Muslim teaches schoolgirls Islamic ‘headbag’ etiquette in an AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL!

Muslim baghead has the cojones to tell little girls that Catholic nuns are just like Muslims because they cover their heads. Even worse, she tries to set up a moral equivalency between the Religion of Hate (Islam) and every other religion.

Anyone know WHAT SCHOOL THIS IS? If I find out, I will make sure every parent knows their children are being brainwashed by Muslims in their own public schools. Where are the lefties screaming about separation of mosque and state?

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  1. Lol there is nothing educational about this site! I would prefer to rely on valid sources of information. Thanks for the advice :-)

      • Not sure what’s stimulating so much hatred from you, but okay, moving on…Just out of curiosity, where did you learn about Islam? Also, do you have a religion or do you just do your own thing?

        • KN, Islam got my attention on 9/11/01 and I came to understand that the terrorists are following the exact teachings of the quran, hadith, and sunna. Their jihad is violent. But the majority of muslims who are not terrorists have the same religious beliefs as the terrorists do. Several well-known Muslims and ex-Muslims have stated publicly that there is no radical or moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.

          I am Jewish.

        • Well I’ve read all the Islamic texts and I disagree that Islam stems from hate and violence. If you take the time to talk to Muslims directly, you will probably hear that they believe those responsible for 9/11 were just about as Muslim as Timothy McVey was Christian and Yigal Amir was Jewish. In other words, their actions don’t coincide with the Qur’an. Muslims are taught to respect all “People of the Book” (refers to all Jews, Christians, and Muslims). In regards to violence, anytime I’ve seen it mentioned in the Quran or a Hadith it says, in paraphrase, “do not cast the first stone” “only fight back if you come under fire from others” “do not transgress, God does not approve of transgressors” “if they cease attack, stop fighting.” I don’t see how this is vicious violence of any kind. It basically says protect yourself and your family if you are attacked. Don’t Americans of every religious background practice this through owning a gun? If someone started shooting bullets at your family, would you not try to protect them? I’m not trying to stir any controversy here, I’m merely pointing out many of the details the media explicitly ignores and misconstrues along with identifying pivotal instances of the Quran that can completely change the context of the text.

  2. You know, maybe instead of hatred you should try to learn (just like this Muslim woman was trying TO TEACH.) she wasn’t trying to convert the kids or anything. Ignorance and stereotypes are ruining our American society- not Muslims, Jews, black people, Mexicans, etc… The United States is a country built to accept people of all races, religions, sexual preferences. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. But at that point, you’re being just as “extreme” as the Muslim country who does not separate religion from state and you listen to the Christians whining that they got kicked out by Muslims. “stop the immigration of muzzies to the United States” is no better. Instead of being overprotective of your children and brainwashing them with beliefs about minority cultures maybe you should teach them the truth. That way when they voice their adult beliefs one day they don’t sound like uneducated, hateful idiots like some people on religious forums. You may not like my views, but at least I’m knowledgable. So go on, spread a message of hate and segregation “just like Jesus would”.

    • KN, speaking of truth, you’d be wise to shut your big fat ignorant mouth and get educated about Islam on this site.
      There are Categories in the sidebar. Pick one and open your eyes.

  3. Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do. And say that the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex; and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. And O ye Believers! turn ye all together towards Allah, that ye may attain Bliss.
    —Sura 24 (An-Nur), ayat 30-31, Qur’an[1]

    • The Koranic verses show Mo’s Marauders were RAPISTS!!!

      Mohammed wrote these instructions because handsome young FELLOW JIHADISTS were flirting with Mohammed’s wives.

      Rape was permitted by Mohammed. He didn’t trust HIS OWN MEN NOT TO RAPE THE PROPHETIC WIVES!!!

      Some of these young horndogs might even have murdered 60-year-old Mo and grabbed one of the young wives…that’s why ‘Allah’ forbid his wives from remarrying.

      Mo was afraid his followers would MURDER HIM because they wanted HIS women!

      What a fake. What a phony.

  4. the schools that let this filth try and brainwash our children should be closed down, and the school boards jailed.

  5. Nuns both Buddhist and Catholic wore the habit as a sign of “renouncing the world”. I think some of the ideas were borrowed from Buddhism. Unlike muslims this was not a standard for lay women. Conversly nothing like female religious communities exist within islam. Women are essentually baby factories/sex toys.

      • I am aware of that. Also look up the concept of ghazzi. muslims on jihad can kill, steal from, rape non muslims. Abu Sayef is an example of this carried to extreme.

  6. Thank the Lord I had boys. I would have probably killed those sweaty headed roach and lice infested muslim bitches if I found out they were spreading their lies and propaganda to my daughters. I wasn’t a liberal father and with girls I would have been worse .

  7. Get the good will of the naive children. Give them “pretties” to play with.
    And, I’ll just bet the teachers present, all bundled up in that GREEN BOX, was a sassy little hijab.

