CONNECTICUT: Norwalk citizens continue to fight plans for a mega mosque

More than 500 Norwalk residents packed the City Hall concert hall Wednesday night for a contentious public hearing on a proposed mosque that drew emotional reactions from opponents and supporters.

Stamford Advocate  The proposal submitted by the Al Madany Islamic Center was first submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission in the spring of 2010. It calls for a 27,000-square-foot building at 127 Fillow St. that would include a prayer hall, classrooms, community center, 80-foot minaret and 89 parking spaces on a 1.5-acre lot where a 159-year-old home now sits.

So many came out to speak Wednesday that commissioners continued the public hearing shortly after 11 p.m. to allow all those who signed up an opportunity to speak.

Isabelle Hargrove lives in the neighborhood and opposed the proposal saying it would “fundamentally alter the character of this quiet, New England neighborhood.”

Hargrove said the neighborhood is already home to the city’s golf course, two schools and two condominium complexes and the proposed mosque would further increase traffic. Hargrove is a member of “Keep 127 Fillow Street Residential,” a grass-roots group of residents that has hired a lawyer to oppose the mosque.

“They are building a facility that can house a 1,000 people. Eventually 1,000 people will come,” Hargrove told the commission reviewing the proposal. “They are building a community center, library … It’s not just something people will use two hours a week. Their schedule of religious practices unfortunately coincides with times that kids in the area are out and about. They are getting in and out of school.”

Just what the neighborhood needs, hundreds of bagheads walking around.

A similar mosque proposal was suddenly withdrawn prior to a public hearing in 2010 around the same time a national debate over a planned Islamic center near the World Trade Center site was raging. At the time, Al Madany officials said they were concerned about undertones of religious intolerance over their proposal. (That hasn’t changed. People still can’t stand muslims)

On Wednesday, those who spoke against the plan were careful to note that their opposition was not based on religious differences. (They’re not stupid) Hargrove said. “They have to appreciate that we have a community as well. We want our children and grandchildren to live, reside and continue with the feeling of the neighborhood we have today.” (A neighborhood free of muslims and all the hatred and violence they promote against non-muslims)

Umar Munshi, a graduate of Brien McMahon who now attends Fairfield University, said he was there to represent the Muslim youth in Norwalk. He grew up on Long Island before moving to Fillow Street. “Growing up I lived in Long Island. There was a mosque there. It was a centralized institution for Islamic education,” Munshi said. “As a young Muslim it’s important to have a unified view and learn the values of Islam. People have been saying, `If you build it they will come.’ They will come to get education. Does anybody think of that?” (That is exactly why they DON’T want you in their neighborhood)

(Typical liberal Jewish dhimmi) Rabbi Jon Fish of Congregation Beth El supports the mosque proposal and said the concerns over traffic and parking are nothing new. No one should be cast as a bigot, and yet I think it is important for all of us to find a way to reach out to one another and to ensure that our community continues to grow.”

Stepping Stone Road resident Brian Dough said he sees the traffic first-hand every morning when he has trouble pulling onto Fillow Street.

“It’s busy, busy, busy,” Dough said. “Now maybe I am dumb or naïve, but I think there will be quite a few more people coming to this place in time or right away. I don’t want to live near a Wal-Mart or a 27,000 square-foot building and I don’t think anyone in the neighborhood does. There’s no more room and this is huge. Once they build it, they will come. And you can’t stop it once it’s up. There will be cars all over the street.”

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52 comments on “CONNECTICUT: Norwalk citizens continue to fight plans for a mega mosque

  1. My great-grandmother lives not 1 block from where that mosque is supposed to be. My family are some of the most vehement anti-Islam, anti-Palestine, anti-Chechnya, anti-Kashmir, anti-Kosovo, pro-Serbia, pro-Israel, pro-India and pro-Russia activists in the Panhandle, and I’m araid that my great-grandmother will be the first beheaded, if they don’t get to her Jewish neighbour first…

  2. I saw today the anti Mosque roads signs were removed from the Fillow St area. Trying to contact the Zoning Board as to why and if a decision has been made. No updates from the town Newspaper, keep you informed if I find any news.

  3. Another city hall meeting and the Al Madany lawyer spoke about them needing a place to worship and there is no other property in Norwalk that is suitable, now that’s a bunch of bullshit! These sand fleas are really crying the blues and who cares! I would expect this town to do the right thing and protect the tax payers and not the infiltrators!

  4. I am tired of people trying to sound “receptive and tolerant” we have to stand our ground for what we believe is right. This mosque doesn’t belong, period!
    To the liberal Rabbi: why don’t you open up your place to share with these muslims who have nowhere to go? Talk is cheap Rabbi!!!

