MUSLIM ALERT: Now there’s a test to find hidden pork products in foods where you least expect them

Of course, this test takes 15 minutes to complete, and by that time, hot food will have cooled off to the point that bacteria could make you sick. Better to stay out of all non-halal restaurants. Even better, staying out of all non-Muslim countries will guarantee you don’t inadvertently consume pig.

With the filthy kuffar (non-Muslim) world awash in swine products, scientists in Kazakstan have developed a test to detect the presence of pork in a dish. By exposing a plastic test strip to any food item, diners wanting to avoid pig meat will be able to determine whether pork is present.

It’s no secret that some chefs cheat and add pork to beef to make the dish cheaper and more flavorful, so you’ll have to carry these test sticks everywhere you eat out. Or don’t eat out at all. That way the rest of us won’t have worry about being force fed halal food without our knowledge.