  8. This would never happen with my school age children. I have told them that if a Muslim man or woman tries to talk to their class they are to immediately put their hand up and ask politely to speak to the principal. They are then to tell the principal to call me. We have even role played this.

    I will not let these death cultist’s try to get their hooks into my kids.

    I believe it is the responsibility of every parent to educate their kids about the dangers of Islam.

      • I have advocated the very same programs with my family. that includes approximately 50 in our family ties.
        You can see why the government started the idea of population zero years age. A family my size is to hard to control. Plus we tend to be Independent and don’t like government interference in our lives. But we are very patriotic.
        In outer words bugger off.

    • NO.1 Infidel-very good advice,all children should be informed of this, if this idoctrination by Islam is being introduced into the schools,who gave the permission for them to do so,the principal?school board ?Government?how dare they,parents should hold a meeting and -demand this stop -now,Islam is so arrogant,they assume others -want to know about their death cult-we -don’t,I just wish they would p-off,is this b/s being taught to Australian kids?I hope not,they must not be allowed to pollute the minds of -our children,the large donations from the King and Prince’s of Saudi Arabia are -bribes and would only make those recieving them -obligated -graft and -corruption.

  9. I tried to find more information about the video … but didn’t find anything specific … That could be part of

    The Islam Project

    The Islam Project is a national community engagement and educational outreach campaign provided by Carnegie Corporation of New York, The James Irvine Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Surdna Foundation, and the Hasan Family Foundation.


    The Islam Project is a multimedia effort aimed at schools, communities, and individuals who want a clearer understanding of this institution: complex, diverse, historically and spiritually rich, and–to many–mysterious and even forbidding.

    The project comprises two PBS documentaries, a vibrant community engagement campaign, and an ambitious educational effort.


    <b<National Partners

    Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (Georgetown U)
    Council on Islamic Education (CIE)
    Freedom Forum, First Amendment Center
    Hope in the Cities, Initiatives of Change
    Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
    National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ)
    North American Interfaith Network (NAIN)
    Pluralism Project at Harvard University

    Local Partners
    Atlanta: Southern Regional Council
    Boston: Public Conversations Project
    Cleveland: National Conference for Community and Justice-Northern Ohio
    Dallas: Council on American-Islamic Relations–Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter
    Detroit: Detroit Public Television/DPTV
    Los Angeles: Center for Religion and Civic Culture, Days of Dialogue
    New York: Auburn Theological Seminary
    San Francisco: Interfaith Center at the Presidio

    More on this page :


    Home Page :

  10. Keep pushing to find what school, then go after the teacher, the Pincipal, the school board, then the school unions. Get our schools back.

  11. I almost wet myself laughing.
    MUSLIMS WITH ETIQUETTE. Muslims have about as much etiquette as a wolf living with a lamb.
    What an insult to good manners.

  12. This is a muslim brotherhood thing. I saw some pics of cairo univ. students from the 50’s & 60’s and they weren’t wearing any headdress then. this is newer from the muslim bros so they can feel superior over the rest of us unbelievers! I got so mad when I heard that. They WANT to wear it! It’s like wearing a uniform/ribbons/badge of honor so to speak.

  13. When was the last time a Catholic nun blew herself up to kill anyone? Besides yesterday, when was the last time a pig eating raghead female blew herself up to kill anyone she could? There is no comparison to satanic islam and the human race.

  14. See, the ONLY case I know of, where a man actually dressed as a nun, was Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, who was avoiding the Nazis in & around Rome & the Vatican, and HE didn’t have bombs underneath …………………

    Buttwipes, the lot of them {Muslims}

    Semper Fi’

  15. Many Muslims are gay and transvestites (have seen them myself in Turkey), So what?

    The point is the double standard.

    Homosexuality is present in Islam in many countries. They whip them, they hang them. Yet, it is rampant. Probably why the Koran forbids it and mentions what they should do to women who engage in the practice.

    I don’t care what the sexuality of any person is, it is their choice.

    But I draw the line with Zoophilia. Perversion is not exclusively Islam, but they do love to jump in the cot with a donkey from time to time. We all know that!

    • On Yahoo News Comments I harrass obnoxious female anti-semites/NAZIs/muslim sheep by posting the following

      • An example is a Yahoo Poster Brenda M who posts psychotic anti semetic anti Israel material that is so weird that she freaks out the bagheads and skin heads
        Curtisy of Zabasearch
        When she isn’t in the Atlanta Regional Phychiatric Center
        This woman is apparently a follower of Nation of islam, Islamic/Scientology Cult led by Louis (Calypso Louie) Feretkhan, who claims to have been given a revelation in a flying saucer (made in Japan for ETs no less).

  16. I believe this is the same video I viewed on another site a couple days ago! If it is the same, as I believe it is, this is in Tampa Florida area!

