29 Somali MUSLIMS indicted for kidnapping, raping, and selling underage white girls

The indictment said three MUSLIM gangs called the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws were forcing teenage girls into prostitution and operated in St. Paul, Minneapolis; Columbus, and Nashville.

CLEVELAND  A federal trial involving more than two dozen defendants accused in a sex trafficking ring run by Somali MUSLIM gangs is being complicated by cultural issues within the Somali MUSLIM refugee communities in Minnesota and Tennessee. Defense attorneys argued that the defendants, many of whom are refugees from Somalia, were juveniles at the time the alleged crimes occurred.

After selecting a jury last month, the trial was delayed last week when prosecutors turned over thousands of documents and audio recordings from the investigation to defense attorneys on the eve of trial. Both defense attorneys and federal prosecutors have repeatedly declined to comment about the case. (Of course not, when it’s about Muslims, mum’s the word)

The indictment, which was originally unsealed in 2010 and amended by a superseding indictment in 2011, says the defendants, many of them from the Somali MUSLIM immigrant communities in Minneapolis and Nashville, were members or associates of the three gangs. Four unidentified victims, some of who were under the age of 14, are listed in the indictment.

The indictment accuses the gangs of finding and recruiting young girls for the purpose of prostitution in exchange for money and drugs between 2000 and 2010.

Out of the 30 individuals listed in the indictment, only 14 are going to trial this month in Nashville on charges of conspiracy to commit sexual trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion and charges related to the sexual trafficking. Many of the individuals have remained in federal custody since their arrests in 2010.

Smith has been working with Jane Doe #2 in the case and said testifying against other Somali MUSLIMS will be very difficult for the victim, but she wants to have her voice heard. “In the case of Jane Doe #2, she, as a minor, would typically be in a closed court, but she wants to have her story known and she wants to speak in public,” Smith said.

Many, but not all the defendants, are described as refugees who came to the United States as young children. Police have relied on immigration paperwork to determine their ages, but defense attorneys have argued in court that information in those documents are routinely incorrect due to cultural and language issues. (No, it is because Muslims lie. Period)

Courts in Minnesota, the state with the largest Somali MUSLIM population in the U.S., have seen similar issues in cases where defendants or victims are Somali MUSLIMS.

“When you are dealing with an insular inbred community, especially whose native language is not English, people are going to worry about the ramifications of testifying in court against community members,” Scott said. “The Somali MUSLIM community is a very insular community in Minnesota — everybody knows everybody (and most everybody is married to their own family members)








77 comments on “29 Somali MUSLIMS indicted for kidnapping, raping, and selling underage white girls

  1. i dont think they deserve to go out ,coz no american born who can say america belong to some people we know that all american citizen are from different country ,lol

      • DS, there are a lot of foreign, non-native English speakers here which is why we don’t act like grammar-Nazis.

        • Noted. However, I couldn’t even understand what he was trying to say.

          Oh, and the title seems to indicate that only white girls were targeted by these Somalis. Apparently, it was the community elders who set the investigation rolling. Some of their young girls were being prostituted, as well, if the video I found on Youtube is accurate.

  2. BO imported his muslim terrorist “brothers” in order to stir up civil unrest, create race riots and totally divert the American public from his real agenda – breaking down our society and bringing in sharia. He wants to be the first caliph of America. Duh!

  3. They look like pirates and they behave like pirates. They have been given an opportunity to lead a decent life and they obviously choose to lead the corrupt life they were supposed to leave behind. So why are they being allowed into the country? Is Obama importing his votes for the next election or is he gathering his depraved army against the white American population? Time he was made to justify his disgusting decisions.

    • Obama is quietly bringing in thousands of these scumbags. He is evil as he can be and is trying to destroy America. God help us if he get elected but lots of Americans are so dumb they will vote for him again.

  4. We have the same problem in Canada, concentrated mostly in Ontario. The sex trafficking gangs are muslim, mostly from Somalia also.

    Part of the problem lies with muslim women wearing to much clothing, being covered up to the wrists, where muslim kids and men rarely see any female skin exposed. Then one wonders how come they can’t control their penises when they see a female leg.

  5. I understand this is an incredibly emotive issue and though I agree the payback should be as heavy as possible, the petty name calling rhetoric of these articles and comments are damaging to the cause. I post a lot of this on my FB account and the reaction I get is that this is just one religion beating on another, we cannot change anything without support.

    • Death by crucifixion, perhaps? Or, we take them to the emptiest part of the desert in Arabia, parachute them in, and then run a nuke test.