  5. Still no decision, another meeting planned for the 28th. I feel the city will act on religious freedom and let the bastards in. This is going on much too long. They know they are not wanted but they keep pushing!

  6. Stand your ground Norwalkers, they want you to sell your properties so they can build their Muslim Community. Tell the city just say NO, this city belongs to the tax payers not the Muslims. If it happens Norwalk will become a Muslim town within 5 years, just look at Europe. That’s how these people do it and they hate your guts!

  7. I have been to Norwalk many times. This will dwarf the largest buildings there and that’s no accident. Almost all of the buildings in the are are very small.

    And there are NOT enough Muslims in the area for this to be needed. I went there quite a bit and never once saw a muslim in the areas around Norwalk.

    I saw a lot of latinos, a lot of brazilians, and a lot of african americans but never once a muslim man or muslim Woman.

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t any there of course. But it does mean there aren’t very many and certainly not enough to warrent this size mosque.

    This is definatly more about making a statement than fulfilling any actual need.

    • Well, they would call you a “racist” for opposing Islam. Guess that makes me a racist, too… I oppose Islam for many reasons, not the least of which is its ingrained hatred for black people. Islam enslaves all who don’t readily submit to it when it holds sway. This must be stopped. The tide must be turned back.

      The West should gather troops, bring them to Israel, and step out from there to Crusade against Islam in all directions, not stopping until Mecca and Medina are taken and the Ka’aba opened for the world to see what is in it.

  8. what part of not wanted here or anywhere do they not understand tell them when there is thousands of churches and synagogs in islamic lands maybe just maybe they can try again persistent bastards

  9. An 80 ft. minoret that will be used to amplify their yodelings and screeches and moans to all the neighborhood. Their plan is that you oldies will get so tired of their hollerings and moanings that you will sell out at a loss to filthy ragheads. The presence pf a center for terrorism and honor killing and all the other uncivilized things ragheds do will so lower your property values that you may be forced to actually live with this filth.
    Good luck and blessings upon you.

  10. I wonder if this is a form of Muslim colonization into new areas???? Most of them are foreigners and it frustrate me they are letting so many of these ass-lifters into our country. It will become more and more a cultural conflict as the Mussies spread into new regions, where there are few or no Muslims. Now they want to make Sharia law as American as apple pie. Heck no without a fight!!

  11. “….We are willing to listen to you….”…HORSESH–!!Arselifter, if you muzzy maggots were “willing to listen” as you say, you would NOT even be in that neighborhood to start with, you are there for NOTHING BUT to take over the area…”Get out and DON’T come back” is the message you would get IF you were REALLY “willing to listen”!! And on the issue of “Forever Stamps”, as a retired postal employee who used to deliver mail to local arselifters in the area, mosque, school, and residences, I too prefer the Statue of Liberty “Forever Stamp” to the EID stamp, which if you haven’t already surmised, I WILL NOT accept from any postal clerk who might try to sell me such crap and call it US Postage!!

  12. The solution is very simple, and it is one that has worked a few times in Europe, particularly Spain and here in England. At the site, or let’s say around this 159yr old landmark, bury 3/4 pigs heads. The muzzrats will then deem the land unclean and not fit to build on!!!! Trust me it will work.
    EDL UK

    • That is the most counter productive thing I’ve ever heard.

      Commiting hate crimes at mosque sites achieves absolutely nothing besides allowing them to depict themselves as the victims of descrimination.

      It is the best way there is for them to get sympathy in the press.

      That is why so many hate crimes against mosques turn out to have been commited by members of those very same mosques.

      DON’T PUT PIG HEADS AROUND MOSQUES – it only makes those against mosque emcroachment look like racists – which is EXACTLY what the mosque developers want.

      Civil methods described here and elswhere are the only effective means of preventing mosque construction.

      I suggest readers look up the definition of Agent provocateur before even thinking of following advice advocating antisocial or illegal acts.

  13. “They will come to get education”

    Whenever muslim retards talk about education, they only mean education about the Koran and Sunnah. Because that’s all they have.

    They have nothing else to teach, do they? They know nothing. The entire world has been designed and built by non-muslims. It only exists as it does because of what we’ve discovered, learned and made.

  14. If this mosquestrosity is built, the whole area may become just one giant paved-over concrete parking lot. Ugly, ugly, ugly!!

