.  Woolsey said CAIR, once called “The Islamic Organization of Palestine”, is named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal case U.S. vs. the Holy Land Foundation which “is the biggest terrorist financing case of all time.”  Click here for full News9.com report. 

The Tampa Tribune’s omission of the facts and propaganda about CAIR is far more destructive than one CAIR official talking to a few hundred students.  Tens of thousands of people read The Tampa Tribunes misinformation.  More of The Tampa Tribune’s propaganda is reported in this Florida Family Association article.

The American values we cherish cannot afford to allow the liberal media to go unopposed in their propagation of CAIR.

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29 comments on “Tampa school board WILL allow terror-linked CAIR officials to propagandize students

  1. I might see how this goes, but at one college I was at before there were interfaith talks. And another sort of college adds changes ahead, one including • a quiet room for prayer or reflection •
    so see what might develop.

    Still, nothing’s really stated in obvious terms though.

  2. find out when the jihaddis are coming to class and keep the kids home or, if they aren’t told in advance, give the kids mobile phones with their home numbers programmed in – call if some creepy bearding thing comes in and starts talking about a cult called islam

  3. I would sue the state, city and every official that said it was ok. The last thing we need is islam propaganda BS on our schools and children. They are violent pyscho people who want to take control. Bring back the crusades and put them in there place.

  4. The ONLY way the muzzie supremacist arseholes of CAIR should be allowed in public schools in Florida…or ANYWHERE is if students are also allowed to have Bible Studies and sing songs like “Jesus Loves Me”,” Ava Nagila”,throw in a few Buddhist chants and a little Hari Krishna medley….Otherwise, ARSELIFTERS keep your DEMONIC INDOCTRINATION and Horse Manure the hell out of our U.S. public schools; you want to practice that s—; then do it in your own private academies…OFF of U.S soil!!

  5. Back to the issue at hand: I say “Let them speak.” I also say “Ensure any opposing viewpoints ALSO be heard.” In my opinion, propaganda is not to be feared, as long as it can be examined and counted by facts. In this way, not only can the truth be told, but, propaganda can be exposed for what it is. Never squander an opportunity to expose the truth.

  6. Can´t you just shoot them if you feel threatened? Seems to be working great for biggots all over Florida so why not you guys.

    • To Black Viking: Don’t you mean “shoot them like a black would?” After all, Blacks are responsible for 90% of all violent attacks on Blacks. Remember: ignoring Truth is the definition of “ignorant” and invalidates one’s position.

  7. I’ve been thinking about calling a local school district to find out the following:
    Do they serve halal food in the cafeteria, do they have prayer rooms for the muslime students and do they allow islamic speakers to talk to the students. I know that the school district makes allowances at ramadamadingdong for the football players by having them practice during the night. It will be interesting to see what answers I receive.

    • Dawn, if you are in Michigan or Minnesota, it’s likely that school food is halal. Good idea to ask. Pretend you are a Muslim when you call.

      • I am in the Buffalo, New York area. Remember the Lackawanna 6? Remember Mo Hassan that beheaded his wife?
        I had planned to pretend I am a muslime so that my questions will be answered honestly.
        If the muslimes want their “special” holidays off, then I assume that they will be willing to attend school during Christian, Jewish, etc. holidays. The school system should pay big bonuses to teachers willing to teach during the Christian holidays.

  8. I hope everyone will send the email to the companies. Money talks and BS walks. These muzzies need to talk a walk on a short pier.

  9. Why is preference given to this religion?Islam,are other religions given the same oppurtunity to give talks on their beliefs?why do these arrogant muslims think others want to know about their death cult and their pedophile prophet?what happened to the seperation of state and church?I would take my children from any school that is teaching this evil ideology,how come it is being allowed to be taught in American schools,it would have to have been approved by your government-something wrong there.

  10. Start the lawsuits rolling. Separation of church and state, remember? Boycott those schools, pull your kids out and send them to private schools. Bring lawsuits against the school board members, individually. Make their lives a living hell. Group your money and take out billboard adds. Find our the schoolboards home adresses and publish them, everywhere. No mercy, no pause.

  11. I have no idea what is happening in Tampastan but I sent off the email anyway ’cause I just really hate child abuse.
    The Tampa school board is letting Islamists tamper with developing brains.
    Do they not understand that these vile pricks only want access to young minds because they don’t yet have the power to demand access to their young bodies?

  12. I find it amazing that so many supposedly educated people do not understand Sunna: to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time – ordered by Allah over 70 times in the Qur’an, using different verbiage. So who are they obeying and imitating? When Mohammed got the power, he had everyone who disagreed with him tortured, enslaved and/or killed. Read his biography/Sira. The easiest read is “The Life of Mohammed” avaialble at http://www.politicalislam.com – cheap!

  13. If my children attended the school, I would make sure that they were properly prepared for the discussion. They would have a very productive time reading out passages from the unholy Qua-ran and asking the speaker to please explain.

    • This is the best way to fight the evil Islam, education. Especially our children who are the main target of the islamists.
      I am doing the same with my grandchildren. My children know very well what Islam is all about. BUT, not IF your children attend this school, they should be informed of the danger to be ALWAYS prepared.

    • Liz- The parents of Tampa need to go ballistic- They have to get protests organized and keep them up. If not, they will lose this ground forever, all while setting a PRECEDENT for other venues for Scair to invade.

    • The Tampa School Board is saturated with ‘politically correct’ mental midgets. They continuously sell out to this type of thing. They are a spineless gaggle of mindless boobs trying to hang onto their ‘do nothing for the kids’ job. The Parents of Hillsborough County would do well to boycott these anti-American assemblies and they should fill the School Boards massive office space with angry bodies and phone calls… cowardice would be a compliment to these spineless stewards of education…

    • I totally agree! Would a Christian Minister, Jewish Rabbi, or Catholic Priest be allowed to come into the Public Schools ANYWHERE in the country and give their speeches on THEIR religions? Uh, that would be a – NO! So, why is any school district willing to bend over backwards, so to speak, to allow these muslims into the schools to potentially ‘indoctrinate’ our children? Mind boggeling!

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