44-CENT ISLAM STAMP IS FOREVER. Thankfully, the Muslim-in-Chief won’t be.

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama and Muslims are thrilled about the new blood red Muslim 44-cent Forever stamp. Make sure you don’t get stuck with these when you buy a roll of Forever stamps. Demand the ‘NON-TERRORIST’ version.


Divided States  (H/T SilverLady) Barack Hussein Obama, who recently proclaimed, “We are no longer a Christian nation” to the delight of Muslims worldwide as they continue their war against Judaism and Christianity, is pleased to see the final and permanent creation of a Muslim stamp commemorating the 2 most important festivals in the Islamic calendars. The final Islamic 44 cent stamp has become permanent while Obama, the 44th President, expressed his appreciation for the accomplishment in a recent Islamic relations dinner in Washington.

The Muslim holidays Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha were honored on the US Postal Stamp, the “Forever Stamp” in May of 2011. On these days, Muslims wish each other Eid mubarak, (no, that’s not a translation for, “We Love Mubarak”. No it simply means “blessed festival.”  

The phrase shown in gold calligraphy on the stamp  can also be paraphrased as, “May your religious holiday be blessed.”  This phrase was chosen over the proposed “Allahu Akbar” in fear that the latter might offend some Americans and Israelis who associate that phrase with Islamic Extremists who shout it just prior to launching their murderous attacks.


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  1. For the guy who sent me the reply below:

    Have you ever read the Bible?

    “READ it see it for what it is: a manual for justifying racism, rape, murder, pillaging, forced conversion, deception, and pedophilia.”

    BTW – for either book, you forgot the marginalization of women, child abuse, infanticide, slavery, the killing of infidels and genocide.


    Have you ever READ the Qur’an (or tried to)? When I was younger, I tried reading the Qur’an AND Mein Kampf. Of the two books, I found Mein Kampf to be more coherent and sensible. Now, when the ranting of Adolf Hitler makes more sense and is more coherent than a “religious” text, then you know there’s something wrong with it. Also, Islam started this war 14 centuries ago, and is still trying to win it. Th REason there is hatred toward the Qur’an, Islam, and Muslims is because those of us who have READ it see it for what it is: a manual for justifying racism, rape, murder, pillaging, forced conversion, deception, and pedophilia. Thank you, and have a nice day.

  2. I hope people are realizing who this man is.
    Many expect the antichrist to come from Europe. I beg to differ. He is described as the “king of the north” in the book of Daniel. Here is a description. You can judge if it looks familiar:
    Daniel 11:37
    Neither shall he honor the gods of his fathers,
    nor the desire of women,
    neither shall he honor any so-called god;
    for he shall exalt himself above them all.

    These are policies and beliefs of an apostate..
    who has “fathers”..
    who does not respect marriage or childbirth..
    and seems like an atheist..and arrogant.
    Do you recognize this “king”?

    • It’s NOT Obama. After all, the Antichrist will be an almost-universally beloved person. He will have the entire world singing his praises. Obama hasn’t got that. So, look again.

      • Think so? So many, many “liberals” ARE singing his praises – on Yahoo!, the people doing so are positively LEGION!!! NO, in fact, they are a downright ARMY!!!! [I strongly fear that it’s WE who know better that are in the minority, exceedingly sad as it is to say…] Also, those who wasted a Nobel Prize upon that arch-wretch Obama are very much mirroring what all too many “élitists” actually think…

        The same with so many, many Europeans and other Westerners (Canadians, New Zealanders, Australians).

        I can’t quite say that Obama is the Antichrist, but as of yet I still don’t see the way clear to excluding him from the list of possibilities… [Other candidates that come to mind are both the Clintons, Pútjin and Mjedvjédjev offhand.]

  3. Why anyone would issue a stamp to comemorate and honor Islam, the worship of Satan (aka Allah) is beyond me. Next they will issue one to honor Mohammed, historically known to be a homosexual pedophile.

  4. This is the icing on the muslim cake, the president of the United States official commemorating a muslim stamp. This is his seal of approval for the muslim brotherhood,cair and all other islamic terrorists all muslims. I will not purchase these stamps and i hope the post office goes broke.

  5. Don’t buy the stamps buy other ones. The post office is already having problems to begin with they are almost out of out of business remember?

  6. Give Obummer another term..the statue of liberty will get a baghead. A true reflection
    to end to liberty in america.

    Who would be responsible ? Obummer ? No, not at all.

    Its every loony idiot who voted for him.

  7. Bottom line is, God is going to continue to allow the destruction of our Country and our lives simply because we as individuals and as a whole nation, have turned our backs on Him! Until we recognize just what we’ve done, and until we come slithering back, woe to us! He is the vine and we are the branches. Apart from Him we can do nothing! We need to put God back into our lives and country. TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED…WE……FALL!

  8. he said accomplishment in islamic relations? he must mean alqueda and muslim brotherhood taking over in libya and egypt.

  9. I liked the Dragon Stamps earlier this year. Also collect LOVE stamps. The Martian Pathfinder stamp about 13 years ago was nice.

