GO GREECE! Rounding up and deporting illegal aliens, the majority: Muslims

Government officials said the plan is imperative to meet European Union mandates to keep out illegal aliens. But critics said the sweep is a campaign ploy because anti-immigrant right wing parties are soaring in the polls.

EurasiaReview (H/T Susan K)  Many of the immigrants to Greece are from Africa — as well as the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan — and settle in the seedy Omonia Square area, where many hotels have closed because of the crime level. Many Greeks blame them for the once-attractive tourist area turning into a rotary of prostitution, open drug dealing, and human trafficking.

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIMEP) estimates there are 1.1 million immigrants in Greece’s population of 11 million. About 400,000 are believed to be illegals.

Boatloads of Muslims from Turkey invade Greece on a daily basis

Citizens Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said he had to react because Greece was facing ejection from the EU’s Schengen zone, which allows open access between borders unless the country policed its borders tighter. He said with so many illegal aliens — about 57,000 were recorded last year by the EU’s FRONTEX border patrol trying to sneak into Greece — the country is hard-pressed to handle the influx. “Whoever [illegally] enters the country will be given hospitality and will be immediately asked to return home,” Chrysohoidis said at a news conference.

Illegal aliens running wild in the streets of the Port of Patras

(Typical Leftie) Professor Thomas Maloutas, vice president of the National Centre for Social Research in Athens, called the roundup appalling. “It will not solve any problem,” he told SETimes. “Whenever a country tries to solve social problems with police force and detention, what is usually created is more tension, more conflict and more arguments for extremist parties.” (That’s the idea, put the conservative parties in power)

Mayor George Kaminis, like other mayors before him, was under fire to clear the area and the police sweep coincided with his idea to renovate the city’s centre. Police also have gone after immigrants selling counterfeit goods and evicted squatters from abandoned buildings. As he walked through Omonia, George Papaikoyou, 32, a corrections officer in a Greek prison, said he was glad so many immigrants had been arrested — 500 in one day alone recently. “They must send them back,” he said.

Most immigrants, legal and illegal in Greece are unemployed and living off the state

Greece’s has two major parties, the New Democracy conservatives and PASOK socialists. New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras said “Our cities have been taken over by illegal aliens. We have to reclaim them.” Even those born in Greece and now second-generation citizens should have their rights reviewed, he said.


















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  2. The Rich Muslims should support their fucken people not Greece or Europe!
    The Bitch Turkia busy belly dancing and showing her fat hairy ass, and holding 4 dicks on her hands. Muslims can even feed their own people. They sent them to Christian countries to be fed. Christian countries fed up with the criminal terrorists and deportation is on process through out all Europe.

  3. The Byzantine Empire should be re-established using the theme system of defense. A benevolent dictatorship backed-up with machine guns and atom bombs, devoid of any influence from leftists and illegal immigrant groups.

  4. I am so happy to see this because if Greeks do not stop this invasion then they will become the minority in their own native land. We know from countries like Egypt what happens when the Christians or other groups become a minority. I have written about this on Gates of Vienna Blog, with the same article being put on the Hellenic Fronts blog. I am half Greek and this invasion has angered me. Greece gave amnesty too many times and they should have deported this trespassers a long time ago.
    Gates of Vienna: Borders, Language and Culture—-http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2011/05/borders-language-and-culture.html

  5. This is going to be tough with leftists and bleeding heart libtards crying foul and talking their head of human rights.

    The only way to do this is to make those who
    oppose the deportation also liable for deportation as accomplice to the illegal immigration…then watch these libtards shut up.

    unless they have to pay a heavy price these libtards will make life hell to those who want to protect their societies.

    When will americans get educated enough to send the islamic scum back to pukistan ?

    If obummber and gang protest send him out to where he belongs – kenya.

  6. Thank you Greece.

    Maybe Obama will have the balls to do the same, yeah right one can dream!

    Think how money this is saving Greece and tourism will rise.

