BROOKLYN BDS FAIL! Pro-Muslim terrorist group fails to pressure NYC Coop to ban the sale of Israeli products

The proposal to vote on a ban was defeated 1005 – 653, handing the ‘Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions Against Israel’ movement another failure. Not surprisingly, leftie Jewish traitors supported the boycott.

THE VOTE at the Coop was a vote by 1600 core members to decide on whether to have a vote of all the membership about whether they should ban the sale of the 5 “Israeli” products, including NJ-made Sabra Hummus, Soda Stream and Roland Brand “Israeli Toasted Pasta Couscous. In the end, In Brooklyn, 1005 people realized that the BDS movement isn’t about peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but is about the destruction of the State of Israel, as was noted by Norman Finkelsteinhimself. Whatever. Haters gonna hate…