  10. Ask for the stamp and then tell the post person it’s “un-American” and then write on all your envelopes, GOD BLESS THE USA!

  11. am going to buy one , take a picture of my dog licking it, post it with said stamp upside down and leaning left to cair and with a proper return adress witch has a big beautifull USA flag beside it, one word NUTS, they won,t get it but will set my mood right.

  12. I am not American and I wasn’t a lover of Bush for a variety of reasons but this Obamohammed is past beyond imagination even for a poor European like me. It wasn’t long ago I’d refer to the US as an example and now between islamized Europe and Islmized US one doesn’t really know where to turn head anymore. During the recent Islamic attacks in Toulouse Obama even called Sarkozy whom, after the call urged to point out the enem wasn’t our “islamic brothers”. Now, I have no clue what Obamohammed told Ratkozy but the French President till then had been clearly anti-islamic. So he doesn’t limit to bother his own country, but he also stretches in other people’s backyard. Never seen such an example of mdiocrity ruling a country.

  13. Wow!!! Can’t f**king believe it! If anyone needs to be ‘relieved of his duties’, then it’s that piece of shit muslim scum obama. He’s tearing Ameica apart from the inside out. For the sake of America……. He’s gotta go!!

  14. Why on earth would ANYONE – anyone who knows even a scintilla about bloody & controlling pisslam, that is – want to buy THAT particular stamp?!? Esp. since there are so many other perfectly normal “Forever” stamps in the US postal system!! In fact, if you ever receive a letter with that stamp, you’d probably do well to check out either the sanity or allegiance (or BOTH!) of the person who sent it!!

  15. I will make a loud,angry, proclamation in the Post Office if they ever try to sell me these fkin things when I ask for a book of stamps.

  16. On Eid, Moslems teach their children to slit the throat of animals to prepare them for jihad against the dirty kafirs who the Koran calls ‘the worst of animals’.

    The ‘worst of animals’ obviously should be killed. Eid teaches hatred.

    • A Pakistani blogger confirms my points:

      “Call me an infidel, but I just can’t bring myself to make merry at the idea of mass-murdering a few hundred thousand cute, furry, unsuspecting farm animals in a span of 72 hours… and that too publicly, in front of a sadistically gleeful audience.”

      • Bravo to that blogger!! May he then come to LOVE these same animals, and finally to experience the God of Love Himself and renounce that ideology of extremest brutality, ISLAM!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, the ideology of EVIL!!!!!

    • This particular festival is known as “Eid al-Adha” – may it be PARTICULARLY ACCURSED forever and ever, and unto ages of ages, amen!!!

  17. Eid is a festival of supremacism over Jews. Mohammed rewrote the Bible story so that Abraham came to Mecca as a very old man and attempted to sacrifice Ishmael, thus legitimizing Mecca as a spritual capital.

    These supremacists words are recited on Eid:

    “He has fulfilled His Promise, and made Victorious His worshipper, and made Mighty His soldiers and defeated the confederates.”

    So spiritual? No! So military!

    Onward Moslem Soldiers!
    Crush those infidels!

  18. They got their stamp a long time ago. It’s called the mark of Cain. We all know about that. Always been the mark of murderers.

  19. Do not buy the stamp and if it is handed to you, tell the seller that you prefer not to us a muslim stamp supporting islam but would buy any other stamp instead. God bless America.

  20. Please let me know when these slugs go away.
    Can’t say anything about them without being called a racist.
    Just have to put up with them. Bullshit.

  21. Note also the date of the USPS announcement for this stamp . . .:

    “On August 12, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio, at the Ameri­can Philatelic Stamp Show, the Postal Service™ will issue an Eid definitive. . . “

    . . .one would assume the release was intentionally timed to have the controversy build and coincide with the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

    This administration overlooks nothing when it comes to taking advantage – i.e. “never let a crisis go to waste” – intentionally plunging that sabre deep into the heart of this nation and rubbing salt into the 9/11 wound.

  22. america is no longer a christian nation, what a wanker your president is . the sooner you get rid of him the better.

    • I agree, get rid of him. Ever since Muslim Obama took the White House by default, he’s been pushing his Islamic agenda on all Americans. Time for him to go.

    • millions of americans are doing everything we can but when your government becomes corrupt and controls the media and just about everything else it is hard. the votes will be there to get rid of him but it is who counts the votes that will matter and obama just sold the job of tallying all the election results to a spanish company of which is owned by a huge supporter of the muslim in chief. the owner donated the maximum allowed by law to obama’s campaign. once again we have to contact our congressmen and find out how this happened and see if they can change it. believe me we are trying to avoid another american revolution but that is up to the corrupt government.

  23. My wife had come home and was telling me the postal clerk at the post office ask her if she wanted the new eid stamp when she ask to purchase a book of stamps. She had no idea what they were and I had told her that it was the “muslim holiday stamp.” I thought this was the beginning of Sept. 2010, just before eid which had been celebrated over the Sept. 11th weekend that year. Is this the same eid stamp??? The eid stamp I remember wasn’t in that blood red background color??? I’m confused, is this a second eid stamp???