  6. we have 250.000 khat chewing somali herbivoures in the uk (the import and sale of khat is legal in the uk)the government refuse to ban it, as they say it is part of somila culture ????? nev(uk)

    • MRW, not at all. So, you have a website dedicated to the Muslim rape epidemic in Western countries? Yes, I will add you to my blogroll. A word of advice. I see you are on WordPress. Be careful about calling for the death and/or execution of muslim rapists, or CAIR will get you shut down.

  7. Why do we let people like this into our country in the first place? This is just horrifying what they are doing to these little children! May the one true God Yahweh severely punish them for this sin!

  8. that might be the way the muslims treat there girls and women but they are not in a muslim country i say life to all and no parole.even to the minors

  9. What there defense was juveniles?? ummm those girls are underage themselves! that logic is well they were just girls so it was there choice.. Bull poop on that.

  10. Geez.. we’ve got the same epidemic here. In fact ALL western lands have the same epidemic, yet the leftists still say they are no worse than white/black paedophiles.

    The difference (UK as an example) is that muslims only make up 3.2% of the entire registered population of 70 million approx, with an estimated 1.5 million illegals, meaning that compared the grooming and raping of underaged girls by muslims far outnumbers white/black paedophiles by a long shot. All we seem to hear here is muslim paedo gangs every few weeks, while white/black paedos (individuals, not gangs) every year or two.

    The left don’t bother with the math, they just defend and protect the enemy, who may one day pounce on their own daughters.

    • White pedophiles and black pedophiles are not motivated by Islam. They know what they are doing is wrong, and is not supported by any religion. Of course, Islam isn’t a religion. It’s a socio-political ideological system in the guise of religion.

  11. All muslim scum must be deported after their time in jail. Deport their family members too as a warning for future scum. Stop immigration of all muslims of islam.

  12. How many of these Muslim scum Somalis did Muslim Obama bring here? How many more will that scum in the White House bring to our shores and end up doing just what Muslims do best. Prey on white girls from any country they happen to be in. UK sure knows a lot about this.

  13. Why haven’t anyone KILLED these Somali MUSLIMS in the USA? Don’t turn them in, just shoot the Muzzies! If you turn them in, the Muslim in the White House will just set the rag-heads free to do it again!!

  14. You all have no idea how these vermin have polluted our beautiful state (Minnesota). It’s appalling how low we have sunk. I just hope that once the internment camps open, they’ll locate them elsewhere.

  15. Looking at the photos of these criminals, I have never seen such ugly scum, they should not even be allowed to walk on our sidewalks, they are devils from hell and they’re besmirching America the Beautiful and beautiful young Americans. I am furious, outraged. Obama, this is your doing, you will roast in hell for the next 5,000 years. Where are the parents of these young girls? Where are their defenders? How can you expect decency from people who have none? They only have thoughts about sex, whether with children or animals it’s all the same to these Neanderthalers. Get out, get out, drop dead

  16. Now I am livid…this is disgusting beyond belief. They should put this on the national news every day to alert the entire country of this filth. God have mercy!
    And Obama is quietly bringing this shit here to America? Shame on him, wonder what he would say if asked about the situation with the crimes against these children.

    • Brenda, it is directly because of Obama that we get tens of thousands of these Somali bottomfeeders every year.

    • The reason Obama is bringing them in is to destroy our freedoms and way of life as fast as he can and turn this into a shariah-compliant nation.

    • We can’t blame this only on the traitor Oscuma. This is just another piece of the Agenda21 plan that the commie-progressive-liberals and their well-intended but ignorant robot followers support.

      The fact is it will continue until we stop it. And I don’t mean by voting Oscuma out either, though getting him out of office is definitely necessary. We must also change the laws so that no muslims can enter our country Until we do that, the problem will continue and it will also get a lot worse as their percentage of the population grows.

  17. Inbred, braindead, misogynist, supremacist, killer zombie jihadists.

    Don’t worry about doing ‘evil’ to kafirs…The holy Koran says they are ‘THE WORST OF BEASTS.’

    Hurting a kafir is not a crime…just misdemeanor. Allah knows best (about pedophilia).

  18. Somalia! The SECOND most INBRED country in the world next to CHAD which has the lowest national IQ.

    Ban cousin marriage! Somalia is an example of the need.

    These boneheads think RAPE AND SEX SLAVERY IS JIHAD!!!

    We need to STOP immigration of COUSIN MARRIAGES!

      • That’s so SICK, it makes my skin crawl~!~!
        Does the government know about this??

        THAT’S JUSt **%$#_(% GROSS~!~!~!

