24 comments on “More words of wisdom from our good friend, Tommy Robinson, founder and leader of the English Defence League

  1. The only people against the defence leagues are the politicians that are selling out their countries and those people that are afraid to stand up and demand the truth.

  2. i attend most edl demos,im not rascist or fascist just patriotic,also tommy as had to endure a lot of shit from some of his own,but to me he is a top bloke and no matter what, i will support him 100 per cent,as will the the other 40 members in our division.british freedom party,only way forward

  3. Did it just look like one, or was that ACTUALLY a kevlar vest I saw Tommy wearing in the video?! Imagine that, having to wear a bullet proof vest in your own neighborhood because it is being taken over by a bunch of arselifter thugs who dare to try telling civilized society that theirs is a “religion of peace” when the truth is it IS a demented sadistic arselifter supremacist ideology that DOES NOT even qualify as a religion!!

  4. No Surrender. There are alot more people who can’t stand muslims than people know about. The truth is out of the bag, and people do not like what they see and hear. I’m not for violence; I’m for them having a choice to leave on their own free will or to be deported. If they put up a fight, then so be it. Life is full of choices.

  5. In a pub brawl, I stand with Tommy and the EDL. England is fighting to preserve her identity and I’m proud to have her back as an EDL member.

  6. Unless the majority of brits wake up this looks a tough battle. The EDL should not just target islamofasicm but also call out to those who support these as traitors .

    Call for law to deport all islamic hooligans , mullahs who preach hate against non-muslims
    just like france and now greece is doing.

    Organise into a political force if you cannot get the sickos who are betraying the brits by supporting the islamofasicts.

    Ban social security to immigrants who have not worked for at least 6 years & deport them too.

    Just protest won’t work….undoing the damage done by unfettered migration of islamofasicts by deportation can be beginning of the solution.

    Ban Islam itself as idealogy based on hatred like nazism , KKK and deny voting
    and citizenship rights till they renounce

    This is most peaceful way to turn the tide
    or …the only solution later would be civil war.

  7. Don’t forget this gutty guy was beaten almost to death by filthy muslim savages. He still keeps on. Great guy !
    Some Englishmen still have what it took to resist the Nazis and be free people.
    Go Tommy ! !

    • SweetOlBob: Hence the motto “No Surrender”. Which incidently was adopted from Churchill’s We shall fight them on the beaches speech.

      We mean what we say, the far-left may be so gullible by being used by muslims for their own islamic agendas, not realising that lefties do get attacked, raped and murdered by muslims, but muslims will turn on them if they got power. The lefties are just as kuffar as we are, they just see it yet.

      It’s no good the far-left telling us to stop the bigotry, fascism, racism etc.. they should be telling the worst criminals of that.. the muslims! Oh.. and if they want to stop bigotry, fascism and racism then the lefties should stop bashing Israel and the Jews.

  8. Tommy is an absolute inspiration. Every time I hear him speak, it inspires me to use every opportunity to warn others regarding the peril of Islam – regardless of how unpopular this makes me with my more liberal friends and family.

  9. sadly, he is almost certainly right about the emergence of other “breiviks”.
    it is an inevitability given the lefts unwillingness to face the problems that islamisation is causing.
    with the rise in the number of child “grooming” cases likely to rise, it could well happen here in the uk.

  10. This is a two way street people,us members of the EDL are grateful for the support we have from people such as yourselves.BNI and it’s posters have been unstinting in their support of the EDL,THANK YOU !!

    I also understand that there is now a USDL,i wish them all the very best and hope that they will get the same level of support by you good people as you give to the EDL.

  11. This is the kind of Englishman that made England able to conquered the world. Where the sun never sat on on the English Empire. With people like him, there is hope for the Empire to kick the enemy off their soil!!!

  12. Everyone who informs someone is helping to raise awareness of this evil DEATH CULT.

    We have to start with the people near us and help them see the truth before we lose our freedom.

    The clock is ticking.

  13. Tommy ,I admire you for the stand you are taking,if only more would stand up against this cult of death,we need you here in Australia as we are being overrun with this plaque as well,migrants are welcome here but ,muslims first and only allegiance is to Islam and Sharia,they openly state their intentions to convert us,our government is allowing them to come here in the thousands,it provides them with everthing house-jobs etc.-at the cost of our- own desperate people who are homeless and jobless,for the ethnic -vote,what else??T

  14. Thank you for defending our rights and even for those who don’t know what they are losing. You are indeed a modern day “Braveheart”.

  15. I am super impressed with the fighting spirit in this true leader and defender of British soil! Talk about inspiring patriotism for “the old country” (father’s side was English going back centuries!) – Americans can DEFINITELY relate!! And I was thrilled when all the new and still-young DLs of Europe met recently in Denmark! Would love to have been there, waving a flag – ANY national flag! – to cheer them on and be a part of history, while the people who are intent on taking their respective countries back from the mudslimes gathered to gain strength in unity. May G-d protect and let flourish the EDL – and all the other European DLs, too!

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