  15. Oh, a pretty pink castle. I think those nice Muslims should build their community centers. I’m sure they will be happy to share them with their community, right? Like for cookie and pie sales to support charities? And for meetings and fund raising activities of the LGBT community? Maybe they can use some space for a battered women’s shelter? Won’t they invite guest speakers from the Gideons and the VFW? Sure, no trouble at all. Nice Muslims. As I Pat them gently on their head scarfs.

  16. Instead of the petro dollars being spent on mega mosques, they should be sending money to compensate the Jews and the Christians for all the damage and stolen property they have deliberately taken from them in muslim lands.
    The muslims robbed them of everything and gave not a nickel in return. But they got plenty of money for mosques?

    Demand the petro dollars go toward this.

  17. SUPREMACISM is the core message of Islam.

    Supremacists have one goal…subjugation.

    The ‘education’ the mosque will give is how to be a better SUPREMACIST and MISOGYNIST.

  18. The horrid sound of their calls to prayer will drive the regular people nuts. Keep up the good fight to keep this mosque out of your town.

  19. i agree with foxmuldar, say no to all mosques no matter where they want to build them. by the way the so called muslim hacker who sent me a intimidating email, go fuck yourself.

  20. The state of Connecticut is a hotbed for islam and cair has a branch office about a 1/2 hour from Norfolk. I had got off the Old Saybrook,CT. exit off 95 and I had seen an anti-Israel billboard with small print on the bottom right. I was driving too fast to stop and was in a hurry to get a better look. The billboard was gone the next time I was in the area.

    • I live in this city of Norwalk. Like the surrounding towns, it has it’s wealthy spots, but not near as affluent as Darien, New Canaan or Greenwich.

      Norwalk residents are mostly working class, but unfortunately there are lots of liberals among us also.

      I estimate about 80% of the people here are against this mosque, with many people fighting very loudly against it.

  21. And what about the noise that will be bellowing out of those minerets once those bastards get everything they want. At first they might say ok we will be quiet, but in time they will push forward wanting more, and soon they will own the neighborhood. Your white daughters won’t be safe once the streets are flooded with immigrants from pakistan and other Islamic countries. Look at the UK. Take note of how many rapes are taking place there of young white girls by pakistani gangs. It will happen in your neighborhood if you allow Muslims to move in. They don’t respect our laws and our customs. They want us all to change for them. To that I say to hell with you. Go back to Mecca where no Christians are even allowed to set foot nevermind build a church there.

  22. 89 parking spaces on a 1.5-acre lot where a 159-year-old home now sits?

    One would think this 159 year-old home would be considered a heritage site.

    This mosque, like all mosques, must be stopped.
    They are taking over every time a mosque goes up. It becomes their conquered property. I wish the citizenry of Norwalk much luck and I would fight this until my last breath if I lived there.

    • This just in:

      “There has been a fresh outbreak [you couldn’t have a stale outbreak, could you?] of the Norwalk Virus, first recorded at the time of mohammed.”

  23. Bonni, I thought you might like to see the new 44 cent Foprever stamp. I checked it out, it’s true!

    Eid | Stamp Issue | USA Philatelic Dec 16, 2010 … English text on the stamp reads “EID GREETINGS.” This new Eid stamp is being
    issued as a Forever® stamp. Forever stamps are always equal …

      • ALL new First Class stamps are being issued as Forever stamps, so there are plenty of alternatives to the Eid nonsense. There’s a very nice Statue of Liberty/Flag combination I use all the time.

        • MS, but if you don’t request a certain kind of stamp, the post office might try to unload these stamps on unsuspecting people who don’t know better.

        • What are the chances that patriots could demand in large numbers: “NO, not that one!”. Get an alternative, make up the value with lesser stamps, even pay a little extra. ANYTHING but that insult.

          Of course, CAIR and the American umma could go out of their way to buy them…

          Wouldn’t it be wonderful if SfB union posties would refuse to handle that item.

        • Huck, what many communities have started doing to keep out the Muslims, is rezoning areas so no religious institution will be allowed to build there. Christians and Jews in these communities think it is worth it even if they are shut out of areas where they wouldn’t have been before.

      • No, there are plenty of others – and quite nice ones, thankyouverymuch! There’s absolutely NO NEED to purchase the stamp of pisslamic horror and death (excuse me, “Have a nice Eid!”/sarc/off…) The good thing is that this POS doesn’t come in stamp rolls and you have to go to the counter to purchase it (just like all the other commemorative issues) – i.e., you can’t get it out of one of those auto-dispenser machines. No, one has to make a conscious effort to bypass all the other perfectly lovely US Forever stamps to buy this one; so, if you receive a letter from anyone with this stamp, you might question your “friendship” with the perp…

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