Muslim author, Irshad Maji says, “The biggest problem with Islam is the Muslims”

What makes this woman remarkable is that she is an out-of-the-closet lesbian. I disagree with her belief that there is a peaceful Islam. There are peaceful Muslims but Islam is inherently violent and sooner or later one of her fellow Muslims will try to kill her.

When there are Muslims in the audience where she is speaking, I have seen near riots break out.

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36 comments on “Muslim author, Irshad Maji says, “The biggest problem with Islam is the Muslims”

  1. My problem with this “Difference between peaceful Muslim , and violent Islam” is this: THEY ALL READ THE SAME QURAN. It makes no since to me, if you read the same book of evil they you are as evil as anyone else who reads that book.

    • The mohammadan supremacists and their “progressive” lap dogs trot out the “twisted” and “misinterpreting” canard.

      They, however, cannot claim that the mohammadans “twist and misinterpret” mohammad bin humpin Aisha.

      They *all* strive to be just like that grotesque psychopath.

      Thus they all imitate the same evil “man.”

      • There was actually a time I fell for the story that there are good ones or lesser violent ones. That only seems to be true when they get OUT of it though, I’m all for it when they want out and get out and then tell the TRUTH risking all they have to get out of that CULT. Note: It took me days and of hours of searching and reading FACTS to make a final decision about Islam. I made sure that I was NOT being prejudiced in any way. I don’t like arrogance or hatred of anyone for stupid reasons or physical features people are born with, I hate like hell evil minds, injustice and arrogance, and that is what my hate for Islam is based on, I admire and respect anyone that truly leaves it and sees the TRUTH after a lifetime of that crap pounded in their heads and thank God for those who do GET OUT so they can spread the TRUTH of it. But when sh*t hits the fan, innocents will have to die, there is no way around that. “Wake up cannot be said enough.”

  2. She does not fit the Islamic dogma. She sees in Islam what she wants to see. But for every reasonable passage in the Qran there are others that negate it. Because of that she is in grave danger. What a pity others do not see what she sees because she had some very valid points to make, especially about muslims accepting responsibility for their own actions. Poverty being used as an excuse for violent and horrendous behaviour is not acceptable and in many cases not true. Praying toward Mecca makes more sense to me now .in terms of empowering Saudi Arabia. Take away the vision and you diminish the power. think about that.

  3. Wow, so deluded. I feel sorry for her. I suppose if you got rid of the Sunnah, Hadith, Sharia Law and 70% of the Quran it could be peaceful…

  4. So why do people we consider to be shackled by poverty tend to blow up only if Muslim? (99.999% of the time)

    Some very good illustrations of the West’s willful naivete in this clip as well – fear of offending, falsely blaming poverty…

    A revealing microcosm of the wider world encapsulated on one small TV stage.

  5. Perceptor 1, you are right, a million mullahs do not support her opinion, but she makes some very good points, notwithstanding the hopelessness of the fantasy that Islam can ever be reformed.

    In reality she is only Muslim in name, but being raised in Vancouver she is more secular/humanist than anything else.

    She does articulate good general points on honesty.

  6. The problem with Isdamn is Isdamn, not ‘slimes. ‘Slimes are what they are and do what they do primarily because of the damnable doctrines of Islam; Allah’s curseworthy imperatives, promises & threat.

    Interpreting the Koran is not by verse count, it is by sequence of revelation. Newer revelations which conflict with early Meccan verses abrogate them, especially Surat Al-Anfal & At-Taubah.

    The meaning of the verses is exemplified by Moe’s sunnah: 68 battles in ten years. The passive, touchy~feeley verses were abrogated by Surat Al-Anfal & At-Taubah.

    She thinks that there is freedom of speech in Isdamn; that she can question authority. Therein she ignores 33:36 which declares outright that once Allah and his Messenger have decided anything, nobody has a right to question their decision.

    I perceive in Irshad the same cognitive dissonance I perceive in Dr. Jasser. Head up ass disease!

  7. This woman is just as dangerous as people like Ibrahim Hooper. Why? Because she is confusing people with the belief that Islam can be tamed and made peaceful

    This will never happen.

    The best thing this woman could do for herself is leave Islam and encourage her followers to do the same. Then people will fully realize that Islam is for losers!