      • You mother fuckers Stop talking about the Somali people how many fuckin american Criminals are in USA and around the world killing innosent people evryday you dont what you guys do in Iraq and Afganisttan?
        probably you dont watch TVs just shut fuck up and leave the Somali people alone if some of them make mistakes follow them and arrest them but the wholly community

        • @Staven, you are correct that there are criminals in USA and everywhere else in the world…but tell your Somalian brothers and sisters that they have to stop raping and beating and torturing women and little girls ALL OVER the world!!! In Norway and Sweden for example the largest majority of rapes are done by Muslims…and the largest majority of those rapes are performed by Somalian Muslims. Don’t come on chastising us when it is Somalians who happen to be terrorizing us the most! It isn’t OUR fault that the Somalian Muslims love to terrorize us! Also, if you are going to get in a debate or argument with us, learn some grammar please.

  19. Where in the hell are their parents? What is going on with white people in the U.S.A.? Why are whites so pathetic and spineless now?

  20. I would like to know when in hell are we going to wake up? The brigade of these poor people have come from a poor nation and we need to understand their plight and we must show them our understanding.These fools are to blind or to stupid. Maybe a mixture of both. My understanding of Islam is an understanding of the facts. Honour killings, brutality to animals,killing gays, and I could go on and on. But you know the list quiet well. The criminals in Government are the problem and to eliminate the problem is to form our own party’s and vote the bastards out.

  21. just because these creeps are minors doesm’t insulate themfrom our laws. a rapist is a rapist no matter the culture

  22. Just another day at the office for Islam. Nothing unusual here. Islam at work, as per its doctrine.

    Sex-trafficking, paedophile rapist, underage-whore-mongering muslim gangs have been hard at work in the UK as well. They’re ten-a-penny. It’s been going on for years, but the police are too spineless to say anything in case they get called ‘racist’.

    This is all par for the course with muslim retards. Look at those photos. Have you ever seen such a bunch of inbreds? Jesus…

  23. Nothing is more appalling then those that take children and use them for pornography, prostitutions or any other illegal means. Children our are most precious to all of us. These individuals should be deport immediately, no question a trial is the wast of American money and time. If not deported the shot.

      • (borrowing from George Carlin here)
        What you do, is you take a smallish nuclear warhead, attach probes to it, and stick the probes up their anal cavities, then you drop them over Mecca or Mogadishu or Tehran…

        A thermonuclear suppository.
        Preparation H-Bomb.

  24. Why is the US a dumping ground for these folks? Surely they would feel more at ease in Saudi Arabia.Definately should be given one way tickets to Mogidishu. I noticed 2 of these mutants are female.

    • Not just the U.S. We get the scum in Australia too… and they are also not concerned about our laws. Some parts of some cities are unsafe because of Somali gangs.

    • I say that anyone coming from any of the 57 fully or mostly Islamic nations should be required to abandon Islam in order to enter the USA.

      Any non-Muslim (Christian, Jew, or Animist)from a sub-Saharan African nation whose people are fighting an Islamic invasion should be give military training, and then sent back to defend their homelands. Also, the US should offer military aid to ANYONE who is opposing Islam.

    • Not just in the US!! This is happening in the UK too. We have muslims doing the same to our girls here and the media is not reporting on the proceedings. Over 40 Pakistani men are currently on trial in Liverpool and another gang has been indicted in Coventry. Why is this being hidden from the public? Why are they in our countries? Once they get out of jail, they and their families should be on the first plane out.

        • Our state controlled media are hiding the terrible things these illegals are doing. Obama must be paying to bring tons of these sorry people to this country. We must get him out of office and recover our country before we spend all of our money on these kinds of things instead of building a better America. They do not come here to assimilate. They come here to pass their Muslim crap onto this country which we do not need to do. Muslims are filthy. non law abiding scums. Only the Obama administration would be letting thousands of them into this country.

  25. Send these pieces of shit back to the hell hole they came from. Or load them on a ship & sink it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

  26. If they are found guilty, I would execute them and feed their bodies to hogs! There is no reason to be civilized to uncivilized throwbacks!

  27. Once again we reap what we sow…..

    Unbridled immigration fueled largely with multiculturalist sentiment….the failure to realize that when we draw our newcomers from the toilets and sewers of the world we end up with the human equivalent of garbage and fecal matter……

    So why then, should we be the slightest bit surprised when our children are made fodder for these jackals….

