DEARBORNISTAN: Dhimmi judge dismisses Muslim football players’ assault and battery charges against a non-Muslim player

A judge has dismissed assault and battery charges against four high school football players who were accused of starting an on-field brawl, saying, “although the students’ behavior on the field was deplorable, football is a brutally violent sport.

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO HERE: oh-boo-hoo-cair-thugs-say-high-school-football-players-are-victims-of-anti-muslim-discrimination

CBS LOCAL   WWJ’s Florence Walton was in the courtroom when 20th District Judge Mark Plawecki dismissed the misdemeanor charges against the 17-year-old Star International Academy MUSLIM football players – Mohamed Elfatih Ahmed, Fanar Al-Furat Al-Asady, Hadee Mohamaud Attia and Ali Maniff Bajjey.

“If we criminalize these players’ actions, we criminalize nearly every football game ever played. If we criminalize these actions, we criminalize every pitcher who has intentionally thrown at a batter, and every vagrant elbow thrown beneath the basket,” said Plawecki.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred during the final minutes of a playoff game last year, as Star International Academy was about to be defeated by Westland Lutheran High School 47-6.

Referees told the players on the field that Westland’s quarterback was going to take a knee to run out the clock, are warned players not to react violently. Instead, police say several Star players burst through the offensive line and laid out the quarterback, 15-year-old P.J. Guse, who suffered a grade III concussion and missed some school as a result.

After a three-month investigation, the players were criminally charged by Dearborn Heights Police and Wayne County.

Diane Herra, who was at the game when violence erupted, said she was disappointed with the judge’s ruling. “This boy could not even walk to the benches, he kept falling because he was so hurt. So, I just don’t understand, just because, you know, it’s a Muslim school and we’re a Christian school,” said Herra.

CAIR THUGS: CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid, attorney Nabih Ayad and ACRL Executive Director Rashid Baydoun.

Dawud Walid, Executive Director of the terror linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Michigan, said he is pleased with the judge’s decision.

“To have criminally charged these youths, treat them like adults, would be basically to decriminalize almost every football game that takes place on the collegiate level, high school level or professional level. So, we are pleased with the verdict today,” said Walid.



38 comments on “DEARBORNISTAN: Dhimmi judge dismisses Muslim football players’ assault and battery charges against a non-Muslim player

  1. We need a crusade to run them back to their dessert cesspool. These animals can not live among civilized people. The asshole judge needs to be tar and feathered.

  2. “would be basically to decriminalize almost every football game”

    Doesn’t he mean it would “CRIMINALIZE” every football game?

    I guess there’s no teaching in the k-ran for sportsmanship?

    • trin, so now there’s a United States Defense League? What about the American Defense League that already exists?
      They should join forces.

      • As well as the English Defence League, there’s the Welsh, Scottish and Irish Defence Leagues. Now a new group, formed a few months ago called British Defence League exists, despite the fact that ‘shortly’ we won’t be known as Britain anymore (Scotland wanting independance etc..), we’re known as the UK. As an ardent EDL member myself.. I’ve tried to contact the BDL (as well as other members), we never receive a reply.

        I’m slighlety suspicious of the BDL, they could be a leftist infiltration group, using a guise of anti-islamic propaganda in order to ‘fit in’ and be accepted.

        I’d check into the USDL, they might not be all they seem. T’m in contact with the ADL’s founder who I won’t name in public (private email to BNI if you want to know his YT username) and will ask him to check into this USDL as I didn’t know they existed until now.

  3. Is this the era we are now in, where-by if a non-muslim attacks a muslim for threatening, using provocative behaviour.. it’s classed as an islamophobic hate crime, but where a muslim attacks a non-muslim for being threatening, using provocative behaviour.. it’s classed as a no-crime?

    How the hell does that work in todays society. No wonder muslims take the p*ss and commit crimes when they know they’re gonna get away with it for ‘religious’ reasons. Another excellent motive for banning islam existing in the West, Europe, Australia etc.. and if possible making it illegal for liberal, left-wing ideology to exist.

  4. It took three months to even bring charges against these four punkass asslifters, none of whom would have gone against the player on the Christian High School team one on one. As usual, these lowlife maggots attacked knowing they outnumbered the opposition….AND what’s worse these four thugs who SHOULD NOT be allowed to participate in ANY kind of organized team sports get off with LESS than a wrist slap after nearly crippling the player on the other team! Helloooooo people, Christian team pitted against a muzzy arselifter team..That tells the story!!….And excuuuuuse meeeeee, but I think maybe the Christian players going up against muzzy maggot thugs just might want to consider being a little LESS Christian in the way they handle the situation….Jesus never meant for us to be door mats and especially NOT dhimmis!!…Jesus IS NOT against self defense!!…And once again, a HAPPY EASTER to all…even you arselifters trolling about today!

  5. All Christian players should quite the team, boycott the games, give plays to their opponents, and burn the school colors. This is a disgrace to Christians, all those players standing in front of CAIR banner, they should all be ignored by their piers.