    By the way, she had told the clerk that she didn’t want them.

    • nomosque, I posted a story when they came out with the 42-cent Eid stamps in 2010 I think. They background was white. This is a new one.

  24. this stamp has been issued since 2001 and is “updated” as the price goes up. Obama is not responsible for this one.
    I join you in your hope that he will be turned of office this November. Enough of his “executive orders.”

  25. Are you freaking kidding!!? I DO not believe this is a US stamp! This is NOT a MULSIM country we are NOT the middle east-It’s so wrong, in every way!
    This is beyond the pale.. my god! Who in the hell came up with this one? just ONE MORE slap in the face to AMERICANS – just keep on creeping in at every turn!

    • shaz, just make sure to tell the post office clerk when you buy Forever stamps not to give you the Islamic terrorism ones. And say it loud.

      • I’m going to the post office to buy stamps just so I can say out loud that I don’t want the terrorist version when they try to hand them to me. Do I need stamps? No.

  26. As far as I am concerned, I have never counted Obama as America’s 44th U.S President. He doesn’t qualify to being a U.S. President because he was born in Kenya, and he has never protected the U.S Constitution. As far as I am concerned, America is leaderless.

    • I totally agree. The sick feeling I had in 08 when he ran has been confirmed beyond anything I imagined. He is NOT my president and if I get any mail with that garbage on it….I’m marking it return to sender. Disgusting.

      • true america is leaderless and Romney is not an american Citizen either. he was born in Mexico. yes to ameerican parents but he is nonethless a MEXICAN CITIZEN CITIZEN AND THEREFORE INELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR PRES

        • dragon, that’s right, keep tearing down every GOP candidate and we’ll get another 4 years of the scumbag for sure. I don’t like Romney but I’d vote for Mickey Mouse over Odumbo.

        • you are all fooling yourself if you think any votes count. why do you think they wont pass a voter Id law and fight states that do pass one wake up people. heck if voteing is a right like some say then why do i haft to show a ID to buy a gun or ammo?

        • mitt romney was born in detroit, michigan. his mother was born in logan, utah, and his father was born in a mormon colony in chihuahua, mexico. he most certainly is eligible to run for president.

        • Apparently being a non-citizen of the U.S. doesn’t make you ineligible to run for president. If Obama was born in Kenya, how the hell did he get to run? And whoever voted for him has absolutely no brain. This country has gone to hell.

        • Kayla, certainly agree with you. I am 73 years old fought in Vietnam as a proud Marine. I see the country I fought for, and love it is becoming something else…Not the America I used to know. I worry for my grandkids.

        • Romney is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN….born in DETROIT of USA CITIZEN PARENTS (both MOTHER & FATHER were USA CITIZENS at the time of his BIRTH) He is constitutionally eligible for POTUS.

    • If it were leaderless it would be a lot better off than it is now with the liar-in -chief busily going about dismantling it and welcoming huge numbers of colonists in. You should be so lucky as to be leaderless.

    • I read this article in the paper about this Democrap who was doing a story about the Iowa National Guard museum. He saw all of these pictures of the other 43 presidents and asked why Obama’s picture wasn’t up there because in his words “he is the Commander in chief.”. The guy who ran the Guard Museum replied “He is YOUR commander in Chief, not ours!!”.

    • Exactly!!! Can you imagine the uproar if there was a stamp published with cross on it? Why is it separation of church and state is only invoked when Christianity is the object? It could not be more obvious with respect to the President’s total disdain for Christianity and utter embrace of Islam.

      • This is uncalled for…making fun and jokes of the Quaran and their EID holiday (our Christmas)…no wonder people hate each other in the world…ignorance

        • Sieg Heil sabrina and her hitlerite muslim terrorist criminal illegal alien president. We defeated hitlerism once, we can do it again. We Judeo Christians and Jews have repeatedly defeated the muslim terrorists and we will do it again.
          sabrina, you might as well give up your libturd ways, go to church and “Find Jesus” and get on the only winning team, Jesus and his followers. And Jews will follow Jesus at the second coming, it is in the Bible.

        • Have you ever READ the Qur’an (or tried to)? When I was younger, I tried reading the Qur’an AND Mein Kampf. Of the two books, I found Mein Kampf to be more coherent and sensible. Now, when the ranting of Adolf Hitler makes more sense and is more coherent than a “religious” text, then you know there’s something wrong with it.

          Also, Islam started this war 14 centuries ago, and is still trying to win it. Th REason there is hatred toward the Qur’an, Islam, and Muslims is because those of us who have READ it see it for what it is: a manual for justifying racism, rape, murder, pillaging, forced conversion, deception, and pedophilia.

          Thank you, and have a nice day.

  27. Please… well we will see how that sells for the post office… this would make an excellent target at 100 yards..

  28. “This phrase was chosen over the proposed “Allahu Akbar” in fear that the latter might offend some Americans”

    And this one wont offend? Think again!

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