VICTORY! Lake County, FL denies building permit for a monster mosque

Lake County Commissioners told a group of Muslims they could not build a 25,000 square foot mosque near Clermont. However, they said the decision had nothing to do with religious issues. (wink, wink)

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CF NEWS (H/T Rob)  Neighbors noticed dozens of cars pulling up to a South Lake County home five times a day, but many only recently learned it was the home for the Islamic Center of Clermont. Members went before Lake County Commissioners Tuesday requesting a zoning permit to build a joint recreation and worship center on the 5-acre lot.

But neighbors challenged the request for the building, which could have been up to 25,000 square feet with room for 199 parking spots.

“It’s nothing against the mosque. It’s for the safety of our neighborhood. We choose to move there because of the peace and tranquility we have,” said Arnold Ceballos, who resides near the property.

(In a stroke of sheer genius) Thomas Pratt angered many in the crowd and some commissioners when he played a recording of the eardrum shattering Islamic Call to Prayer. “The loudspeakers are going to playing this at a 120 decibels,” Pratt said.

“I don’t think that’s really relevant,” said Commissioner Leslie Campione. With the two sides at a crossroad, the decision came down to the intersection of Hancock and Lost Lake roads.

County officials said Hancock Road already has too much traffic, and to accommodate the mosque, they’d have to spend $3.8 million to widen the road to four lanes. They told the Islamic Center they would also have to acquire right-of-way for turn lanes and water lines.

”If it were a close call, I would go in favor of the religious institution, but this isn’t even close,” Commissioner Jimmy Conner explained. The applicant, Anwar Latib, wasn’t convinced by the explanation.

“I appreciate they said they were not making this a religious thing, but we are getting shut down, and I question that when three churches were allowed to get zoning in that very vicinity,” Latib said. (DUH!)

Islamic Center members said they plan to continue meeting at the home while they figure out their next move. But at least two commissioners said they planned to see why code enforcement hadn’t responded to numerous complaints about the home being used as a place of worship.


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    • White Kid, how old are you little boy? Children are not allowed to post their drivel here. But to answer your question, apparently millions of muslims respond to our democracy or else they would stay in their own hellholes. Of course once they get here, they use the freedoms of democracy to try and turn our countries into the kind of third world sewers they left.

    • The call of Satan, you mean. Or better yet, Muhammad, that racist, slaving, child-raping, murdering, cowardly, deceiving, thieving, robbing, egotistical,vainglorious lout of a con-man from Arabia.

  1. Poor puppy! I’m surprised his ears are bleeding because he is obviously in extreme pain from listening to that torture noise. On a happier note, go Lake County council!!! You saved the neighborhood!

  2. I just watched another video using the same video link as the one showing the one dog on a leash. Another video shows a bunch of dogs howling during Adhan and on more than on one occasion. OMG. I guess, I am not the only one who thinks that the Muslim call to prayer sounds like wolves howling — dogs, who are cousins to wolves, really think so…!

  3. That dog is soooo cute!

    I always thought that the Adhan when sounded by dozens of people at the same town sounds like a bunch of wolves howling at the moon. Evidently the dog thought so too. Of course, a dog still retains some wolf deep down inside, so I guess the dog thought that the Adhan was a wolf howl, and that he’d better join in!

    I’ve seen dogs howling even when people are singing or when music is playing and the Adhan sounds even more primal than that. It really does sound like dogs or wolves howling. The dog was just following wolf instinct!

  4. Drip Drip Drip. on step at a time.
    My question is where are the preachers and priests the Christians and Jews that need to be protesting in front of evey mosque that can be found?
    Since when has protesting been used only by the nuts?

  5. Use the same policy to treat islam the same way islam treats other non-muslims.

    No church , temple in saudi allowed . No mosaque in USA , Uk , europe and non -muslim country.

    • ABSOLUTELY; furthermore, we need to deport every last practising Muslim man, woman and child from the ENTIRE WEST, cut off ALL relations with Muslim countries and forbid ALL Muslim planes and ships, cars, trains, trucks, bicycles, etc. from crossing into Western areas!!

  6. Those bastards have that dog on a mighty short, and high leash. God, how I hate them!
    Keep up the mosque busting!!

  7. Fight the muslimes at every opportunity. Get zoning laws passed BEFORE the muslimes buy property in your area. Gather up all information you can, get studies done, etc. to use AGAINST them. Do your homework and find out what is religious and what is cultural. They will lie and tell you all things that they do are religious. Church bells only ring on Sundays, not 5 x a day. Aren’t there noise ordinance laws that state no loud noise before 7 a.m.? Why do the muslimes need such large mosques? Because more muslimes will come to the area that has a large mosque. The muslimes are only willing to amend there plans to get by the law. Telling the community that the muslimes will work with them is a lie.
    If the mosque is going to have a community center and/or a library, ask if the general public can use those facilities. Push back against the muslimes.
    I am an infidel and proud of it.

  8. I have been thinking of protesting at a mosque for the killing of Christians at the hands of muslims worldwide. islam is as islam does. But working 7 days a week is kinda hard to do such a thing. I must think this through. There is alot of factual evidence to support my stance. mosques are the starting point for these persecutions. So lets see what the future brings….just getting tired of sitting on my butt and not doing anything.

