HEY, CAIR! Did you miss this update on your ‘Islamophobic hate crime” story?

Gee, CAIR, you’ve been sending me press releases every day for the past week, demanding an FBI ‘hate crime’ investigation of the brutal slaying of a San Diego Iraqi welfare mother of five. You had the media and politicians convinced that a ‘white racist Islamophobe’ did it. Now, it looks more like a family member did it. But the family is in Iraq. What say you, CAIR? Huh? Huh?

CAIR, you are the ones who should be arrested for inciting Musim hatred. And make no mistake, most of America hates you and your kind.




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  1. CAIR has apparently taken refuge, again, in the nearest dung pile until the next honor killing/domestic violence episose they can try and pas off as is-slime-o-phobia.

  2. From the first moment I learned of this murder, I’ve been telling anybody who’d listen that it was an honor killing. Maybe I’m wrong, and it was really the daughter and/or the guy she was having sex with that did it but, either way, it was not a hate crime committed by an infidel. You don’t have to be Einstein to know that an infidel wouldn’t leave a note like that, pointing the finger at an infidel committing a hate crime.

  3. Wow..Cair messages you? Do you guys have conversations or do they just try to throw things in your face to make you angry?

    I hate Cair.

    • tsh, I am on their email list. The only messages I get from them are the press releases announcing they are trying to take down my site, or when they actually did. Other than that, we are BFFs.

  4. I am so offended that CAIR would rush to (mis)judgment and falsely accuse an American of such a despicable crime, beating a woman to death and with her own daughter present. Isn’t it a crime to falsely accuse someone of something they didn’t commit?

  5. Remember in Toulouse where-by far-right extremists were accused by the islamist protection brigade of slaying those little Jewish children and the parent of 2 of them? They all went quiet when it turned out to be one of their own, a far-left extremist with jihadist intentions. No apologies given for the accusations, only a media propaganda excercise to remind us all that since 9/11.. islam still remains the religion of peace (yeah, whatever!).

    I very much doubt you’ll get an apology from CAIR, they’ll jump onto the same band-wagon and claim islam is a religion of peace and that the murderer didn’t commit an islamic honor/hate crime.. just a crime. Basically the usual cop-out stuff.

    If it had of been an enemy of islam, the murderer would have been classed as a far-right extremist who committed the most heinous hate crime on a defenceless muslim woman of five, splashed EVERYWHERE on the media outlets!

    Never let up BNI, get it to them hard.. muslims are HATE CRIME endorsers and most are killers of their own and the unbelievers.

  6. Big question is fatima still scheduled to marry her first cousin and settle down to assemblyline production of inbred cross eyed room temperature IQ kids. Second question? Will first cousin accept damaged goods?

  7. Right, everyone. cair (small letters intentional) gets away with their Bee Ess a lot of the time because we allow them to do it. We need to shout about every one of their propaganda pushing, crying, bawling, victim acting facades.

  8. honor killings are so misunderstood by us westerners. and now their taqiyya is exposed, which no doubt causes them even more dishonor. we need to be more sensitive to their feelings.

    here’s a video explaining the importance of honor in their society.

  9. According to an article in the Telegraph, the daughter was caught fornicating in a parked car. Mamma was not happy when called to fetcher from the cop shop. The girl jumped out of her car on the way home.

    It seems that she also received a cryptic text message that looks very incriminating. And it was said that she reported the murder weapon was a tire iron. Was it found on the scene? If not, how did she identify it??

    She was fonicating, and set up for an arranged hitch to her cousin. It could be the old man is innocent, that this is a case of parricide.

    Regardless of the husband’s involvement, if it was all in the family or the boyfriend, CAIR and all the G’d’d AssWholes including the ‘million hijabs’ owe us a big apology.

    We must never let them live this down in that case!!!

  10. Yes, daughter (and son?) went with them – and, of course, they’re part of the shitty Shiite problem (“Holy City of Najeef,” etc.), enemies of Saddam, but best buds with the Iranian mullahs (and murdered woman’s father is an imam still living in Iraq).

    Sadly, what may have been good intentions on the part of SEVERAL US administrations vis-a-vis Iraq, have now pretty much gone south…

  11. Well C.A.I.R you slandering , two faced , forked tongue, hypocrite’s you stepped in your own shit again ! you stink don’t come around me.

    • Degree of cousin marriage. My Church (Roman Catholic) requires at least third cousin seperation, I think most civil law in the US does also.

  12. CAIR’s filled with bozzos who think they can outwit the American public which historically is EXTREMELY canny at sniffing out PHONIES!

    CAIR’s hot steaming taqiyya will backfire on them.

    Americans will start throwing back at CAIR what they’ve been shovelling!

    Americans despise traitors.

    • but then you have that thing in the White House who “will stand on their side” and shoves it down our throats of how WE have to “respect” it! EXCUSE me, I think not; You do not speak for me and they do NOT deserve my respect!

  13. Flew to iraq. But wait a moment where they not a family on welfare? All along BNI and the rest of us have thought that this was an honour killing and I am sure that it was. If this is proven we must never let cairnot and the other savages of islam ever forget. They are guilty of hate crimes by inciting people to riot in the same manner that liberal lefties are judging Zimmerman of a racist murder of Tayvon. I hope that this sick family never returns to the US.

  14. I DEMAND that Cair issue the “islamophobes” an apology should this be determined NOT to be a hate crime – which we know this is not.
    Let’s push and push and push against Cair, as they do to us. Politically correct works both ways. I am an infidel and proud of it. Kiss my infidel a** Cair.

  15. People who fake hate crimes should be executed.

    Oh, and the entire family is now out of the country — isn’t that convenient? Bet they won’t be coming back any time soon.

    • probably move onto Londonstan or hey maybe even Belgistan – where everything is free for these scum. But then again, anywhere they go it will be a free ride!

  16. Why was the prime suspect in any married woman’s murder, the husband barrow, allowed to leave the county much less the country?

    The whole cadre of vipers can stay in Iraq now and none should be allowed back in the country. EVER.

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