UK: Armed MUSLIM burqa bandits sentenced for robbing jewelry store and elderly couples

FOUR MUSLIM GANG members, including one dressed in a burqa, who staged a frenzied attack on a Burnley jewelry store as well as on senior citizens have received jail sentences of between nine and twelve years each. (That’s all?)

BURNLEY CITIZEN (H/T IVEAfter Judge Pamela Badley jailed each of them at Preston Crown Court, the Burnley councillor for the area, Coun Shah Hussain, said: “The fact the thieves wore burqas to trick their way into the store makes this crime even more despicable.”

The court heard how the same gang also held up a couple aged 74 and 63 at their own home in the Fairfield Drive area of Burnley. Prosecutor Charlotte Holland said one of them threatened to cut off the elderly woman’s hand if she did not remove treasured jewelry.

Another elderly couple, aged 85 and 77, were similarly attacked and robbed in their own home in the Ellesmere Road area of Bolton, by masked men carrying an axe and a hammer.

Each of the gang members pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob between February and May, 2011. Judge Badley jailed Atcha for 12 years, Khola for 10 years and eight months and Baber Khan for 10 years and eight months. Mohammed Khan, who had previous convictions for drug dealing and wounding, was jailed for nine years and four months and ordered to serve a five-year extended period on license.

The judge told them they must each bear varying degrees of responsibility for what went on during the three robberies, as part of overall conspiracy. Speaking after the case, Det Sgt Nicola Bithell, of Burnley CID, said: “These men are dangerous offenders who have been running riot in Lancashire and Greater Manchester for some time.

ABOVE, FROM TOP LEFT: Rais Atcha, Faheem Khola, Mohammed Khan and Baber Khan

“The gang used extreme violence and weapons to threaten the victims, leaving them terrified and traumatised.” Two of three raids left the Daneshouse with Stoneyholme area in a state of shock, according to a councillor.






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  1. This is the scum that our politicians insist we need as immigrants into the UK. – don’t you just want them as neighbours ?

  2. Couldn’t watch the video of these arse lifting arseholes without thinking “When the hell is some truck driver going to come by and do the world the service of running down that idiot when he steps into the street”!!…Buh-bye arselifter!!

  3. if anybody want”s a true insight into the english (british) culture and who we really are . watch the choir:military wives. it is on the bbc i-player .and you will see how alian muslims and all they stand for are to the people of the uk. nev

  4. This is not news. This is happening anywhere, where burqa is allowed. It is just our perfidious coward mainstream media is hushing it.

  5. I remember a time when I wanted to visit England “someday.”
    Scratch that. What a shame.

    • I’m glad I visited England in the 50s, the old England of the stiff upper lip. The socialist welfare system hadn’t destroyed the British character yet.

  6. Let me get this right. The people of the UK are unarmed, or at least supposed to be.
    Now with out any form of self defence in the store. Four armed men [mohommedists] bust into the store, threaten and break everything up and run.
    Meanwhile one perp is out side trying to intimidate motorists, and doing a good job in that. One guy against cars. What’s wrong with this picture?
    Oh I know, wait and let the professionals handle this.
    The police found them and slapped their wrist’s.
    So if the populas of the UK is unarmed how is that the mohommedist got armed?
    Some how I would be screaming about getting a 2nd Amendment or such to get my citizens armed.
    Here in the States this is called snatch and grab.
    Time to get out of the EU. You have been played. Disarm the citizens and then let in the crazies.

      • If they are armed, and use the firearms to protect themselves, they are just as culpable as the criminals who attack them. Even more so if the criminals are non-white. The British have had their rights to self-defense taken from them.

        • Citizens of the UK, Demand absolute protection. If absolute protection is not garenteed then demand the right of self defense with fire arms.

  7. Are these Muslims calling for the implimentation of Sharia law in UK? If so, doesn’t Sharia law call for the cutting off of a hand if you steal? Better to cut off their heads since they will eventually be released to do more harm.

  8. This proves how the burqa can be manipulated and why the burqa should be banned. Is it man, is it a woman, is it a wanted criminal, is it an escaped asylum seeker, is it a suicide bomber… If only the politicians would forget the muslim culture/faith for a moment and think about safety and fear in children exposed to a burqa wearer.

    If crucifix’s can be banned, etc…

  9. The veil is a disguise. The veil is a mask.

    The veil is a slander of unveiled women.

    The veil permits rape of unveiled women. (K.33.59)

    The veil should be banned. Many Moslem women want the veil banned.


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