  9. It’s a good victory, but it is ridiculous that the people must argue against it because of location. One community wins and another location loses. The only way to stop building of Mosques is to ban Islam.

  10. WAY to go Florida. loved the video of the howling german shepard puppy. somebody better hide it before it gets killed

  11. Just what part of “NO!!” do these obnoxious arselifters NOT understand!! Even that poor dog, which these filthy bastards consider “unclean” gets it!!

  12. It’s quite simple to resolve.

    On the land reserved for mosque construction.. visit an abattoir or butcher’s shop, purchase (or see if items can be donated) Pig heads, Pig carcasses and Pig blood. Place the said items around the land to be used as foundations. The muslims won’t build on it as they see the land as desecrated.

    I read somewhere a while ago about a guy who threw a pig head into a mosque, the imam wanted to move the mosque (rebuild elsewhere), when denied.. the carpet was replaced entirely and the area where the pig head landed was build over with a wall so no-one could go near the desecrated area. Food for thought, literally.

  13. The only way to stop the building of these ugly mosque and not listen to their ugly sound is to have men with balls destroy as soon as they start and to keep on destroying ! maybe they will see how much they are hated in this America and we want them to leave!sooner than we think Each dog with 4 wives or little gorls all having a kid the same time it will too late for us!

  14. They won’t stop there, they will sue and the commissioners will give into these moslems, just watch and see. If Christians can’t build Churches in a muslim country then they should not be allowed to build in this country. Tit for tat..Peace to all non-moslems who want them gone.

  15. “Thomas Pratt angered many in the crowd and some commissioners when he played a recording of the eardrum shattering Islamic Call to Prayer.”

    B-b-b-but….didn’t Liam Neeson say that the islamic call to prayer was a mesmerizing thing of beauty? Oh, right. The mustards probably consider it blasphemy for the prayer yodel to come out of an infidel’s boom-box.

    • We need to tape audios of that call, and play it for any zoning commissioners – at THEIR home, at the hours that it will be broadcast.

      THEN, see if they are still in favor of the mosques.

      • This could open up a whole new can of islamic rage. What if Pastor Terry Jones threatened to play it backward? Or what if a Chipmunks Hip Hop version appeared on YouTube?

  16. Tom Pratt is CORRECT. The ear-splitting volume at 6 am IS a problem that shatters the peace of the community! The councillors are lying to one another and their electors.

    In Israel, one community has sent the calls to prayer by radio to local SMALL speakers so that those who want the call can hear it.

    Mozzies must realize that in a day of SEIKO watches (the best watch for jihadists), no one needs to be late for supremacist prayers.

  17. Such resistance is doomed to fail.

    Only banning cousin marriage and fighting Islam IDEOLOGICALLY will break up this DEATH CULT and make it impossible for a reasonable person to be a braindead Mozman.

  18. “I appreciate they said they were not making this a religious thing, but we are getting shut down, and I question that when three churches were allowed to get zoning in that very vicinity,”


    Yeah well its real simple. The Christians are not MASS MURDERING innocent people all over the phukin world either are they!?

  19. Short lived victory maybe. They will just build the JIHAD SOLDIER FACTORY somewhere else. This nation better come to the realization that ISLAM is a SWORN ENEMY OF AMERICA, the CONSTITUTION and FREEDOM! And the fact that ISLAM is even ALLOWED in a free country / democracy is an outright ATROCITY! Not to mention TREASONOUS!

    You can read the goals of ISLAM written by the Muslim Brotherhood on the internet, its splattered everywhere, just Google it and it clearly states that ISLAM is “NOT” in America to be EQUAL TO ANY RELIGION but to become the ONLY Religion in America and to SQUASH every other religion and to STOMP on our constitution and replace it with Shariah Law!

    And we still allow it to be GROW IN AMERICA? HAVE WE ALL GONE MAD!?

  20. This poor dog. Plenty of mosques in the middle east. I’m sure we could get a HUGE convoy to take you shitheads to the airport.

  21. A group of these sound trucks could be used to get rid of mosque projects quickly. One should be posted to the neighborhood where the city councilmen live. Let THEM enjoy the call to jihad….

  22. Everywhere they are asking for a mosque should receive a sound truck controlled by infidels playing the call to jihad 5 times a day. That should muster total neighborhood disapproval against a mosque in short order.

  23. Playing that islamic call to jihad is a master stroke and should be used everywhere they try to get a mosque built. Hearing that 5 times a day is enough to get infidels to burn the place down.

  24. Expect Muslim Obama to send his henchmen Eric the Red Holder to investigate. Has anyone bothered to ask the Muzzies where all this money for mosques is coming froom? My guess the Saudis and of course we all know, Churches are not allowed to be built in Saudi Arabia, and no Christians are even allowed to set foot in Mecca. I say whats good for the goose is good for the gander. No churches or Christians in Mecca, then no Muslims or Mosques here in America. Screw all you Muslims and the camel you rode in on.

    • Christians will set foot in Mecca on the day Islam goes too far and we decide to wipe it from the face of the planet. *why we haven’t already is beyond me*

  25. Why are these primtive worshippers of the cult of Allat the moon god allowed to worship at the home of the imam when Christians who have Bible Study groups at their homes have to get permits to do so?

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