  6. If the boot had been on the other foot -there would have been -all hell to play,wern’t these -thugs given any reprimand for bad sportsmanship?-they are not . teaching them anything

  7. Boycott all Muslim sports teams, boycott all Muslim owned businesses. I even advocate boycotting companies that hire Muslims. Treat these vermin like the diseased rats they are. Sick to death of this miserable religion.

  8. time to file charges of Judicial Malfease and to have the Islamic school pulled out of the interscholastic sports organization. The parents of the Christian school have the power and ability if they are not a bunch of liberal pansies

  9. Is it just me who see that All 4 of them are so ugly and have menacing faces. ?

    look at the second one from left. he looks like satan himself, look at that terrorist smile.

    • All musloids have that dead shark eyed look. So, no, it’s not just you.

      And yes, the junior jihadis have snarky smirks. They all do in their mug shots.

      Coincidence? I think not.

  10. Everybody must remember this type white wash starts at the very top of the food chain. Hussein Obama and Holder and Hillary and Napolitano are all on board the Islamic band wagon. This judge should be run out of town on a rail and what legal standing does CAIR have when it comes to constitutional law?
    You can also bet your ass if four Christian players from the losing team physically assaulted a Muslim quarterback if he was ass-lifting on the field, they would be crucified and kicked out of school, charged with a felony hate crime and destroyed by the media. No double standard here!!!!!!
    This just one of the many Anti-Christian actions that don’t look like a big deal individually but collectively it a monster.

  11. Inbreed looking retarded 4 stooges Muzscum… how are these little fuckers going to learn right from wrong…? but then these ugly little barsteds have been treated like King Dick since they cane out of their bagheaded mothers dirty hole… so they will think its their right to behave how they want without consequences and thanks to those terroist arseholes CAIR whom seem to condone the actions of these little pricks….

    • Getting upset doesn’t help much, Helen. Apparently the last few decades of Muslim Brotherhood work in the West has made us forget the reality that Marco Polo knew: “The law which their prophet Mohamed has given to Muslims that any harm done to any one who does not accept their law and any appropriation of his goods, is no sin at all.” Yes, that IS sharia law!

  12. The muslim school should be kicked out of the football roster for unsportsmanlike behavior. it is a shame this type of behavior is tolerated

  13. I think the boy’s family should consider a civil case.

    This is the kind of crap that as a parent, makes me want to take the “LAW” into my own hands.

    • Pink, yes a civil case based on a hate crime. It was obvious that they assaulted the kid because he was a Christian.

  14. Because it was obvious we’d have to keep an eagle eye on the Alawadi case in El Cajon or this “hate crime” would drop off the edge of the world once it became clear that it was actually an “honor” killing, I checked the San Diego area local news sites just now.

    This is just heartbreaking. Didn’t the poor woman know her only chance was to tell no one and RUN?

    I can’t tell from these stories whether the husband and daughter are still in Iraq or have come back here. If they are in Iraq the daughter is probably dead by now, and nothing more will be heard of the husband. If they are here, we can assume huge pressure is being put on the El Cajon police to cover this up.

    Of course the story has indeed fallen off the national MSM sites (they’re too busy cheerleading the Lynch Zimmerman movement), so please pass this along to everyone you can.

  15. I can understand the judge’s reasoning. If he sets a precedent for assault and battery against the muloids the musloids can and would press assault and battery charges against non-musloid players/teams every time they got their asses handed to them.

    Plawecki is not a dhimmi, just a conservative with some foresight who didn’t want to give the musloids yet another litigation tactic to beat over the heads of Americans. He was really damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

    The DA should have pressed hate crime charges against the musloids instead of assault and battery.

      • Didn’t you run a story about another group of Christians schools who are refusing to let a musloid school into their league?

        As I recall since the league is comprised of a group of private schools the cry baby musloids have no legal leg to stand on.

        You’re right, the Christian schools in Detroit should do the same thing.

        • IC, yes that was the TAPPS or TAAPS program in Texas. The muslime are in court fighting it.

  16. It seems a little contradictory of the islamic cult. Seems like they treat their male spawn like men, shoot infidels,blow innocent people up, etc. So charge them like adult men. The stooges are pretty tough as a gang.

  17. I don’t know what it is, but when I look into the eyes of these four cowards, I see the same look as in the eyes of the photos of the 9/11 terrorists. By any chance did they sing out Allah Akbar when they attacked the player.

    CAIR once again spreads a message that violence committed by Muslims needs to be tolerated.

    This makes me want to tear my hair out.

  18. Not suprising. Around here there is preferrential treatment for all muslims. A local charter school had an accusation of sexual misconduct by students. Guess what piece of information was missing from the news report? I doubt the same would hold true if the school had been Catholic.

  19. This is disgusting! Not surprising, but still disgusting. If my son were still in high school playing football, I’d make sure we boycotted such “players”

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