Dutch MP Barry Madlener says, “We’d have to be crazy to allow Turkey into the EU”

Message to Turkey in reference to your request for membership in the EU: Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good, either. How about never? Is never soon enough?

NEWS AM  In an interview with Hurriyet daily of Turkey, Dutch MP Barry Madlener, who attended an international conference in Istanbul, yet again stressed that Turkey has no place in the European Union.

He noted that Turkey is a Muslim country, and many Dutch do not feel safe because of the thousands of Muslims living in the Netherlands. He added that the immigrants have contributed to the escalation of crime in the country.   

In Barry Madlener’s words, Turkey is not a democratic country, since the criticizing of Islam is banned and journalists are arrested there. “We must be crazy to want for Turkey to enter the European Union,” the Dutch MP concluded.