  17. I thought that there was nothing in the Koran that mandates wearing the Hijab. Secondly, this mother was invited to give a self serving lecture to the children of tax payers because her daughter happens to be in this class and her daughter is wearing the hijab voluntarily and she is making sure that by giving this lecture to these children that her kid won’t get treated badly for her choice. I didn’t know that tax payers are accomodating perfectly good learning time for some mulsimes whim. I have a lot of lecturing I would like to do to the students in school, like lecture about the dangers of Islam, and how I fear for future generations. The other thing is that this mother speaks of how they don’t want other men to see them outside of family, but then she goes on and on about how muslime woman like to wear the hijab in different colors and jazz it up and wear glittery and pink colors to make it fashionable. Have you ever seen the eye makeup these woman wear? They can look quite attractive to the male population with all that glittery colorful and fashionable head bag crap anyhow. Sort of defeats the purpose. These woman are such sheep, it’s sad. I am really afraid for this country if these slimbuckets keep on weaving themselves into our society and undermine our western culture as a result.

    • The Koran is only 14% of Islamic doctrine Momo’5 (hope you’re not my ex); the rest is Mohammed’s Sunna (biography/Sira and “traditions”/Hadith collections.

  18. I noticed the women pronounced the word “pruberty” instead of puberty. Secondly, how on earth are kids this age even going to know what the word puberty means???

  19. are hindus and sikhs going into classrooms to explain their dress? are orthodox jews going to talk about head coverings?

    if you think this is bad, the dept of “education” sends in radical homosexuals to the lower elementary grades to “teach” the little ones about homosexual practices in a very detailed, graphic manner. really, they go into detail about anal sex and fisting–to little kids! the goal is for the next generation to totally accept without question homosexual activity as “normal”. anyone who might think otherwise, is, of course, a homophobe and a bigot.

    homosexuals and muslims have a lot in common. both groups want to subvert biblical morality, both prefer anal copulation, both accuse anyone that questions anything about their beliefs and lifestyle of bigotry. and pederasty/pedophilia are ok in their doctrine.

    • it’ll only stop when people step up and make it stop. that means going to PTA meeting with school leaders and refusingto allow this to happen.

  20. Going to Catholic school in the 60s and 70s, some of the nuns wore the habits and some didn’t. I think it started to become optional in the early 70s whether the nuns wore the habit and I think very few wear them today. This women is spewing some heavy propaganda probably backed by cair.

    • Me too. But after the Vatican council the “Habit” worn by the nuns was abolished. Pope John said it was outmoded and out of date.

      Why don’t these lame brains update! The nuns wore a dress from the Middle Ages, and this is just about where the Islamic mind still remains. Stuck in the past. A violent past.

      • They can’t change, Therese. The “final” prophet is dead and there’s no way Allah can communicate to advise of any approved change.

      • Because for muslim women in the culture that is Islam, after you’ve reached puberty, your sex is to be covered, lest the eyes of allah be offended. The covering is more severe in certain areas, requiring a boshiya (black face veil), a Niqab (only eyes exposed) or the head-to-toe covering of a Burqa.

    • You’re correct. It’s not a requirement these days for nuns to wear the habit and other garbs. In fact you’ll see nuns on the street and wouldn’t even know they were nuns. This is different in Italy, however.

      Females are allowed to become vicars, preists, chaplains etc.. most nuns become one of these and continue with their religious duties of healing the sick, charity work etc..

      The habits and other religious garbs are ONLY worn for religious duties, not socially as a form of segregation from others like the fem muslims do.

      Also, something else I’ve learnt. fem muslims who wear the hijab or any other form of sheet on their head from being a child develope greying hair (or other discolouration) and even baldness early in life, due to lack of aeration, sunlight and natural elements within the atmosphere.

      So it’s not a good idea for them to cover their heads EVERYTIME they unfortunately set foot outside the door.

  21. First step to normalizing the hijab in our society and brainwashing the children, Like I have said the more Muslims our foolish government allow to immigrate here the more of this we will see. I lived in Spokane, WA and was saddened to see this here and there, mostly immigrants or American converts. I could not see their face but I could tell they were Americans by their voice- sickens me. I remember a time when you never saw this in Spokane.

  22. The date in the upper right was Thu Sept 17, 2009.

    Of course I don’t expect any public school official or teacher to ever know the significance of that date.

    It’s Constitution Day, the counterpart date for the year 1787 when our Constitution was signed.


      • Depends on how many you let in Frank. You know the numbers. These people rip constitutions up! And, I say this with respect.

        • I understand exactly what you’re saying. Certain countries in Europe have let in so many muslim breeders that the muzzies are outbreeding the natives. Brussells’ local government will soon, and I mean soon, turn majority muzzie.

          I would like to thing that there are enough of us around who still have Minuteman blood in us that if the government fails to stop muzzie immigration that we will take matters into our own hands. Self defense is an admirable activity.

      • It sounds like the women is thanking Mrs. Ruth for having her???

        Kind of hard to tell… sounds like she’s got marbles in her mouth.

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