  7. Greece NEVER should have allowed the arselifters in to start with, much less welcoming the muzzy maggots with open arms; finally some people in power there are growing some gonads and giving the bastards the boot!! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the current regime in the U.S, while America is headed down the SAME path as Greece, or worse!!

  8. The Greeks had their asses handed to them by Ataturk during the Turkish War of Independence (Greece tried to occupy the coastal areas of Turkey and annex them), as a result the Prime Minister of Greece proposed a population exchange in which the majority of the Turkish population in Greece would be exchanged with the majority of the Rum (Greeks born on Turkish soil) population. The only people exempt from this were Turks from Thrace and Greeks from the islands and Istanbul (this was part of the terms of the agreement as the Greeks have a very nostalgic attraction to “the City”, where the Greek Orthodox patriarchate remains today). Greece finally got rid of sharia law for Greek muslims last year, and mosques cannot be built in Greece except in areas where the Thracian Turks live.

  9. The first thing illegal immigrants do when they arrive is destroy their documents to hide their nationalities. They can only be deported to their homelands so if these are not known but are known and those countries refuse to take them back, which they do, then what are the Greeks going to do with them?

    Greece now has massive unemployment. Clashes between the native unemployed and immigrants are going to be routine. Greeks have good historical reasons for disliking Muslims. Can we expect bloodbaths?

    The geography of Greece makes it indefensible against groups sneaking in at night. The illegals will keep pouring in while there is nowhere to send them but detention centres. This will cost the Greeks a fortune. To sum up: good luck Greece. You’re going to need it.

  10. Go-Go-Greece!!!!! – I like the part about 2nd.generation immigrants in particular,they are in a mess right now and need to take action of some sort,because of the state of the Country,there was an Old Gent commited suiside,as he could’nt afford to feed himself so the Country is really going under due to the Monetary situation there,the over Populated Country needs to off-load these free-loaders,well done Greece!!

  11. Hey all you muzzie shit bags that monitor this web site, why do you goat fkers keep scrambling into western countries then try to make them like the shit holes that you will do anything to get out of? You know that as nice as we westerners are, you push to much and even the idiot liberals will say that’s it. It will be Serbia and Bosnia all over the world without anyone trying to stop it.

  12. I am not at all surprised by the Greeks.

    The Greeks and Muslims have a long history of bitter animosity and hatred that goes back centuries. When the Turks conquered and destroyed the last vestiges of the Byzantine Empire, the Greeks were conquered too, and Muslims horribly persecuted the mostly Greek Orthodox Christian Greeks.

    In the early 1800’s the Greeks fought a brutal and bitter war for independence against the Ottoman Turks and finally achieved independence in 1821. And since then, the Greeks have fought several wars with the Turks including World War I. And there have been some minor skirmishes with Turkey since World War II. The Greeks to this day still hate the guts of the mostly Muslim Turks.

    The Greeks don’t have much love for Muslims in general.

    • Perhaps it’s because of the five million Greeks murdered by Turkey and the Armenian genocide of 3 million men, women, children and babies. Or the genocide of most of their neighbours as well.

      They are the epitome of Islam.

      • Both Steve S. and Therese are completely correct. I’ll simply add that it’s not for nothing that the Turks are hated all across South-Eastern Europe (aside from those populations that are Muslim – e.g., in Albania {including, most disastrously, the SERBIAN territory of Kosovo-Metohija and also trying for FYR Macedonia}, Bosnia-Hercegóvina, Bulgaria).

        In ALL events, ALL those above-mentioned Muslim populations (and anywhere else in the West) ought to be booted out to the last man, woman and child – positively NO EXCEPTIONS other than what I’ve posted above (and there one MUST err on the side of extreme caution…).

        The same should be done with every last leftist (including their families!) – and both Communism and Islam should then be declared illegal throughout the West, with the penalties being of maximum possible severity!! Here, I would in fact unreservedly endorse the death penalty as that’s what they’ll do to us!!!!

      • Greeks never attacked Arabia. The Moslems attacked Greece.