    But, largely ignored and perhaps conveniently overlooked, is the question that looms largest…..:Where, in the name of Christ, are the bloody parents in all of this…..at some point in time we must look to ourselves with respect to closing our borders but must also renew our obligations as both parents and citizens…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

      • The trapping of our young girls into positions od sexual slavery is only the tip of the Somali iceberg.

        There is a practice called “Hawala” which is the unregulated transference of funds from the USA, Canada and Europe to “relatives” back in Somalia. Estimates range from 1 to 4 billion dollars a year. The US government claims it is tracking the money but it fails miserably. Here’s where it gets interesting. This money is being transferred back to fund the terrorist group, Al-Shabab. This is being done right under the noses of the Us government…..and nothing is done. So consider the irony of taking a taxi with a Somali driver is, in effect, buying the explosives that will be detonated in the restaurant that will annihilate your entire family……

        WELCOME TO THE USA!!!!!

        One only has to look at Nashville and Shelbyville, Tennesee for a classic example of the effects of Somali immigrants…just ask the workers at the Tyson chicken processing plant. And again….buy chicken from Tyson and support terrorism.

        Lets not ignore the fact that significant numbers of Somali men, almost exclusively muslim, regularly travel back to Somalia to receive weapons and explosives training from those high spirited lovers of fun, Al-Shabab…..

        Every one of us knows the doors to North America must be closed to all immigrants and refugees from the third world…..and without a doubt the doors should be closed to every one of the 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference…

        The time is long overdue…..



        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

        • 100% DEAD on! Paint them with pig’s blood and excrement, execute them, then bury them with pig carcasses. Then publish the photos across America. Then let the rest of those sorry foat guckers that is what they will get if they commit a similar crime.

      • Ana etc: It is not “we” who are importing trash.
        It is Obama who is forcing states to take to raise large groups of these muslim savages.
        The problems in Tennessee and Minnesota are his fault directly.
        Vote him and his cadre of democRATS out !

      • We must start demanding any immigrant have a college degree or certificate from a technical institute to immigrate to America. With all our problems we cannot just let these sorry scumbags flood into this country. They have destroyed France and London and now our sorry politicians in the name of diversity want to let Muslims destroy our cities. Stop voting for these liberal Democrats who see all of these scums voting Democrat and would let them take over America.

  28. In the Bible – the ETERNAL, unchanging Word of G-D, our MERCIFUL G-D gave the DEATH sentence for kidnapping and the DEATH sentence for murder. Our Glorious, Awesome, Magnificent G-D gave the death sentence to PROTECT innocents. To PREVENT more victims from being kidnapped and/or murdered by predator monsters.

    G-D’s Laws protect!

    DEATH SENTENCE for ALL kidnappers and slavers!

    • Linda Now your talking. But don’t stop there. persue it up line to the people that have passed laws or statutes that allowed this to happen in the first place. Don’t let them get away with it.
      If it requires voting them out do so.

    • Of course, if they be citizens of ANY Western country, they should be immediately disenfranchised (i.e., stripped of such citizenship) – then deport them. If Muslim countries refuse to take them, deport them anyway – WITHOUT PAPERS in such a case!!!!

      • I would like to know:
        1.How many are in JAIL and HOW many are out on bail? “Out of the 30 individuals listed in the indictment, only 14 are going to trial this month. Many of the individuals have remained in federal custody since their arrests in 2010.” HOW MANY?????
        2. The Government has NO HESITATION WHATSOEVER in prosecuting AMERICAN juveniles for murder and rape and kidnapping, why is being an AMERICAN SOMALI juvenile a mitigating factor?If they were born here and went to school here, THEY KNOW THE LAW.
        These criminals deserve to be executed.

    • I don’t want them deported! I want them to get the death penalty in our country for what they have done to these children!!! They have destroyed the lives of these kids! So these immoral bastards deserve to die! I’m sick of seeing things like this and even more sick to see nothing done about it! They get deported, and they will just do it to someone else! I also want these people raped before they get the death judgement! They should suffer horribly just like they made those kids suffer!!!

      • Here I agree with you, Corrina: if yours truly had your way, those Muslims who’re solidly suspected of violent crimes would be given ONE trial – no appeals, shenanigans, etc. [One judge with a proven conservative orientation can be on hand to catch irregularities, but nothing else!]

        With them, THEY have to prove their innocence by their own selves (with them the presumption has to be “guilty until proven innocent” – NOT the other way around), and if they don’t I’d then have them publicly executed immediately after the verdict’s read – and by whichever means they did their crimes (knifing, acid-spraying, etc.). No delays whatsoever!!

        [And for those who find some of those things too gruesome, then let the punishments be administered by computer-controlled robots!!]

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