So much for freedom and democracy in Iraq

The dust hasn’t even settled from the departure of the last U.S. and coalition troops, and the sharia-inspired Islamic crackdown on homosexuals and fashion-trendy young people is in full swing.

CNN  A recent rash of killings of people perceived to be gay or emo in Iraq has stoked fear within those communities, which worry the government might be unwilling or unable to protect them.

At least 14 such victims were killed in Baghdad in the past three weeks, according to a senior Interior Ministry official. But Rights activists claim the number is actually much higher, with some suggesting dozens or more than 100 have been killed since February, many of them stoned to death by the ‘Morality’ Police for having emo haircuts and tight jeans. The killings appear to target people perceived to be gay, or emo — shorthand in Iraq for an in-your-face style of Western dress that favors tight clothes, long hair and the color black.

“Ten days ago, I received a letter from militiamen threatening me that if they found me then they will not kill me like other ‘perverts,’ but they will cut my body into pieces,” a gay activist told CNN. “We strongly warn every male and female debauchee, if you do not stop this dirty act within four days, then the punishment of God will fall on you at the hands of Mujahideen,” it read. Iraq’s Moral Police was granted approval by the Ministry of Education to enter Baghdad schools and pinpoint students with Western appearances.


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  1. Step 1 kill homosexuals. Step 2 kill women. Step 3 kill Jews. Step 4 kill Christians. Step 5 kill liberals. Step 6 kill Commies. Step 7 kill socialists. Step 8 kill each other.

  2. Is it true Obama gave 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS to the muslim brotherhood? PLEASE tell me is is not so! He didn’t give 1.5 BILLION of taxpayers to them and not go on trial for treason…is it true what I hear?

    • That is exactly right. It makes me sick to my stomach. This money would be much better spent propping up Israel or any other country that is committed to containing the evil of Islam. An even more novel idea would be for the US to use the money for their own citizens, or better still not spend it at all given the out of control debt situation – and I am not a US citizen.

    • yes he calls it foreign aid to egypt. he gave money to palestinians as well and pakistan. the enemy is in the gates of the white house.

  3. The funny thing about this is that the commies in this country are seemingly oblivious about the true nature of their bedfellow Muslims. One day, the LGBT commies will up dead. Ah, so sad. NOT.

  4. Oh blame it all on Bush. I guess odummy has no blame. His asskissing to every terrorist out there means nothing to libturds. Odummy giving the muslim brotherhood billions of dollatrs. I do not remember gwbush giving any terrorist group unlimited cart blance like the moron in the white house.

    • your right Vladimir! bush gave no money to hamas or the brotherhood and bush instructed the cia to help the people overthrow the government of iran which obama stopped as soon as he took office. bush was not perfect but at least he loved america.

  5. Islam kills gays, but it is pretty much a gay faith, they hate women,little girls are trash and to be killed.They seem to protest too much about gay and like to point their grimy filthy fingers at other people and start yelling “fag hes a fag, kill him” sort of like the boy that yelled wolf. The rag head freaks should have been wiped out during the crusades.

    • Had the Popes in the 13th Century gotten off their high horses and allowed the Crusader states to ally themselves with the Mongols during the initial invasion of the area in the 1240s and 1250s, Islam might very well been cleared out from the Hindu Kush to the Strait of Gibraltar.

      Of course, there was the risk that the Mongols might then demand submission in the form of tribute from the Western Europeans, but even then, Christianity would have remained intact, as would the day to day operations of European principalities and kingdoms in the hands of natives.

  6. I said during the Bush#1 years we should have backed saddam Hussein let him have the oil fields and let him beat down Iran. Yes he killed and tortured his enemies but now you see they are worse.
    The Saudi’s have bought and paid for every President since Nixon.

  7. “Clothes of the Devil”? The clothes of the devil are the burqa and those white robe things the male goat fkrs wear.Muzzies are what you get when you have a tiny cockroach brain in a human sized body.

  8. Unless the muslims themselves stand up to oppression, all is lost. They need a good community organizer…hey, let’s send them obama!

  9. Dear American Congressmen/women and Senators.

    This is what Sharia law is all about.

    Beheadings by self-directed vigilante Sharia morons.

  10. The inbred morons think that MORE Islam will succeed when Islam has already failed.

    Islam is the triumph of optimism over experience.

    The trouble is that ORDINARY Moslems believe that misogyny, Arab racism, supremacism and toxic narcissism are GOOD…because the pedophile pirate did it.

    Morons. Mozzies, you need to be deprogrammed.

  11. obama was warned by just about every military advisor it was too early to leave a democracy in it’s infantcy but he had an election to win. now gays and christians hunting season is in full bloom.

  12. It never occurred to our great minds in the West that some people, the Iraqis, Egyptians and Libyans might need dictators to keep them from falling into barbarity. Saddam was an evil swine but he didn’t kill nearly as many Iraqis as they themselves have killed since they were liberated.

    In Libya we, mainly the British, spent years and a lot of money bringing Gadaffi into the fold. He renounced terrorism, stopped supporting extremists and gave assistance to the West in various matters. So what did we do? We helped a bunch of Jew-hating, Christian-hating fanatics overthrow and murder him.

    In Egypt Mubarak was a friend to the West, who maintained peace with Israel as well as he could and protected both Christians and moderate Muslims.So did we help him against the Muslim Brotherhood, the people who murdered Western tourists? No. We rejoiced in his downfall.

    I hope our leaders have learned their lesson and are playing a more cunning game. Or are they just timid? They have not gone overboard to help el-Assad’s enemies in Syria but they do not seem to have given enough aid to keep the war going. Assad is bad. He is supported by Iran, Russia, and two Palestinian terror groups On the other hand his “noble” opponents include al Qaeda fighters and other nasties. The West needs to give just enough aid to keep them at each other’s throats for a few years. While they are busy killing each other they cannot harm anyone else. But the West, especially Obama, are being too circumspect this time, it seems. Assad is on the point of victory. What price will the Palestinian boys want for helping him? Massive rocket attacks on northern Israel? Provoking massive retaliation on Syria? Where there are Russian troops, and, apparently, Russian AA missile batteries. Doesn’t look good, does it?

    • Les, Obama is behind ALL the uprisings and is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.Eventually they will take over Syria too (which is fairly secular under Assad), but he has to keep a low profile so as not to piss off his pal in Iran.

  13. Hey have anyone know about this
    This site is asking for donation for “legal defense per year for Muslims facing legal challenges in America”. Irony, this site just asked whether Islam should be made illegal ? Of course it should be, because it goes against the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!

  14. BNI, I have lost touch with the status of USA troops in Iraq. Is there any small number of troops left in Iraq? What date did the last of the USA troops leave Iraq?

  15. Cultural change in a territory infected by Mohammedanism, is only possible by abolishing,elimination and replacing the rotten Mohammedan Stratum.All others is an illusion or gambling with a “biological weapon”,called Mohammedanism.

    • sad but true ! and all we get out of this is another muslim country who will take and take and take and a slimy mutt of a man who will give and give and give.

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