  8. Wrong, Irshad.

    The biggest problem with Islam is MOHAMMED the incoherent, narcissistic, misogynistic, supremacist, psychopathic, plagiarizing, prevaricating pedophile pirate.

    No one likes the real Mohammed…not even Moslems.

    Mohammed is the GREATEST LIABILITY to Islam.

    There is no apologizing for this evil, amoral Bedouin.

  9. She is just another confusion agent.

    Let me put this in another clearer way.

    The biggest problem with the planet is muslims.

  10. Delusional.

    Her opinion is not supported by one million mullahs.

    ‘Bida’ is innovation. Anyone guilty of making up or adding things to Islam is an apostate who should be executed. Anyone Moslem may execute an apostate and receive rewards in paradise.

  11. As a dominant dude, I have no issues at all with bisexual women or gay men who just don’t care for the emotionalism of women in their sexual lives. Lesbian women in general though, from my observations, tend to be disjointed products of abusive upbringings due to screwed up, male figures! I’m honest about being biased and invite others to test my observations which are the result of knowing several lesbians, all of whom had bad, usually incest issues with men in their family backgrounds!
    The lack of reality of Irshad Maji in still defending the Doctrine of the Islamic cult that brings out the worst in people is worth noting! She is an intelligent, articulate woman and she will probably end up dead some day! Amazing that she is so blind to what the real problem with Islam is!
    The Sharia of Islam is comparable to Nazi ideology; it gives instructions to mistreat or kill fellow humanbeings just because they refuse to pray the way Islamics do! There is no loving kindness or tolerance found in all other spiritual belief systems in it and that is the problem! The Bahais tried to update Islam and remove the Sharia so it isn’t the people who are Muslim that are necessarily the problem-it is the Sharia!
    One thing, being lesbian, Irshad Maji will have no children while those who seek to kill her reproduce themselves 100 times! That is a symptom of the problem right there and Sharia has already defeated her!
    It is a real shame that an intelligent, attractive woman like Irshad will not have the ability to really reproduce herself, to change the actions of the next generation! Her feelings about men are a direct result of her delusion that it is Muslims as male individuals who are the problem and not the ideology of Sharia that actually controls them that is the problem!

  12. Maji is hopeless. Muslims overwhelmingly despise her. Let’s stack up her ‘freedom’ verses with the hate verses and see whose stack is higher!

  13. She is a good woman, though I wonder why she wants to stay a muslum. And for the Scandanavians, I wonder why the decendants of Vikings are such liberal wimps now. I have a Swede friend that moved to the U.S. 20 years ago as a late teen because he was so sick of his fellow Swedes being so liberal and wimpy.

    • If she had lived in Pakistan…that paragon of Islam…she wouldn’t have lived long.

      I don’t expect Irshad to visit Pak, Saudi or Indonesia…home of the religion of pieces…they TEAR you to pieces if you criticize Islam!

  14. Several years ago she wrote a book called The Trouble With Islam. It was very interesting and I thin it is worth a read.

  15. I don’t blame her for turning lesbian considering all the inbred muppet-faced muslims she has to choose from. Also, let’s not the fact that muslim “men” treat women like dogs.

    No, the problem with islam is islam!!!

  16. It seems that they always forget about to ask, or to comment, about Islamic abrogation by which all these peaceful Koranic passages (Meccan) are superimposed by the later Medinan passages.
    Also they seem to misunderstand the cause-effect relationship between Islam and Poverty. People don’t go to Islam because they are poor, they are poor because of Islam.

  17. A peaceful islam would be essentually a different religion at least as different as Buddhism is from Hinduism. I think this has been tried before. Its called Bahai. The old muslims would still be there eager to kill the new kid on the block.

      • Sincerity won’t change the Islamic doctrine but it will give some the false hope that a positive change is coming. What’s coming is a worsening relationship between the Muslim community and the free societies in which they live. The more resistance we put in front of the bully boy Muslims, the more violent they will become. Like spoiled childish brats, only if they get their way will there be an illusion of peace. Islam will only respect an iron fist in it’s face and we need to give it to them pronto.

    • Exactly. I believe she knows, but has a ‘modernist’ interpretation that real Moslems don’t buy. (‘All bida is error’)

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