        Turks are racists who believe they superceded the Arabs to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

        Note that no Greeks want to sneak into Turkey…another argument that Turkey is not a desirable EU member.

    • Islam’s business in free societies is to dominate these societies and destroy freedom. Yes it’s really that simple. Greece, as do all free countries, has the right and the responsibility to defend itself.

  13. All countries with illegal immigration issues need to calculate the costs per person on the drain to their economy add that with the costs in man hours to deport them and bill the countries of origin. Soon they wil be able to erase some of the dept and find that kicking out the garbage is a great source of income. If turkey or crapistan gets billed for the waste removal service they’ll soon learn to lock this problem down within their own borders.

  14. Well, the best I can say is better late than never. Athens has been the bane of many a naive tourist for many years. Criminal activity, in the urban areas especially, by Greeks and non-Greeks alike has been epidemic for many years. If you went out at night and you didn’t travel in a large group, you were a victim. Greece has a long climb back to civilization ahead of it. Getting rid of all it’s Muslims is a good start. Getting rid of the commies is also essential and may be much more difficult to do. Good luck Greece.

    • Furthermore, MANY Greeks are still pro-Communist: it’s not for nothing that the November 17 gang was able to survive and wage terrorism upon that nation (and also foreigners!!) for many years!!!

      In fact, it was only when a British man got murdered by that gang and Scotland Yard got involved that they eventually were FINALLY able (with some luck when one of those terrorists failed to get his bomb to go off and was captured alive) to expose and arrest its members – the head of whom turned out to be a major “intellectual” at some Greek university.

      Ironic since Greece in the late 1940s very nearly fell to the Commies led by Markos – it was Yugoslavia’s pulling out of the Soviet alliance in 1948 that cut off much of the Russian aid flowing in to those Marxists which saved the Greeks for NATO and the West.

      I’m pleased that the Greeks are undertaking action – it’s my hope that it’s not too little too late. EVERY LAST SINGLE Muslim man, woman and child who can’t prove they’re genuine Westerners MUST BE DEPORTED (not only from Greece but the ENTIRE West!!!)!!!!

      [Prrof of being genuine Westerners: 1) renouncing Islam (and PUBLICLY and in such a manner as to render them prime targets of Islamists!!!), 2) genuinely working, with a good employment record (especially if it’s a trade – e.g., medicine – that militant Islam disfavours), 3) seriously practising music, art and science – again with a good track record (no taking things up ‘just like that’). These would be the ONLY people that might be spared – and even then they have to be supervised and kept under suspicion for AT LEAST 12 whole years (just like becoming Swiss citizens – and their record must be exemplary throughout before they can become Western citizens).]

      MJ, who posted above, is completely right!!!

  15. Bravo……

    It warms my heart to think that crowds of patriotic Greek men and women, all hopped up on souvlaki and ouzo, are roaming the cities and towns of their beloved country and ridding themselves of human garbage…..


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  16. Big deal, the hoplite armies that defended Greece all those years ago didn’t let the scum settle in the first place. Many thousands died defending that country from eastern invaders, not just Persians but the Ottomans too. Spitting on their ancestors graves letting that cancer that is Islam inside Greece.

  17. Well done Greece. Like all of the other countries you were too easy on the muslim invaders and now you have to fix the problem. Do not treat them well and then send them back. They will just return on the next rotten boat. Just put them on a boat and send them back, just the way they came to your land.

  18. Greece should have done this three years ago and more. Turkey has been deliberately doing this to Greece to break them. Why don’t the illegals stop on their way to Greece through Turkey. Yes, I wonder why?

    And I think Turkey is sending in guns and amo to be used on the Syrian people too, come to think of it.

    • I wish italy could follow that example…, but our dirty politicians ALL OF THEM.., tell us we must be kind and tolerant, and keep taking in those ……@@@. We had an earth quake and the Italian living in tents are given 3 euro er day…., the ILLEGAL immigrants 36 Euro per day plus food and accomodation..Is that enough to say DISGUSTING !!!

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